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Deliverability & Routing with Mailpro

Mailpro™ offers exceptional infrastructure and tools

With Mailpro™ accurate statistics and reporting you have valuable information about your Email campaigns to decide the best strategy for your email marketing plan.

Mailpro™ offers an ample variety of statistics for your email marketing campaigns providing detailed information to study the results of your marketing efforts online and decision making data to adjust or re-enforce your newsletter campaign.

SMTP Email Routing

Routing is the concept of delivering any data (for example, mail) through a network (such as the Internet). The principle is simple, it is to select a path in the network that will transport the data from the sender to the recipients.

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Dedicated IP Pool

An IP Pool is a group of IP´s that we will assign to our customer for their email sending’s.

Depending on the quality of addresses and content you send, you will be assigned a dedicated IP Pool which will be shared with other senders of your same IP Pool Category. This means that if you send good quality content to good quality addresses you will be given a better designated IP Pool.

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Dedicated IP 

If you would like to take full control of your IP Reputation, you can opt to have a Dedicated IP. Unlike the dedicated IP Pool, where we manage the reputation of specific IP´s given to you, with a dedicated IP you would have to make sure that your IP reputation is tip-top clean in order to avoid having delivery issues. The reputation of your IP would be solely your responsibility.

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IP Reputation Management

When choosing an email marketing provider, a very important factor to taken into consideration is that they send your emails from reputable IP´s. Otherwise, your emails will probably end up in a Spam folder and you will pass unnoticed by your customers.

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Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) 

It’s a mail server or mail exchanger, we can also call it MX host or mail relay. Mainly it exchanges messages across the network between mail servers in a background process using Port 25, you might have heard of it, or not…

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Data Center in Switzerland

The privacy of Data is no longer a taboo. It is now well know with the launching of the GDPR in 2018 that data breaches can cost millions of dollars to companies. Therefore making it imperative for companies and natural people to make sure they are complying.

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Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce 

In the past, every email which was not delivered, was called a badmail, mainly because the user or domain was not found or it was misspelled.

We would receive an alert saying that it had been categorized as a “bad email address”. Now, in Mailpro, when delivering your emails, we interpreted badmail as a “not delivered email” , which is also called a “bounce”.

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Email Key: DKIM

With Mailpro, you can configure and personalize your DKIM for your domain, to make sure your messages don’t go into the SPAM folders.

DKIM is a method of authentication used by some internet providers to know if a message comes from an authorized system.

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Email Authentication SPF 

SPF is a simple email-validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain's administrators.

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DMARC Record

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is another method of validation or email authentication policy. DMARC helps to ensure that fraudulent activity appearing to come from a domain is blocked.

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