Using the routing services of a professional guarantees a satisfactory dissemination of newsletters

After analyzing the issuer's communication strategy, the Email Marketing Agency can ensure that newsletters are sent to carefully identified prospects. This professional routing of newsletters is characterized by the quality of its deliverability and its readability.

A newsletter with the assurance of high deliverability

Despite its apparent simplicity, the sending of a newsletter to several thousand or even millions of correspondents requires advanced skills in order to achieve a satisfactory delivery rate. Through its experience and knowledge, the Email Marketing Agency avoids the traps associated with bulk routing, such as spamming or "blacklisting" the sender. It checks the campaign's compliance with current best practices and guarantees the use of fully reliable technical solutions. Additional services may include cleaning up the contact database, limiting unnecessary solicitation of inactive prospects, and extensive testing of dissemination.

A technically optimized and legible mailing by an Email Marketing Agency

The Email Marketing Agency also handles other problems related to the routing of a campaign, such as the correct visualization of the content by all the recipients, independently of their equipment. Due to the particularities of each ISP and email client, the display of a similar message requires many adaptations. The provider is in charge of optimizing the weight of the graphics, the mobilization of bandwidth and the interoperability between computers and mobiles. It also proposes a system of "tracking" the behavior of the prospect in response to the message, which finely completes the statistics of opening and reading related to the shipment.

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