Make the Most Out of Black Friday with Email Marketing

Make the Most Out of Black Friday with Email Marketing

If you are an ecommerce company, you might already know the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two events could actually prove to be a make-or-break time of the year!

Rightfully so, Black Friday generates 3.6x higher ecommerce sales when compared to an average day in November. And if we notice the trend here, Black Friday weekend sales are demonstrating healthy growth, year over year.

When compared to 2017, 2018 Black Friday was far bigger and better as far as customers and sales are concerned. According to the data released by the National Retail Foundation, 165 million Americans shopped over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving.

Let’s have a closer look at what the statistics say:

  • 2018 Thanksgiving was able to generate 27.9% more online sales when compared to 2017. The average order in 2018 was up by 8% in comparison to 2017.
  • Revenue of $7.9 billion was generated on Cyber Monday, exhibiting an increase of 19.3% over 2017.

Quite predictably, Black Friday 2019 will exceed these numbers. Therefore, it is the right time to plan and make the most out of email marketing this year. How do you do that? Choose the right newsletter templates for Black Friday, target the right people, and strategize effectively.

Let’s find out.

Best Black Friday Email Marketing Strategies

Kick off your email marketing campaign early

Shoppers start flooding the online shops at the break of dawn. Make sure that you don’t wait for the end moment to launch your email marketing campaign. Instead, start early. You must, at least, schedule your campaign a week early.

We will highly recommend you to send around three emails in the series – the first one should provide a quick teaser about the expected deals, the second one should provide a closer insight on the varied offers, and the third one should act as a wakeup call.

Build your subscriber list

To execute an email marketing strategy successfully, it is necessary that you have an exhaustive email list of your customers. Think about the customers who have already shopped from you. It is much easier to sustain your existing customers than to attract new ones.

To further boost your subscriber list, build a sense of urgency by offering lucrative deals to your customers. To attract more signups, make sure that you style the signup forms to emphasize your seasonal offerings.

Creating a landing page tailored for the holiday season is another great way to grab visitors’ emails.

Split test your subject lines

While launching your email marketing campaign is easier, what is tough is to extract the expected ROI from it. You might not get enough open rates, and even if you do, not a lot many people might make a purchase.

This is why it is essential to take the right steps right from step one. And the subject line is one of the critical aspects that could impact the psychology of your customers.

That said, there is no right and wrong when it comes to subject lines – what works for you works for you. The idea is to go with your intuition, run a few trial tests, analyze, predict and repeat.

Focus on cart abandonments

Cart abandonment is one of the grave issues that all ecommerce owners face. However, employing automated email workflows to follow-up these cart abandonments was found to be associated with a 34%open rate and a 9% click-through rate in 2017.

It was found that these figures only got better in 2018 with CTR increasing from 7.62% in 2017 to 9% in 2018.

The bottom line? Customers often find themselves in the middle of an array deals on Black Friday. It is important to win their focus and give them a final call to make the purchase while the offer lasts.

Design your newsletter attractively

Similar to the subject line of your email, the design of your newsletter also impacts the mood of your customers. Make sure that your emailer is properly designed, reflects the festive mood, and also builds the trust of your customers.

Additionally, ensure that your newsletter is responsive such that it can fit devices of all screen sizes. Do not only focus on its design but also ensure that it is nicely written with no spelling and grammatical errors.

Analyze the previous year’s trends

If you really want to take off your holiday email marketing, it is essential that you learn from the past. Dig out your historical email campaign data. Look for trends like which day of the time witnessed the most opens, what were the most popular subject lines, and so on.

Derive inputs from previous campaigns and build your strategy around those. Most importantly, do not forget to add a call-to-action button at the bottom of the email to help customers take the desired action!

The Next Steps

With this in mind, it is the right time to get started with your email marketing campaign. To make the most out of the holiday season, we will highly recommend you to get started early. Build hype around your Black Friday offerings and integrate your social media and email campaigns for the best results.

Benefits of Sending Automatic Birthday Emails

Benefits of Sending Automatic Birthday Emails

The success of a business, to a large extent, is determined by the marketing strategies. While most businesses focus on bringing more sales, only savvy marketers know that the best way to move ahead is to focus on a deeper aspect than just generating sales – focus on building long-lasting relationships!

You might wonder – how can I build relationships? Well, there are various ways to do so, but one of the most prominent ones is to send automatic birthday emails.

Do you remember that 30 seconds of happiness and a whole day of positivism when someone wishes you on your birthday? This is just how powerful a simple birthday greeting can be.

All This is Fine, But How Will I Send Birthday Emails?

We feel you. Remembering the birthday of each of your customers is not possible. Even if you do somehow, sending an email manually to all of them is tiresome and prone to errors.

