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How to Increase Clicks on your Christmas Newsletter?

How to Increase Clicks on your Christmas Newsletter?

If you are on this page, chances are that you are trying to put together a Christmas newsletter for your clients and customers. Sending Christmas newsletters will be of no use if most of your customers don't even click on it. Therefore, we have a few tips in this guide that will help you increase clicks on your Christmas newsletter. Read on to find out more.

Personalize the newsletters

With your Christmas newsletter, you can market your products and services to your customers in an effective manner. To make a newsletter more effective, it is better that you customize it. This will help you compete with your competitors.

If you want to catch the attention of your customers, your Christmas newsletter should be customized. Based on the needs wants and interest of your customers, the aim of your personalized Christmas newsletter should be to:

  • Boost click-through rate
  • Remain relevant
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Make the marketing campaign more effective
  • Improve the customer relationship

Best time to send it

Ideally, you should send your Christmas newsletter a few days before Christmas. This will help you provide guaranteed delivery of your products before Christmas. The best days for sending the newsletter are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after 12pm.

Sending the newsletter on Monday before 12:00 p.m is not a good idea because users tend to delete emails that they think are not important when they start their work on Monday mornings. So this is important to keep in mind.

Create a Compelling headline

The headline of your newsletter should be compelling enough so that more and more users click on it. With the powerful headline, you can:

  • Trigger interest of the customers
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Boost readership
  • Promise a benefit

Remember: you should never use the term "newsletter" in the subject line as it may decrease the click rate by 40%, according to many email marketing studies.

Consider the recipients

Before getting started on your newsletter, make sure you consider your audience. You may want to address your customers directly as if you are sitting in front of them. This way, your content will be more engaging and your customers will be more likely to develop an interest in your offers. This will result in a higher rate of conversion.

Include a Preview

Most email inboxes provide a preview of the content of each email. Therefore, if your emails don't provide a preview, chances are that most of your customers or recipients will just ignore your newsletter.

Therefore, it is better to use a digital marketing software program to create a short preview of your Christmas newsletters. A couple of lines will be enough to provide a teaser to convince your customers and increase the click rate.

Focus on The Body of the newsletter

The body of the newsletter should consist of scannable sections. This will not only make it easier for you to produce your newsletter it will also help your readers scan through your newsletter.

As a matter of fact, you can use different Christmas newsletter templates to streamline the entire process. Given below are some ideas for your Christmas newsletter.

  • Introduction: Keep the introduction short and sweet. You can also start with a strong statement or question.
  • Include a story: Narrate a Christmas story from your staff.
  • Success stories: Include a few client success stories to showcase their achievements.
  • Highlight your best practices: In this section of your newsletter, you can highlight your best practices and opinions. For instance, you can share expert opinions, news about changes in the industry, or other industry news that may be interesting for your customers.
  • Lifestyle: You can also recommend your clients a good book that they can read on Christmas Day.

Design and Images

Don't forget to include your business logo and a few vibrant background colors. Based on your brand colors, you can choose from a lot of templates. With these templates, you can make sure that your Christmas newsletter is formatted properly based on the devices your customers are using.

If your content is long-form, you can place a URL link or you can add include a "read more" button on the bottom of the page. This link should take your readers to the news page of your site or your blog.

Your Christmas newsletter should also contain images so that it creates more engagement. If your newsletter is engaging, your customers will share it with their friends which will increase the click rate father.

However, using too many images is not a good idea. You can use a few images to break up the content of your newsletter. What sets your firm apart from others is the personal connection you have with your customers. Therefore, you may add your photos as well as the photos of your staff members.

Follow the Rules

If you are sending your Christmas newsletter to or large number of customers, make sure you have their permission. You may leave an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter page. It is even better if you inform your recipients why they are receiving these emails from you.

Send a Test

Lastly, before you send the newsletter to your customers, do a test by sending this Email to yourself. Read through the newsletter to check for spelling and grammar errors. This will make sure your newsletter is designed well and is free of glaring spelling and grammar errors. If left, these errors will create a bad impression on your recipients.

