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Translate your newsletter.

The Email Marketing agency ensures a relevant translation

The linguistic transposition of your newsletters by a professional, the guarantee of culturally appropriate commercial messages

The global nature of the Internet explains the interest of foreign prospects for a particular company. To reach these particular recipients, the translation of the newsletter is an excellent solution. In order to achieve satisfactory commercial objectives, this approach must nevertheless present a quality level of language and adapt closely to local cultures. A seasoned professional in sending and writing messages, the Email Marketing agency has the necessary skills to carry out this transposition of newsletters.


Translation, a means to fight against blacklisting

The lexical field and the spelling of messages influence the detection of spam in the vast majority of global ISPs. Using an automated translation service is therefore insufficient to locally deploy your newsletter.

Using a precise and attractive vocabulary, carefully adapted to the intended target, the Email Marketing agency makes it possible to combine the maintenance of a high rate of deliverability and the sending of clear content consistent with international prospects.


Translation, a cultural accelerator of business opportunities

To promote positive action or the trust of foreign recipients, the translation proposed by the Email Marketing agency also integrates a cultural dimension. This added value ensures the use of efficient and respectful communication codes while offering the company new market opportunities linked to local events or practices. It makes it possible to avoid gross errors such as neglecting to send a promotional newsletter on the occasion of "Black Friday" in the United States.


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