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Tracking and data, what you can learn

Tracking and data for your E-mail campaigns

One of the greatest advantages of e-mail campaigns is that with the help of tracking you can determine the problems in a campaign or on the contrary the actions that are profitable to the turnover. The stats enable to have an objective point of view on the data because of a more and more accurate precision. Apart from the examination stats of the ROI, meaning the rates of opening, clicks and other conversions, the stats guarantee a better follow-up of the marketing objectives and strategy. Now you will be able to rely on stats linked to the non-delivery of a message to know whether the problem comes from the e-mail address and thus pay more attention to the maintenance of your contact list. Stats linked to the cancellation of subscription, will enable you to review the relevance of your e-mails and their frequency. The stats related to the medium used to view are totally vital for your creation process. Try to spend more on the OS or the preferred medium used by your potential customers. The geographical location of your customers will be also relevant if you decide to go for email-to-store. The interesting part is that stats enable you to have perspective and to adjust your strategy accordingly. You will get the answers to the questions you ask yourself the most: is my subject relevant enough? How can I obtain more clicks? Shall I change my content? And other key questions. Mailpro offers you detailed stats. We will soon write an article on this feature to inform you on what you can now learn from your campaigns. In the meantime, you can try our latest version for free!

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