To cut a long story short, if you want to make your Christmas newsletter more compelling to increase the click rate, make sure you follow the tips given in this article. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your newsletters this Christmas.

7 Email Marketing Mistakes that We Saw in 2019

7 Email Marketing Mistakes that We Saw in 2019

Email marketing is an ideal marketing solution for all kinds of businesses and startups. According to the 2018 studies by DMA, the marketing platform served an ROI of almost $32 for every dollar you spend on it.

Another study by Emarsys revealed that 81% of SMBs rely on email for customer acquisition medium while approximately 80% prefer it for retention.

However, not everyone who employed email marketing got the expected results, mostly due to some common mistakes like the following. 

Mailpro can help you to avoid these mistakes and build the market you want. They have a powerful server and interactive website feature that you can use.

No Call-To-Action in Newsletter

Call to action is the simplest way to provoke the customer to take action or click a website link. It is the element of a newsletter that is responsible for converting the potential lead to a customer. Using these buttons practically increases your click-through rate by almost 50%.

Mailpro button builder can help you to integrate these call-to-action buttons into your newsletters. We have an advanced newsletter editor that enables you to design newsletter with several types of CTA buttons including, classic HTTP links, Secure HTTPs links, call me links, SIP, FTP, and Skype links. The Mailpro button builder also has options for 'Call me' links to integrate phone call and 'chat' link for Skype chat.

 The editor also allows you to customize these buttons according to the newsletter theme and type. You can choose different kinds of shapes, sizes, alignments, font sizes, backgrounds, colors, and borders. Moreover, we create these CTAs using HTML, which makes them a lot lighter than the standard image buttons. They load much faster and can appear even when the email program can't display images.

Using Heavy Newsletters

Creating a highly interactive email that is full of appealing graphics is the first instinct of every marketer. They think that the graphics and images can excite their consumers for better click-through rates. While these things do have benefits, they don't always work.

A majority of the time, they just bulk up the email newsletter. As a result, the newsletter loads so slow that users simply ignore it and move on. Therefore, always try to optimize the content of your email newsletter. You can start off by making the email small and using a simple text format. Further, you can optimize the images and other graphics on the email for better performance and loading speed.

Moreover, a lot of consumers use text-only mode for their email inbox, so you will need a plan 'B' to deal with such users. For instance, you can add some relevant text around the image and use some ALT text for it. This way, even if the image fails to load, users will at least have an idea of the missing content. 

Non-Mobile Friendly Newsletters

Not everyone accessing your email or website use a desktop; a majority of them depend on other tablets and other smart devices for it. Statistics say that over 80% of the emails you send are accessed through these smart devices. It means that a newsletter that is not multi-screen responsive loses more than half of its potential audience.

 The mailpro newsletter builder is a one-shot solution for the optimization you require. It can create emails that can load on any screen with the same speed and readability. It can easily decrease the bounce rate of your emails.

The best part is that you don't need any type of programming code or redesigning for it. The newsletter will automatically adapt the images, content, and graphics for the mobile devices that are accessing them. We also have a pre-virtualization tool that will help you to check the result after the optimization before sending them.

Moreover, this newsletter builder also provides predesigned responsive templates and also supports drag and drop base customization for designing the newsletters. We have distinct newsletter themes for almost every business, event, and offer, 

Bad Subject Lines

The email subject lines are the most critical part of the email that you send. It is the element that becomes visible to the user even before he/she opens your email. In fact, in many cases, the line you write will have a direct effect on whether the users open up the email or delete it. So, you have to focus on keeping your subject line interesting short and yet direct toward your main goal.

You can also consider optimizing it with catchy words and CTAs like 'buy now' or 'free.' Using a date or time to create a sense of urgency is also a good plan.  It will make the customer curious about the offer and will persuade them to act fast. Similarly, if you want to keep it simple, using a short teaser of the whole email is the best strategy. A touch of humor and uniqueness is also beneficial.

Other than these aspects, you can also pay attention to the words you are using. You can also use an anti-spammer tool to prevent lines that are more prone to be marked as spam.