Thankfully, you don’t have to adopt any of these age-old methods. All you need to do is automate your email marketing process and send automated birthday emails.

That Sounds Great, Could You Explain the Importance of Automated Birthday Emails?

Sending automated birthday emails might look unnecessary to you at first glance, but they are an ideal opportunity for you to achieve an edge over your competitors.

Here is an in-depth insight:

Builds relationships

As we already discussed, automated birthday emails help you in building long-lasting and loyal relationships with your customers.

If just greeting your customers on their birthday is not enough, you can go a notch further and provide them with a birthday-special discount coupon. Believe us, they will go gaga over this gesture of yours, and stick with your brand for the entire life!

Better conversion rates

Your customers might not like to open an email with a subject line We Just Launched Our Winters’ Collection, but they will definitely open an email that says – Here Is a Discount Coupon on Your Birthday, or simple Birthday Greetings from XYZ.

You can feel the drift, right?

Well, this is the reason why automated birthday emails are capable of generating 342% higher revenue per email when compared to promotional emails. What’s more, these emails also get 179% more click rates.

Re-engages dormant customers

Believe us, sending automated birthday emails is one of the best ways through which you can reengage your dormant customers. This is due to the basic nature of these emails – they are not spammy or promotional, but thoughtful.

Best Practices for Sending Automated Birthday Emails

Now that you are convinced to take this ahead, here are some best practices which will help you in doing the things right:

  • Sending a single email on the special day of your customer might get lost. They might not like to stick to their screens, they might be holidaying or partying or sleeping, and the chances are high that your email will go unnoticed. This is the reason we will highly recommend you to set up a drip campaign. Start sending emails at least 15-20 days in advance, and build up slowly until the final day.
  • To build a sense of urgency, we will highly recommend you to include a stipulated time frame. This could go something like this: Use coupon code BIRTHDAY expires in 5 days from now.
  • Take the conversion to the next level by sending your customers a feedback email once they have used their coupons. You could ask them for their feedback, use this opportunity to promote other offers. You can also offer them a coupon for the next purchase which is valid on orders that satisfy a minimum order value. This will serve as an active bait and will help you in closing more sales.
  • It is important to keep the focus of your automated email on our customers. Personalize your email, and don’t forget to mention that this is an exclusive birthday offer just for them!
  • Design your birthday email properly. You can also take inspiration from our birthday newsletters templates.

The Next Steps

Sending an automated birthday email to your customers is a great way to showcase the human side of your brand. Make them feel connected and show that they are cared for. Reflect that your brand is not only thoughtful but approachable too.

If this strategy brings positive results to you, you can go a step further and also send automated anniversaries emails to your customers.

So, go ahead, and devise a proper strategy.

The Importance of Email Automation for Businesses

The Importance of Email Automation for Businesses

Emails are important – more than you could possibly imagine! According to a report, there are more than 4.5 billion email accounts in the world, and as many as 180 billion emails are sent every day.

Such is the potential of this great platform. This is why it makes sense to invest more in email marketing to reap positive results. However, painstakingly writing mails for every customer is downright unfeasible at so many levels.

So what is the ideal solution here? Email automation for businesses. Now, what’s that?

Let’ find out.

What is Email Marketing Automation, Anyway?

Quite predictably, it is a process of automating your entire email marketing process. This means that you no more need to write and send emails manually. All this could be taken care of effortlessly by email marketing software. What’s more, this automation software can also send emails at specified times, and revert to your customers when needed.

However, this is not all about them. Email marketing automation can help you in various other ways as well. Let’s have a look.

It is automatic.

Probably, one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that the entire process is completely automated. You don’t have to break a sweat or send emails to thousands of your customers manually. All you need to do is choose specific criteria to trigger the required workflows, and you are sorted.

It nurtures your leads.

If the basic motive of your email marketing campaign is to nurture leads, email automation has you covered. Leads are sensitive. Although the sales team tries to chase new leads immediately before they go cold, more often than not, new leads do not prefer such chasing.

They might have downloaded an ebook or whitepaper from your website and might not be in the decision-making stage yet. Cold calling will only turn them off. This is the time when email workflows can prove to be advantageous.

You can simply share some useful information related to what they are looking for in their email inbox. If done right, the lead will not only get some useful details from you but will also be able to learn more about your business and service, and who knows if they contact your sales team directly? Well, that’s just how powerful email marketing automation can prove to be!

Digest this: Automated emails get to enjoy 119% higher click rates when compared to broadcast emails.

It enhances the capabilities of your sales team.

One of the best parts of email automated tools is there in-depth reports and analytics that they equip the businesses with. Was your email opened? Did your customer read the automated email? What is the click-through-rate? You can find answers to all these important questions with the help of email automated tools.

