Question : How do you Get your Mailpro Account Validated?


Mailpro Account Validation

In order to comply with the law, and to avoid phishing scams, we need to validate our customers information before they can send or purchase emails. We will first send you and email so you can validate your email address. 

Once you have validated your email address you will have access to your Mailpro account. However you will not be able to send campaigns, or buy credits before our agents manually validate your information. Our agents will verify the information you provided such as name, last name, address, phone number, email address. If everything makes sense and we can verify your information, then you will be good to send campaigns and make purchases.

However, if our agents cannot verify your information, you will need to go in "My Account" to change the information you previously provided us with. You can also write us at [email protected] to speed up the validation process. 


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