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The operating systems

Knowing the operating systems used by prospects to improve one's emails

Adapting one's newsletter to one's addressees operating systems

Advertisers often encounter compatibility issues with the hardware used by their prospects, particularly with their operating systems. For example, Windows, Unix and MacOS may display the same email in slightly different ways. Apart from the latter, you also have the mobile systems used by smartphones, like iOS or else Android, which display emails according to their own rules. To be able to adapt one's newsletter to each of one's addressees, it is thus necessary to know the statistics of use of each OS.

The information provided by Mailpro on the operating systems used by prospects

Mailpro offers advertisers information concerning the operating systems used by prospects. Thanks to a pie chart that sums up your statistics in the blink of an eye and to a detailed report enabling you to know what Internet users use what OS, you can adapt the content of the newsletter to each addressee and avoid any obstacle linked to compatibility.

Integrating the mobile challenge in one's email campaign

Since 2009, the smartphone market has grown without stopping. These smart mobile phones have become miniature computers in their own right and more and more users use them to view their messages. According to the barometer of Mobile Marketing, more than 44 % of the French own smartphones nowadays.

Recent mobile phones are all able to display HTML code but, since one has to consider dimensions, they offer reduced designs and smaller sizes to email readers. Besides, knowing the statistics of use of the operating systems enables you to create adapted messages : as smartphones are less fit for reading long texts, the advertiser will be able to customise his newsletter for this type of user by sending him a shorter, more fluid and more eye-catching version.


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