Some tools are even capable of issuing a notification to the internal sales team as and when someone takes a desired action through email. All these features empower your sales team with the right amount of data and help them in improvising their sales strategies.

Digest this: B2C marketers who connect with customers through automated emails witness 50% high conversion rates!

It increases brand awareness.

Let’s accept the fact that things happen. We get busier. Even dedicated marketing departments forget things. They might be busy in social media marketing campaigns and might completely forget about email marketing. Come on, admit that writing emails individually is boring and time-consuming.

But this is not the case when you equip your organization with a proper email automation tool that automatizes the workflows for you. You no more need to delay the things. The result – you are able to communicate with your existing customers and prospects in a timely manner. All this translated to increased brand awareness. What more can one ask for?

It facilitates easy personalization.

If you are wondering that email automation tools will automate the process, but they will send the plain boring emails with limited options of customization – you need to reconsider your views.

Most email marketing tools allow businesses to send personalized email workflows. Thus, you no more need to greet your customers with an ordinary Hi, but something as personalized as Hi, Kate!

No. That’s not all. You can even add personal information of the recipient like location, the company they are working for, and other details. Undoubtedly, this helps you in connecting with your target audiences on a deeper level.’

Digest this: Personalized emails receive up to 6 times more revenue when compared to non-personalized emails.

 It reduces errors.

One thing that turns off most customers is the errors in the email received. Undoubtedly, you won’t like to receive a mail that addresses you wrong, or contains a lot of spelling errors, and the like. This will ruin your reputation, and your customer might not take you seriously.

This is when email workflows help you out. You can check them over, and even use their in-built editor to catch any errors before putting them live.

The Next Steps

As is evident, email marketing automation is the need of the hour. It saves your time, eliminates any errors, increases brand awareness and helps you connect to your customers in a more timely and personalized manner.

Create a free Mailpro Account today!

How IP Reputation Can Affect Email Delivery?

IP Reputation

Over time, your email campaigns may trigger the spam filters at the receiving mail servers. And this cumulative effect of your campaigns has an impact on your sending reputation. Your sending reputation can be good or bad. The status of your sending reputation depends upon a lot of factors such as your IP reputation and domain reputation. But in this article, we are going to focus on how your IP reputation can affect your email delivery. Let's get into details.

Partly, your sending reputation is associated with the IP address you are using to send your emails. With a bad IP reputation, your email open rates will decline considerably. Email open rate refers to a percentage of marketing emails that the target user opened. Ideally, your email open rate should be 15 to 25%

How to find out if you have a poor IP reputation?

One way to find out about your IP reputation is to analyze your results with the passage of time. Ideally, you should perform the analysis based on a lot of emails you sent over a long period of time.

Basically, you may want to look for trends, patterns, and irregularities. Therefore, if your open rates are lower than 20% or they are irregular, chances are that your IP reputation is not good enough.

If your open rates are steadily declining, know that it is a clear indicator that your IP reputation is bad and you need to repair it. If the recipients don't engage with your emails, mail servers may route, bounce or block your emails. As a result, the engagement rate will further decline and damage your IP reputation further.

A bad IP reputation will manifest in the form of declining or poor open rates. Besides, it will also have an impact on the receiving servers and they may bounce your emails.

Causes of bad IP reputation

Often, a bad or poor IP reputation is a commutative effect of the outcomes of the emails you sent. In other words, if your emails have low open rates, a high rate of bounce, and a lot of spam complaints, you will have a poor IP reputation as a result.

On the other hand, if you have high open rates, low bounce rates, and fewer spam complaints, you will enjoy a better IP reputation.

If you send a lot of emails to run your email marketing campaigns, it is important that all of your emails end up in the inbox. Even if your emails are legitimate, committing even a small mistake can change the route of your emails.

For example, if your customers don't receive confirmation emails after a purchase, they may choose to mark your email as spam. For online stores, emails are of Paramount importance. Therefore, you may want to take the right steps to improve your email deliverability.

Tips to improve your IP reputation

If you are worried about your IP reputation and its effect on deliverability, we have some good news for you. Regardless of the number of emails you send and your existing email sending tendencies, you can improve your IP reputation. If you put in plenty of effort and follow the best practices, most of your emails will land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Given below are a few tips that can help you improve your bad IP reputation so you can enjoy better email deliverability.

  1. Always use your Double opt-in lists

Always use your double opt-in lists to make sure your emails are sent to only those people who are interested in your products or services. This will result in a higher rate of positive interactions, forwards, saves, open, and clicks.

If you are going to send a lot of emails to an email list that you have purchased, you will experience a sudden increase in negative reactions, blocks, and spam complaints. All of this will have a negative impact on your IP reputation. So don't follow this practice.

