Maintaining your Email Contact List to improve the efficiency of your newsletter campaigns

Before thinking of the creation of the structure of a newsletter, of the message sending system or even of analysing the statistics of his email campaign, the advertiser needs to have a directory of Internet users to whom he will send his creations. He won't only need to get and collect contacts to make his own database. He will also have to maintain his address book to continually improve its deliverability, particularly by managing unsubscribers, NFTAs or else duplicates.

Address book management tools for email campaigns

While offering advertisers an address book of unlimited size, Mailpro had to offer each of its users tools that made the management of this directory easier.

The Mailpro software automatically detects duplicates, NFTAs and unsubscriptions and it removes these contacts from the main book to put them into separate folders. Thus, the user's address list keeps an excellent deliverability without requiring his constant monitoring. As regards the advertiser, he can view the content of these various directories at any time.

Email addresses are only the basis of communication with prospects : a genuine contact database associates various items of information regarding the involved Internet user to each email address, like his surname, his first name, his profession, etc. These many elements add value to the address book and thus make a better customisation of the newsletters that will be sent to prospects possible so that the email campaign is more efficient.

Importing an XLS, an XSLS, a CSV or a VCF file

During the setting up of a contact database, the advertiser needs to be able to import address lists that come from several customer files and were created in several formats. Mailpro enables its users to very simply transfer many file types in various formats (xls, csv, etc.).

Managing NFTAs

Les NFTAs are problems for email campaigns, as much regarding success statistics as for the economic loss that they represent, since each newsletter sent to one of these invalid addresses becomes useless. In order to more easily manage their detection and their deletion, Mailpro offers an entirely automated system.

Managing email duplicates

When an advertiser makes his contact database, he will probably import several addresses that come from various sources. Sometimes, by cross-referencing these data, one addressee may be added to the user's directory twice. MailPro takes care of the automatic management of these duplicates by detecting them and by deleting them at each new input into the address book

Exporting one's email addresses

Whether to keep a back-up of your address book out of Mailpro's servers or to rent it out or to sell it, you can export your contact database in a few clicks to receive it directly in your mail box.

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