Summary of this benchmark


Through this benchmark, we can see that email marketing continues to be a reliable, engaging, cost effective way of communicating with your audience. Hopefully, this benchmark will show you where you stand compared to your industry or region, to then take actions and make changes. We will be improving our benchmark year after year for you to be able to compare yearly.

How are your opening rates or click rates compared to others in your industry? We advise you to test and redefine your strategy until you start seeing positive results for your campaigns.

By understanding your audience, you can perfect your email marketing campaign until you obtain the results you are seeking.

The tips and advice at the end of each of the benchmark sections are to help you make changes to start connecting and communicating more effectively. Always keep in mind that to have a healthy, clean, and segmented email list to send good quality content and to personalize your newsletters for great results!

Let us know how it went for you during 2021 and let’s try improving your strategy together!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Email Marketing Benchmark 2021
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