  1. Warm-up your IP address

If you have a designated IP address and you are going to send bulk emails for the first time, you should warm up your IP address for at least 30 days. In simple terms, you should send your emails gradually over a period of 30 days, instead of one or two days. You should increase the volume gradually.

Why is it so important? The reason is that mailbox providers tend to flag new IP dresses that send too many emails in a short period of time. In other words, the practice of sending bulk emails with a new IP address will negatively impact your IP reputation, deliverability, and sender score.

  1. Don't use the same IP address for your marketing and transactional mail

There is a difference between transactional and marketing emails. Therefore, they receive different feedback from recipients. Transactional emails may include order receipts and confirmations. Since these emails are important to customers, they get positive engagement.

By contrast, marketing emails may include promotional offers. Therefore, they are not that important to customers and don't get that type of engagement. Therefore, the practice of sending the transactional and marketing emails using the same IP address may result in poor performance of your email marketing campaigns. They may even negatively impact your transactional email performance.

As a whole, if your emails don't do well, your IP reputation will suffer and most of your emails will end up in the spam folder.

It is important to keep in mind that the success of your email marketing campaigns depends upon deliverability. If your emails are blocked, bounced or rooted to the spam folder, your marketing campaigns will fail and you will experience a poor return on your investment.

With Mailpro, you don’t need to worry about your IP Reputation, as we have a team of experts Manage the Reputation of the Dedicated IP Pool we use for your sendings.

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10 Factors to Verify Before Choosing a SMTP Server

10 Factors to Verify Before Choosing a SMTP Server

Emailing continues to be a fundamental piece in the marketing strategy of any business or company, not only to promote brands, but also to send customers transactional messages with content such as purchase receipts, invoices, account statements and everything related to transactional processes.

When you have a growing business and need to deliver a bulk of interactive emails to your users, you will often run into limitations when trying to send them with commercial email providers. Ultimately, these providers will prevent your messages from reaching their destination. In this case, a SMTP Relay server provider can help you deliver large volumes of emails without them being labeled as Spam and will put an end to your emails not reaching their destination.

The big difference between a “normal” SMTP Server (such as those used by Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo) and an SMTP Relay server, is its ability to guarantee the unlimited sending of your emails quickly, and directly from the application without having to worry about blockages or limitations.

There are some details that you should take into consideration before choosing the ideal SMTP Server for your business. At Mailpro, we have selected the most important points that you should consider before choosing an SMTP server.

Factors to consider to select a SMTP Relay Server

When it comes to features shared between SMTP servers, you will find that some are very similar. In this list however, you will find the 10 most important features that will indicate if you are choosing the right SMTP server for your business.

Scalability: The scalability of a server is essential for a growing business, it is important that it can be adjusted to the needs of your company as the number of customers or users increases. Whether you are sending emails to a small group of contacts or sending transactional emails to a large volume of clients, the SMTP server must be suitable to grow alongside the volume of your company.

Message Metrics: Having the statistical data of all your deliveries through an SMTP server gives you complete certainty that your messages have reached their recipient. In Mailpro we make sure that the statistics for SMTP server show you the number of messages delivered, opening percentages, click percentages and you can also verify the bounce rate of your messages delivered.

Access to SMTP server statistics is a solution that is not present in all providers, so you should verify very well before choosing the one indicated. Using a solution that does not give you SMTP sending statistics, you would have no way of measuring and analyzing whether your messages are really engaging your customers, which could be harmful to your brand, as you would be making an investment without testing its capacity for success. 

Complete data security: The security of your servers and the data you receive in is one of the most important aspects. Data is one the most valuable assets that your company can count on, so it must be fully protected from the abuse of Spammers and unauthorized people.

Mailpro offers you a robust server infrastructure hosted in Switzerland, where all stored data is protected by federal laws and nobody can request your data, whether physical or digital. What differs from countries such as the United States, where data protection laws allow any government entity or agency responsible for complying with the law, to request your data and gives them access to all your data, if necessary, before any investigation.

IPs Reputation Management: Additional value comes from having a team of deliverable experts in charge of ensuring that the reputations of all the IP’s used to make their deliveries are of quality and thus ensure that no blacklisted IP’s slip through the cracks and lead your messages straight to spam folders.

Simple Integration: An SMTP Relay server simplifies the process by supporting all the main email clients, software or applications and making it easier to configure and connect to them. A few simple steps in which you can integrate user and password authentication, are enough for you to send all the messages you need.

Support when you need it: Having a support team you can depend on is a benefit that cannot be ignored, as having a team that is always present to help you with all your doubts about installation, routing processes, etc. is a factor that should be decisive when hiring the services of an SMTP Server. In Mailpro, you can find a multilingual support team that is willing to answer all your questions and assist you with technical details.

