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The emailing agency

expert advice of the company's web strategy

The experience of professionals, an asset to improve the effectiveness of commercial messages

An essential component of the activity of an  agency  or a professional specializing in emailing deals with the advice and personalized support of issuing clients. Based on experience and proactive monitoring, it aims to present the "good practices" and effective tips of e-mail marketing while adapting them to the constraints of the company, especially the one that deal in commercial and financial realms. It includes the definition of different types of targets and the creation of clear and coherent messages capable of significantly enhancing the attractiveness of the sender.


Advice for identifying emailing prospects

One of the main  tasks  of the emailing agency concerns the precise identification of the commercial targets of the issuer on the web. This approach is based on an analysis of the company's current positioning, competition and the different characteristics of the prospects. The qualification and the segmentation of the latter into homogeneous populations with close behaviors make it possible to highlight the main conversion forces that can be used. They also optimize resources and help create effective messages.

Advice on writing relevant messages

Faced with the difficulty of creating a quality emailing, the agency  brings the most advanced techniques to its clients, bringing attention to the personalization of the exchange, the promise associated with content, the simplification of call-to-action and the graphic form. It also provides relevant answers to very practical questions, such as the frequency of mailings or the most recommended times to start a campaign. These are all elements that avoid redundant communication errors.


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