Treating Everyone Equally

Not all the subscriber of potential customers in your email list has the same requirement and daily routine. Some may access the emails multiple times in a single day, while a lot of others would want the emails to be a weekly or monthly thing. Similarly, some would want to know about new arrivals while others will be more interested in discount coupons and daily deals.

If you are using the same type and timing of messages for everyone, it makes your email less valuable. Over 60% of the people will delete an email if they find it irrelevant. Moreover, 27% of them will unsubscribe your emails, and 23% will even mark it as spam. It won't just harm your email marketing return but can also drive away a potential customer forever.

Therefore, always create a categorization system for this aspect. You can sort the potential client based on their age, location, interest, language, and many more criteria. Their past searches and purchase can also help you to anticipate their interests and customize their emails. It is also an ideal plan to ask the subscriber about their preference while signing up. 

Non Personalized Emails

Tailoring the email newsletter for individual users or groups is a considerable part of email marketing. A study by eConsultancy reveals that over 74% of marketers believe that personalization can enhance customer engagement rates. Adopting this personalization in your email campaign can increase the ROI and help you to expand your email subscriber list.

You can easily implement personalization in your newsletters with Mailpro personalize your newsletter .The process is very simple and straightforward. You have to add the details of the contact while uploading the address list and also create customization fields for them. The tools allow 25 fields, including last name, class, type, first name, and more. It also allows you to create fields for coupons and offers.

Once you have the list, you can use these fields to categorize the contact and send newsletters according to it.

After this initial categorization, you can simply select the location to attach this dynamic element in your newsletter. Just select the spot, click on the icon, select the field you want to add, and you are good to go.

Further, we also allow you to add these customization fields to your email subject lines.  

 Broken Links In Newsletters

Spamming is one of the biggest reasons for low click-through rates of your emails. The marketing industry accounts for over 70% of the total spam emails on the internet. The problem can occur due to many problems, including low engagement rates, misleading subject lines, and low mailbox usage.

However, the biggest reason for this issue is your own content. Almost ¾ of your emails end in spam boxes due to the content of your newsletter. The mailpro antispam test can help you decrease these spamming rates. The free tool can test the emails for error and other problems before you mail them. With this tool, you can ensure that there are no broken links or heavy messages in your email.

The anti-spamming tool also controls the image or text ratio and also eliminates the spam words for enhanced results. In the end, this tool also provides you a spam score as a confirmation of the progress.

Another good part of the tool is that it is very simple to use. You can access it by clicking the 'check spam' option in the message listing.

The Final Words

Mailpro is the best service for enhancing the results of your email marketing campaign. We can help you to avoid the common errors and get the very best of your campaign.

Ask for more information on the Mailpro email marketing tools or signup on Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits for the services.

The Best Email Marketing Strategy of 2020

The Best Email Marketing Strategy of 2020

Email marketing is making its presence felt. It is constantly adjusting, adapting, and advancing in unison with the everchanging business landscape, and is governing the online marketing industry more than ever.

According to an estimate by Marketo, checking one’s email is the number one activity on the internet. As many as 94% of internet users get online just to check their emails. Undoubtedly, emails have emerged to become an important part of our culture and this is why they provide a steady return on investment, of around $39.40 on each email.

About 247 billion emails were sent per day in 2010 and this number is expected to reach 307 billion by 2020.

These figures should be more than enough motivation for you to start employing email marketing strategy in 2020. So what should you prepare for and what’s in the pipeline in the coming year? Let’s have a look.

Have a clean contact list

When you are about to kick start your email marketing campaign, one obvious question that will pop up in your mind is – do I have a list of contacts to send the emails? This makes it imperative to have a clean contact list.

While you might feel tempted to buy databases from third parties or email people randomly after having gathered their email addresses from all over the place, the golden rule is to ensure that you do not spam.

Undoubtedly, it makes no sense to shoot a promotional email to a German when you are an ecommerce store based in Australia that only offers national shipping and deliveries.

What’s more, when you send targeted emails only to the target audiences, it also boosts your open rates and click rates tremendously, thus helping you in achieving your goals.