Authentication and protection: Exclusive security passwords for the installation of your server in each software or application you use. SMTP authentication is configured to increase security levels and prevent your account from being used without authorization to send SPAM emails. The SMTP Mailpro server gives you the ability to generate a new password when making a new system integration.

High deliverability: A robust server infrastructure and proven delivery rate will allow you to be sure that all your transactional and commercial messages reach each recipient. SMTP Mailpro servers are fully suited to support large sending volumes, and you can also enjoy a high delivery capacity when installing SPF or DKIM.

Return management: In case any of the emails failing to reach their destination, the system must include a message explaining why the delivery of the email has failed and allow you to make the necessary changes.

ISP Compatibility: The SMTP server you select must give you access to any Email Service Provider from where you are, thus giving you the freedom to access the service without restrictions.

If what you are looking for is a high rate of deliverability of your transactional messages, we encourage you to use a professional SMTP service such as Mailpro, which guarantees the delivery of your transactional and commercial emails.

Learn more about SMTP Relay Mailpro services, their affordable costs and how to integrate this service into your Email Marketing strategy by accessing our SMTP functionalities.

6 Ideas for Back to School Email Marketing Campaigns

6 Ideas for Back to School Email Marketing Campaigns

When classes are back in session, the days of rest and vacation have come to an end, and students return to their work routines and classrooms. It is a moment where there are new challenges, new changes and of course, in which commercial activity is resumed. The start of the new semester, is one of the most important dates in the calendars of every business and is the perfect reason to resume contact with your customers.

The main strategies for back to school email marketing campaigns, will be focused on discounts and offer, and instilling novelty and creativity when reconnecting with your customers. For this reason, it is common that the messages planned during this season are focused on communication strategy promotions.

If your business does not sell products related to school, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the occasion and apply back to school marketing strategies that fit your product and try to generate sales through this sector, attracting new subscribers.

Strategies for back to school email campaigns

Clean your databases

Before starting a new campaign, take the time to update your contact lists, and delete your inactive contacts. A good idea is to send an update campaign to get the attention of subscribers and discard those who do not respond within a period of time.

It is time to reactivate and tackle the commercial activity vigorously. Thoroughly review your lists and welcome new subscribers as well as already active ones by engaging them with interesting content.

Check the metrics

The last quarter of the year indicates a new season, so it is a good idea to carefully review the seasonal statistics. Review your statistical reports from previous months, comparing the numbers so that you recognize the behavior of your subscribers and how they have interacted with your back-to-school and summer campaigns. This will give you clues and many ideas about creating upcoming campaigns.

Segment and customize

As we told you before, if your business or service is not related to school, the change of season invites you to start over. You should adjust your campaigns to the different subscriber segments, taking advantage of the back-to-school period to design a strategy with valuable content related to the sector that allows you to interact with your subscribers again. For example, create a campaign where you promote the registration for the download of an eBook, in order to capture new data from your subscribers that helps you improve segmentation in the next end of year campaigns.

Reward your subscribers

Reactivate your contacts by sending special offers to those who have remained active through the summer. Sending a thank you message where you include a special discount is also a way to promote cross-selling items, an interesting option to promote products that need a boost in sales. It is a back-to-school campaign strategy that you can apply to all types of products or services.

Use exclusivity and a sense of urgency

It is valid to resort to presenting a sense of exclusivity and urgency when promoting the discounts and offers which will get you closer to your objective. One of the strategies for presenting promotions, is sending last-minute messages, with the coupon or download link valid for only a limited time. It is also valid to send new discounts to exclusive groups of your subscribers. There are tons of possibilities and getting your subscriber to convert simply takes a little innovation and creativity.

Plan automatic emails

Take time to plan automatic emails for your back to school campaign starting from the first contact with your new subscribers with the welcome email. After several days, send promotions and discounts activating a series of emails after an action on the links.

Templates for back to school campaigns

Mailpro offers you an extensive catalog of templates to create your back to school campaign. Depending on the type of product or service your business offers, you can choose between the categories and simply add the information you need.

Within this catalog you can find exclusive templates for schools that are designed to create direct communication with school parents, colleges, institutes or universities in a creative and secure way.

Templates for back to school email campaigns

Using the customizable templates, you can make all mass email deliveries quickly and easily. As they are pre-designed, you simply have to change the text, images and adapt it to your brand. All templates for Mailpro newsletters are adapted to mobile devices, so you don't have to worry about the settings for each device. Simply worry about defining the strategy, and the responsibility is on us for sending all your messages successfully.

By accessing the Mailpro message builder, you can easily find the more than 500 templates for communicating the news, and your business promotions and thus reinforce the relationship with your client.

Regardless of the type of product or service your company dedicates their back to school season campaign to, it can help you strengthen relationships with your customers, generate new subscribers and update the subscriber lists you already have in your database.

