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Email Campaign Statistics & Reporting

Accurate statistics and reports with Mailpro™

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your newsletter by monitoring the evolution and statistical success of your email marketing campaigns.

Check the effectiveness of your campaigns with Mailpro’s statistical measurement tools which provide access to a complete overview of the main metrics for email marketing with which you can study the results of your strategy.

Global Statistics

Have a general look at the behavior of your campaigns. Accurate and real-time results from the first to most recent shipment with data on quantity of shipments, percentages of openings, clicks and Bounce rate.

The precise measurement of our campaigns, allows you to see and calculate the results that will reveal where you have failed and how you can improve the shipments you will make. In a simple way and with a quick glance, you will be able to obtain all the information about the general trends of your messages.

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Campaign Statistics

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your newsletter, monitoring the evolution and success of the statistics of your email marketing campaigns. Optimize the results and increase your delivery, taking control of the data analytics in your newsletter reports with the measurement tools offered by Mailpro.

From our platform you can have a simple and quick overview of the main email marketing metrics of your emails, as well as verify in detail the statistical analysis of each specific campaign.

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Real Time Statistics 

You have sent your first email campaign and now you want to know how many people have received and interacted with your email. With our analysis of Mailpro metrics and statistics, you will be able to know in detail each of the most important numbers for your newsletter campaign.

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Automatic Email Statistics

Learn how many of those who subscribe to your newsletters opened that welcome message that pops up right after subscribing or if all the contacts to whom you sent a happy birthday message actually received it, by analyzing the automatic statistics email marketing campaigns.

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Comparison of Statistics 

Perform a deeper analysis of your statistics of email marketing campaigns, compare and contrast the effectiveness of each of your campaigns and see which of them has achieved the results that benefit your company and your goals.

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Analysis of the Openings

Analyze your opening statistics by email campaign and specifically know which subscribers opened your email.

Knowing this data, you can think about creating strategies directed towards a group of your newsletter subscribers that open your mail during specific hours of the day and to which you communicate your promotion or services.

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Analysis of the Clicks 

The indicator for number of clicks on your email links is a measurement parameter that should be a frequent reason for follow-up. With a precise report that shows you the most clicked on links within each campaign, you will be able to know and better understand the behavior of your readers and recognize if the content you are providing is attractive and valuable.

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Geolocation of Openings

The geolocation tool will allow you to know the precise geographical locations of the devices that receive your emails using the information provided by the ISPS of your subscribers based on the same IP addresses.

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Analysis of the Email Softwares 

Be the first to know which operating systems or browsers your readers use, or even which email software was used to open your newsletter.

This will allow you to adapt the content of the newsletter to your recipients and avoid the obstacles related to compatibility when sending an email campaign.

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White Label PDF Reports

The White Label PDF Report will allow you to deliver accurate information about campaign statistics in a document customized with your company or client's logo and brand. Perfect for marketing consultants, advertising agencies or companies looking to provide professional campaign reports.

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Monthly Report of Emails Sent 

Receive a monthly report of your account activity directly to your inbox. In addition, the status of total shipments, volume of openings, number of clicks and total number of campaign subscribers.

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