To get high-quality contacts and to have a clean contact list, you must entice your users to subscribe to your newsletters. Mailpro can help you here. Mailpro helps you create an online form where your customers can subscribe to your newsletters easily.

Segmentation at its best

With smart customers arises the need for smart email marketing strategies that can be personalized as per the preferences and behaviors of said customers. For this reason, it is highly recommended to segregate your customers dynamically based on real-time data.

This will enable you to update the customer contact list based on the previous interaction of the customers with your website, and target them accordingly.

Mailpro is an amazing tool that helps you segregate your emails based on the address file. You can create your address file internally, segregate it, and keep everything well-organized.

Mobile-friendly and easily-accessible emails

The least you would ever expect is to send emails that are not mobile-friendly and not accessible to your users. The result? All your efforts go down the drain, and you never get to enjoy the expected traction from your users.

The need of the hour is to design your emails in such a way that they can be read by all your target audiences, irrespective of the screen size they view the emails on. Additionally, as an added step, you could also design your emails so that they can be well-understood by those with special needs.

As 2020 is expected to be a year of big innovation in regards to powerful email coding techniques, make the most out of it by designing readily-accessible mails. Use alt-text for every image that you use in your email so that even your visually impaired subscribers can understand what the email is about through screen readers.

You can design your responsive newsletters and emails with Mailpro which provides you with quick access to responsive email templates. Additionally, you can also craft your own newsletter with the help of a newsletter builder.

Personalize each message

Believe it or not, a personalized message such as the one which greets the user like Hi John, is expected to enjoy a far better return on investment when compared to a random generalized email along the lines of – Hi!, or Dear Subscriber!

It is the age of personalization, and more and more customers want brands to treat them with a more human touch. They hope that brands should care for them, and there could be no better way to illustrate your love towards your followers than sending personalized emails.

In addition to greeting them by their first name, you could also follow up with them on their recent purchase, ask for their feedback, ask them about what they thought of your checkout process, wish them a happy birthday and anniversary, and offer them discounts on special occasions.

If personalizing an email sounds like a tough task for you, Mailpro will come to your rescue. The tool helps you create personalized emails by allowing you to input data into your message dynamically.

Automatize your newsletters

Email automation has been with us for quite some time now and has only gotten better over the years. As cloud services have worked their way deeper into the contemporary business landscape, it has become easier for the companies to access data and use it to fuel their marketing strategies.

Automation not only helps you send and track the emails at the single click of a button, it also helps you in analyzing and studying the results and establishing performance benchmarks for a more targeted approach.

You can also empower your email marketing strategy through the right use of machine learning and deep learning techniques. To further enhance the workflows, you can automate the customer lifecycle stages.

Mailpro helps you create a series of automatic emails. The tool allows you to send a welcome email as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletters, or an automatic follow up email when someone abandons there shopping cart and so on.

Clear call-to-action in your campaigns

Let’s not forget that your email marketing campaign is useless if it ultimately doesn’t contain proper call-to-action.

How will you persuade your customers to check out your store? How will you convince them to use their offer code, or to make the most out of your season sale?

This is when a properly placed and crafted call-to-action can help you out by redirecting your customers to the appropriate action and by motivating them to take the desired action.

Mailpro allows you to include a range of call-to-action buttons as per your requirements. You can choose from the classic link, the secure link, message link for Skype, SIP link, FTP link, and so on.

Quality over quantity

There is no denying the fact that email marketing is a powerful tool that could enhance the brand’s visibility online. However, it is equally true that you cannot keep on bombarding your customers with frequent emails in an attempt to make your campaign more effective.

Truth be told, sending emails too frequently could, in fact, backfire. Your users might unsubscribe to your emails if they feel that they are getting overwhelmed by your manner of communicating. What’s more, if you exceed the limit, they can also decide to mark your emails as spam which will hurt your reputation more than ever!

The best bet here is to start slow and see how your users respond to your emails. Analyze the trends, and use the statistics to define your next course of action.

Timing is important

Finding out the perfect time to send your emails is important. While we don’t have a perfect answer with us as to which time will provide the best engagement, we can definitely help you by providing some quick advice and insights.

We recommend you to send your emails on Tuesdays to get the most engagement. However, you can also dig in your data from previous campaigns and figure out what works best for you.

According to the basic rule of thumb, you should always send your emails during off times and not during busy hours. This is because if you send your emails on Mondays at around noon, the chance is high that it will not be noticed as your users might already be busy with something else. On the other hand, sending them during lunch hours and in the evening increases their probability of getting opened.

What’s more, send your emails at imperfect hours like 10:13 am instead of 10:00 am. This is because sending mails at the perfect, rounded out hours delays them and your recipient might not get them when intended.

Test it out!

It is important to mention here that the content of your newsletter plays a vital role in determining the status of your email – whether it is spam or not. This is where Mailpro helps you in conducting a quick anti-spam test where you can get a spam score, avoid spam words, avoid broken links and ensure that your email will not be considered spam. 

It also helps you in conducting A/B testing and multivariate testing to help you make educated decisions.

The Takeaway

As email marketing campaigns are becoming more advanced than ever, it is the optimal time for you to employ the best strategies and practices to ensure the widespread success of your campaign. Simply follow the tips mentioned above and you will be able to make your 2020 email marketing strategy stand out.

What do you think of this all? Let us know in the comments below.

The Evolution of Email Marketing

The Evolution of Email Marketing

Most business email users receive more than 100 email messages and send more than 30 messages on a daily basis. In other words, sending emails and reading them takes a lot of time. It didn't start all of a sudden. It went through a process. In this article, we are going to take a look at the evolution of email marketing.

If you are an email user, you may be getting inbound messages from entertainment companies, retailers, healthcare providers, and other businesses on a regular basis. Even if you don't send any email, you still get a lot of email messages in the inbox to check on a daily basis. These companies or businesses send these emails for marketing purposes.

Now the question is, how did businesses start using email in order to market their products and services. We will answer this question in detail. Besides, we will also talk about where the industry is heading.

This story begins with Gary Thuerk who was the marketing manager at a popular corporation known as Digital Equipment Corp in 1978. The responsibility of Gary was to promote the TSeries of wax systems. Digital Equipment Corporation had hundreds of customers. So Gary decided to find a way to get in touch with all of them simultaneously in order to save time and effort.

The birth of spam

Apple computer came into existence in 1976. Digital Equipment Corporation decided on extending the PDP-11 architecture and opted for 32 bits. Aside from this, the company also decided to include a virtual memory system. Therefore, the resulting system was the virtual address extension for the VAX architecture.

VAX-11/780 was the first computer that implemented this computation architecture. DC named this machine "super mini-computer" T-Series which is the latest model of this supercomputer.

Gary wanted to find a way to communicate with the customers of the company. In other words, he was in search of a technology that would make it possible for him to communicate with the West Coast and East coast consumers simultaneously. He did not want to write to each customer one by one. So, with the help of his assistant, he sent a single email about an informational event and sent it to 400 customers.

As a result, the company made tons of sales. In 2007, the Computer World interviewed Gary. In reply to a question, Gary revealed that the new way of sending emails resulted in sales of around 14 million dollars. In other words, the corporation sold tons of DC machines the worth of which was around 14 million dollars.

Gary also said that he received a lot of complaints from the customers but the benefits outweighed the complaints.

"spam" is the term that emerged later. It's not clear as to how the term "spam" was started being associated with email marketing. In fact, it's as unclear as the origin of the email itself. According to some people, this term was taken from Monty Python skit of 1970. Others believe that it's origin goes back to the first real-time multi-user shared environment, which was called MUDs (Multi-user-dungeons).

The decision taken by Thuerk brought a revolution in the world of email marketing strategies once and for all. Companies started sending tons of unsolicited emails to a large list of recipients.

Email marketing and mobile phones

The world saw the first smartphone in 1992, which allowed the owners of mobile phones to send and receive email through their mobile phones. Apple released its first smartphone in 2007 and named it iPhone. According to an announcement made by Apple in 2011, the company successfully sold more than 100 million handsets of iPhone. Another report revealed that more than 75% users of iPhone in Britain had used their handsets to send emails. In fact, sending and receiving emails on mobile phones is the most popular activity nowadays.