Introducing Mailpro V8, the New Version of Email Marketing Software

After several months of work by our development and design team at Mailpro, we are eager to introduce to you, the latest version of our application, Mailpro V8. In this new version of our email marketing software we have focused on creating a renewed, fresh and easy-to-navigate design that is complemented by a brand new way of presenting the statistics of all your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails, whether SMTP or API.

The security of your data has also been strengthened in this version, as we’ve created more secure encryption methods for the links you place within your messages. Let’s not forget that at your disposal, you also have our SMTP Relay server service for all the transactional messages that you need to make.

Simplicity and efficiency defines this new version of Mailpro, which is the email marketing tool for everyone. In this article, we will give you a detailed review of all the news that Mailpro V8 has for you.

New Dashboard

From now on, when accessing your Mailpro account, you will be welcomed by a panel containing buttons that will allow you to quickly choose between the tool’s functionalities for the design and management of your campaigns. You can design your message, add new contacts, send the campaigns you have planned and also access the tool’s configuration and customization options. If the credits have been used up, you can replace them directly from the panel using shortcuts.


In this New Dashboard, you can get an overview summarizing the metrics of the most recent campaigns. You can also identify the campaigns that have had the best engagement and the new statistics that will show you the most successful subject lines and the campaigns with the best performance.

We also offer you all the information and advice on email marketing collected in our Blog, so you can create successful email marketing campaigns.

New presentation of your statistics

Mailpro V8, presents a completely redesigned global statistics panel. From now on, all delivered data for email, SMTP, Transactional or API campaigns will be centralized and accessible from this global statistical panel, so you can check them when necessary.

In general, you will be able to find out the number of emails sent, delivered, the opening percentage, the percentage of clicks, as well as details about percentages of bounces and cancellations. In this general statistics panel, we have added two new pieces of data: Main email issues and Best campaign performance.

Top Email Subjects, will be selected according to the highest opening percentages of all your campaigns. This stat will help you evaluate which subject lines have been best received by your subscribers; a very valuable detail when sending your future campaigns, as it will give you more detail about the behavior of your readers and the types of messages with which they best connect.

Top Campaign Performance, will show you a list of the best evaluated campaigns according to the percentages of CTR, that is, it will show you the campaigns that users have had the best interaction with, which is measured by how often they’ve clicked on the links. This new data will help you more easily define and recognize the behavior of the user when interacting with your campaigns and therefore, you will be able to have more concrete details to evaluate improvements in future deliveries.

If you have sent emails through the SMTP server or from the API, you can simply access this data by clicking on the All Sendings tab so you can find out the global details of the different sendings.

Complete redesign of the campaign statistics

By consulting the statistical data by campaign, you will find a clear and simple presentation that will show you the details of the specific campaign you have selected. You will find the summary with data such as: name, subject of the email, email address you sent to, as well as a look at the message sent.

The Global Campaign statistics, will show you the data for sendings, deliveries, openings, click-throughs, bounces and unsubscribed rates of each unique campaign. Through our redesigned statistical breakdown, you can consult your data more directly and speedily.

In three graphs, we have detailed the most important data for recognizing the success of your campaign: opening percentages, click through rate and bounce rate. A timeline will indicate the specific days and times when they opened your message and clicked on it.

Without making any changes, you will be able to immediately see the data for Users by devices, Geolocation and the most popular URLs within your message.

Now it will be much easier to analyze your statistics, and we hope you enjoy this new design and that it will steer you to making a detailed study of all your campaigns.

Rewards Program

Changes always come with great advantages, which is why we have created a rewards program for our new users and trial users, which offers additional credits for completing simple tasks that help them become familiar with the tool.

You can work your way through three levels in our Mailpro Rewards Program, from beginner to advanced, to accumulate up to 1000 account credits in the process.

For Beginners, upon completing the basic steps within the platform, you will receive 200 additional credits. Among the tasks required for completing the intermediate level rewards, you must create your first subscription form, customize your profile and put your messages through the Anti-Spam test to receive 300 free credits.

The reward for Experts is 500 additional credits for completing the requirements of creating your first automatic campaign, adding or changing the email sender and completing the user configuration of the Anti-Spam filters: SPFDKIMDMARC.

Learn more about the rewards program from our FAQ

SMTP server

This Mailpro V.8 version is accompanied by our new SMTP Relay Server service dedicated to large-scale transactional messages. SMTP Relay is the service that will allow you to easily integrate any system or application for sending your emails without having to leave your CMS application, Ecommerce Platform, CRM or collection management program.

The process of transferring emails using the SMTP protocol and SMTP servers is known as SMTP Relay. This means that if your company needs to send large volumes of messages, you can use a third party service (SMTP Relay) to manage the sending of these emails without the need for using your own Email Servers.

