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With Mailpro™, all the process of sending an email campaign is a breeze. Mailpro offers you a series of tools and functionalities that help you send effective email campaigns that convert.

Mailpro™ email marketing platform integrates all you need to send your email campaigns and then track or follow-up it's effectiveness.

Schedule a Campaign

It's important to plan your mailings according to the type of registration to your newsletters. Indeed, you will get a much better opening rate on a pro basis at 10am for example than on a Sunday at 4pm.

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Use the Dynamic Fields

With Mailpro, it's possible to customize your newsletters using one of the 25 customizable fields available.

First, when importing your address books, you have the option of adding 25 additional fields that will allow you to create customized newsletters. With, for example, the name, first name or a promo code, etc...

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Anti-Spam Testing 

Because the content of your newsletter accounts for more than 3/4 on the calculation of the spam, we suggest that you test your newsletters before sending them, which is free! By using Mailpro, you can test your campaigns with ease!

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Multiple Sender Email Addresses

Choosing the right sender email address is be extremely important for your email marketing campaign. One of the most important factor in Email marketing is “trust”. The fact is that your audience might chose to open or not your email, depending on if they trust your email address or not.

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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits