A figure that enables you to measure the interest generated by the message that was sent

Among the various statistics mentioned during the performance assessment of an email campaign, people mostly tend to focus on the ROI, the opening rate or even the click-through rate. As regards the reactivity rate, it is too often underestimated, hidden in the shadow of these three great figures – wrongly so, since it enables you to measure the prospects' interest for the message they received, hence the overall quality of the email campaign.

The importance of the reactivity rate to put into perspective the opening rate and the click-through rate

The reactivity rate is computed by dividing the click-through rate by the opening rate. Therefore, it is different from the click-through rate insofar as it takes into account the opening of the message in his calculation.

Let's illustrate this with an example : 25 mails are sent and, among them, 20 messages are read and 15 are clicked on. The opening rate is of 80 % and the click-through rate of 60 %. As regards the reactivity rate, it is 75 % : three quarters of the prospects responded to the email.

This rate enables you to put into perspective the click-through rate and the opening rate to give an idea of the overall performance of the email campaign by comparing these two percentages. Above all, it enables you to measure the impact of the mail, to know whether it held the prospects' attention. It can also help to establish quality objectives for an email campaign and to track the evolution of its efficiency over time.

Taking into account the reactivity rate to improve one's email campaign

This reactivity rate, provided by the Mailpro newsletter software, proves to be very important for one particular reason: it enables you to know the overall interest generated by the offers that were proposed.

If the reactivity rate looks poor, then, it is necessary to ask oneself questions on what needs to be improved. As you depend both from the opening rate and the click-through rate, you must start by thinking of opening parameters : the object of the mail may not be attractive enough or the time slot when you sent it may not be appropriate. If changing these data has no consequence on the reactivity rate, the problem does not come from people's curiosity but from their absence of interest in following the offered links. To change this,you need toreview the content of the message : display, design, text, the transmitted information, etc. You need to know how to charm prospects and how to make them feel like clicking on the offered links.

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