Mailpro, offers you a mail server for SMTP Relay processes, capable of connecting to virtually all external systems, such as ecommerce, email inboxes, blogs, WordPress sites or other content management systems.

Advantages of the Mailpro SMTP Relay Server

Ease of installation: The Mailpro SMTP Relay service is already easy to configure. You just have to configure your mail or application to our server with the credentials that you will find within your Mailpro account, which will only take a few minutes.

Better delivery rates: Most traditional email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo), in order to combat SPAM, have limits on the amount of emails they can send to different recipients per day. With the Mailpro SMTP server, the delivery of your messages will be guaranteed.

Statistics: Mailpro, will allow you to see sending statistics for emails sent through the SMTP servers. You can access these statistics from the renewed Statistics Panel, so you can discover the opening rates, click-through rates, geolocation and also analyze the bounce of your emails sent through SMTP Relay.

Security: Using an SMTP server, you can be fully confident in sending large volumes of emails, without the fear of being labeled as SPAM. We maintain strict IP review standards, as well as the ease of installing filters such as SPF, DKIM.

These are some of the great changes we are making in Mailpro, in our mission to create the best experience for our users. Above all, we will always maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of our email marketing software.

Mailpro V.8, is now available so go enjoy this new version.

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What is the Best Port Number for SMTP?

What is the Best Port Number for SMTP?

When configuring the SMTP Relay server to your email or application, it is common for doubts to arise about which email ports to use. So, what kind of ports should you use? Which are safe and secure? In this article we will briefly summarize which ports you can use to send emails through the SMTP Mailpro servers.

The Simple Email Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the basic standard used by email servers and some applications or services that support SMTP relay. With regards to "storing and forwarding", the SMTP Protocol is responsible for the transfer of emails by working directly with an email transfer agent to send the communication from the computer to the recipient's inbox.

The connection ports are the communication points through which the transfer of all data and communications takes place, each of these has a particular purpose as well as being associated with a specific protocol. An SMTP port is the specific part of the internet address that is used to transfer emails.

The common standard SMTP ports are 25, 465, 587 or 2525. Mailpro offers you the standard SMTP ports 25 and 587 to perform the mail transfer.

 SMTP server providers such as Mailpro have been concerned with investing in the creation of infrastructures for the relay of emails to large volumes and strictly monitoring the security of the relay process in order not to allow junk traffic that affects the SMTP exchange process.

Ports 25 or 587, which of the two to use?

Port 25, the original standard

Many of the emails sent are routed through port 25, which becomes the communication channel between the email client and the email server. The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) recognizes port 25 as the default standard port for mail transfer between servers through a point-to-point connection. Its connection to the SMTP server is produced by text commands sent from the SMTP server. This is the default port, but, when used extensively, it is also more susceptible to large amounts of spam and unwanted traffic.

Port 25 is still used primarily for SMTP relay, but more and more Internet providers (ISPs) are restricting the use of port 25 due to its widespread use for spam. Many ISPs and service providers restrict connections to port 25 to reduce the number of spam emails.

Port 587, safe harbor

Port 587 is another port for SMTP sending compatible with most servers and recognized for the safe sending of your emails through the SMTP port. It is recommended that when configuring your SMTP connection, to use this port as default to send your emails securely and thus ensure that all messages reach their destination.

With Mailpro, you can work from ports 25 and 587, which are the standard ports and subsequently, you will not having to perform an encryption and decryption task, making everything much easier. Through the authentication of the SMTP Mailpro Server, you ensure the unique access to your SMTP Server Mailpro, once you have done the configuration of our SMTP server you will not have to perform a reconfiguration on each connection.

Keep in mind that before selecting the SMTP Server service for your company, it is essential that you take some details into account such as:

Scalability: The scalability of a server is essential for a growing business, it is important that it can be adjusted to the needs of your company as the number of customers or users increases.

Messages Metrics: In Mailpro we make sure that the statistics for SMTP server show you the number of messages delivered, opening percentages, click percentages and you can also verify the bounce rate of your deliveries.

Simple Integration: An SMTP Relay server helps you create much simpler processes so it is much easier to configure.

Support when you need it: You cannot disregard the advantage of having a reliable support team. Having a team that is always present to help you solve all doubts about installation, shipping processes etc. can be a life saver.

Authentication and protection: Exclusive security passwords for the installation of your server in each software or application you use. SMTP authentication is configured to increase security levels and prevent your account from being used without authorization to send SPAM emails.

High deliverability: Mailpro SMTP servers are fully suited to support large shipping volumes, and you can also enjoy high delivery capacity when installing SPF or DKIM for better delivery.

