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Email Marketing agency, marketing specialist

Use a professional to create and send quality business messages

A specialized provider of communication, the emailing agency helps, advises and supports organizations in the definition, execution and analysis of marketing campaigns using e-mail as a dissemination channel. Its core competencies include identifying targets by segmentation, creating a relevant and attractive message, routing mailings, and tracking performance and profitability indicators. Its experience and professional monitoring ensure customers have the best technical and commercial solutions currently available.


The Email Marketing agency, guaranteeing adequate technical solutions

As its name suggests, the primary role of the Email Marketing agency is to efficiently and directly route the mailings of its transmitting customers, with its own hardware, or in combination with shared routing platforms. This task requires the control of the various constraints affecting the deliverability of campaigns to the recipients, generally related to the filtering of internet spam. It involves a fine-tuned and responsive adaptation to ISP tolerances and transmission of "good practices" to the senders.


The Email Marketing agency, ensures an effective marketing solicitation of prospects

The agency also implements a more comprehensive e-mail communication strategy in line with the issuer's objectives. This involves a diagnosis of the company's competitive position on the web, supplemented by an in-depth study of the target audience. Measures of action, covering the creation of messages adapted to each qualified type of prospect, are then planned. Regular monitoring of the behavior of the recipients ensures the maintenance of commercial efficiency.


The Email Marketing agency, expert advice for a company's web strategy

You can use an Email Marketing agency to get advice and analyzes of the campaigns you launch. Their quality as a web expert is an important asset in the success of the goals of sending thousands of emails.


The Email Marketing agency, a specialist in the creation of customized newsletters

To guarantee the relevance of your email campaign and to aim for a positive ROI, the web agency is a significant asset , because of the many parameters it masters, which are as much marketing as technical.

The writing of newsletters by an Email Marketing agency, a guarantee of quality

Beyond a writing style better adapted to your target, the text creation service of web agencies is above all there to guarantee your email content passes the antispams without difficulty.

The Email Marketing agency, the assurance of a relevant translation of your newsletter

When working internationally, it is essential to call on web marketing experts for the translation of your emails. A guarantee to properly manage the anti-spam services of each target country.

The sending of newsletters by an Email Marketing agency, a synonym of quality

You can entrust the mailing of your newsletter to an Email Marketing agency that will take care of all its parameters to guarantee the best rate of deliverability.

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