The Mailpro SMTP Relay service offers you the advantage of sending all the transactional or commercial messages you need. In addition, you will have access to the statistics of the SMTP server for deliveries and  the opening, click-through, and bounce rates of your emails.

Learn how sending through the SMTP Relay server can be useful for your company. Find more information by accessing the Mailpro SMTP Relay functionalities to learn more about all the benefits.

What is the Pre Header and Why is it the Ideal Complement in your Campaigns?

What is the Pre Header and Why is it the Ideal Complement in your Campaigns?

The Email PreHeader can be defined as the text summary that lies next to the subject line when you view the mail from the inbox. It is that line that gives an idea of ​​what the message contains, this line of text that for many may go unnoticed but makes a big difference when convincing the reader to open the message or not.

For some, Preheader text will have been completely unbeknownst until now but email clients actually extract this information directly from the email content, specifically from the first lines of content they can find.

Sure you will ask... but if it is generated automatically why you should pay so much attention to it? A big reason is that this text is one of the first three elements that are displayed in the inbox next to the subject line and the recipient or potential subscriber will see this before making the important decision to open the message or not.

The importance of a good PreHeader

When used consciously, the PreHeader text has the power to be that ideal complement to the subject line that will make all the difference and help you increase the opening rates of your emails. A well-written Pre-header will show an accurate and attractive summary of the message that will be displayed to your readers.

Some of the usual errors that may appear in the Pre-Header are shown automatically and it will show messages such as: "If this message is not displayed correctly, click here". It wouldn’t look so good for the reader to see this text accompanying your well thought out subject line.

The self-generated Pre-Header text may seem sufficient, but you’d be missing the opportunity to generate curiosity and capture your reader’s attention.

How can you control the text that appears in the Pre-Header?

To avoid seeing unattractive text and maintain the relationship between Issuer-Subject-PreHeader between texts, you can take some of these solutions into account.

Hide the PreHeader text: Lead readers directly to the design of your newsletter by adding a hidden div style code in the HTML code of your newsletter’s design which will allow you to insert a hidden text that will be displayed by email clients. The drawback is that these email clients modify the rules frequently, which forces you to adapt the code so that it works for everyone.

An example of the code to solve it manually would be:

<div style = ”display: none! important; mso-hide: all; ”> Pre-Header Text </div>


Use a Professional Email software: When you use a professional email tool like Mailpro you will simply need to insert the text you want to show as Pre-Header from the advanced options that our platform offers you to design messages.

Using the Message Builder, simply go to the advanced options, in the “Pre-Header” line, and add the text you want to display.

If you have designed your Newsletter in HTML code, when importing it to Mailpro you can go directly to advanced options in the WYSIWYG editor and insert the text, so you will save time and you can be sure that the Pre-Header will be viewed correctly.

This is where you should take the opportunity to place that message that complements your powerful subject line and serves as a hook for capturing the attention of your subscriber. If you create your message from Mailpro, it will only take you a few minutes to place the appropriate message in these boxes. It’s simple.

Keep in mind that the most important information should be present in the first characters that you include in the content of your message. To get the best results and get the most out of using Pre-Header text in your email marketing campaigns, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Include a call to action that helps you increase the opening percentages of your campaigns. Think of including a line like “Discounts for End of Season” in the Pre-Header.
  • Provide relevant information that complements the subject line. This text will help to reaffirm or expand the message of the email title so that it is consistent with the subject line. This space allows you to expand what you consider important to show the reader.
  • Must be attractive. Create expectations and contain few but concise words. Complement it with resources of exclusivity and customization to make it even more attractive. Always keep in mind that personalization in the email helps increase opening rates. Adapt the message as much as possible to make it a direct conversation with the client from the very first look at the inbox.
  • Be creative and fun. Use the PreHeader text to give you freedom for ideas and creativity. Write something different to help capture the reader's attention, a bit of sparkle and humor always comes in handy. Without forgetting that everything depends on the content of the message, never lose the relationship with the content. You don't want to confuse the reader and have it send you directly to the SPAM folder.
  • Do not repeat the subject line. Take advantage of the space and additional characters to gather the reader's attention.
  • Think mobile. The pre-headers may not be quiet as valuable when you open emails from a computer but on mobile devices they can be as important as the subject line.


Using all possible resources to make your message stand out from the amount of emails received daily is one of the challenges of email marketing. In your next campaign, do not forget to create a suitable text for your Pre-Header. Including the correct message as a complement to an attractive subject line will capture the attention of your readers and will be a reason that leads them to open the message.

In order to achieve all the objectives you propose in your email campaign, it is important that you use a professional email marketing platform such as Mailpro, the platform that integrates everything you need to manage the design, delivery and statistical analysis of your email marketing campaigns.

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