According to the reports released in 2012, more than 40% of emails sent for marketing purposes were received on mobile devices. Since most consumers read their emails on their mobile devices, marketers try to find new ways to make their emails look best on mobile phones.

During the same period, social media sites started having a great impact on email-based marketing campaigns. In 2006, Facebook was made available for common users. By the end of 2007, Facebook had more than 100,000 pages for businesses. So, a lot of companies started using Facebook in order to attract potential customers.

This was the era when consumers could communicate with different companies via different mediums, such as email, Facebook, and Twitter. So in a couple of years, the importance of data management and data collection increased significantly. As a result, the focus of marketers shifted from desktop computers two different types of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Email Marketing Future

Automatic emails and responders  

Today, almost all marketers know the importance of automation of emails. Automation allows marketers to send emails at the best time possible for better conversions.

The good news is that you can use marketing automation software for automation of emails without spending a good deal of money.

For automation, you need to use an email automation or marketing automation platform.

The use of pictures and Gifs in emails

Soon email marketers started including Gifs in their email newsletters for enhancement. Since the image formats are either PNG or JPEG, they work in almost all email clients. Even if gif doesn't show, the first frame is always visible so the subscribers don't get confused. Gifs serve the following purposes:

  • Add humor
  • Make the email more friendly and inviting
  • Trigger interest
  • Add delight
  • Add a sense of intrigue

The Future

Email marketing has never been so popular. Nowadays, most email marketing campaigns are focused on hyper-personalized ads. So, the emails of today are customized based on the needs and interests of target customers.

Marketers of today are facing a lot of hurdles. The reason is that there is a clash between regional and national data protection laws and global commerce.

In Europe, the European Commission established the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018. The purpose of this regulation was to unify and strengthen data protection for the people within the European Union.

So this is how email marketing has gone through the process of evolution. Today, email is one of the best means for businesses to conduct their email marketing campaigns. And most businesses are getting the most out of this technique.

Make the Most Out of Black Friday with Email Marketing

Make the Most Out of Black Friday with Email Marketing

If you are an ecommerce company, you might already know the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two events could actually prove to be a make-or-break time of the year!

Rightfully so, Black Friday generates 3.6x higher ecommerce sales when compared to an average day in November. And if we notice the trend here, Black Friday weekend sales are demonstrating healthy growth, year over year.

When compared to 2017, 2018 Black Friday was far bigger and better as far as customers and sales are concerned. According to the data released by the National Retail Foundation, 165 million Americans shopped over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving.

Let’s have a closer look at what the statistics say:

  • 2018 Thanksgiving was able to generate 27.9% more online sales when compared to 2017. The average order in 2018 was up by 8% in comparison to 2017.
  • Revenue of $7.9 billion was generated on Cyber Monday, exhibiting an increase of 19.3% over 2017.

Quite predictably, Black Friday 2019 will exceed these numbers. Therefore, it is the right time to plan and make the most out of email marketing this year. How do you do that? Choose the right newsletter templates for Black Friday, target the right people, and strategize effectively.

Let’s find out.

Best Black Friday Email Marketing Strategies

Kick off your email marketing campaign early

Shoppers start flooding the online shops at the break of dawn. Make sure that you don’t wait for the end moment to launch your email marketing campaign. Instead, start early. You must, at least, schedule your campaign a week early.

We will highly recommend you to send around three emails in the series – the first one should provide a quick teaser about the expected deals, the second one should provide a closer insight on the varied offers, and the third one should act as a wakeup call.

Build your subscriber list

To execute an email marketing strategy successfully, it is necessary that you have an exhaustive email list of your customers. Think about the customers who have already shopped from you. It is much easier to sustain your existing customers than to attract new ones.

To further boost your subscriber list, build a sense of urgency by offering lucrative deals to your customers. To attract more signups, make sure that you style the signup forms to emphasize your seasonal offerings.

Creating a landing page tailored for the holiday season is another great way to grab visitors’ emails.

Split test your subject lines

While launching your email marketing campaign is easier, what is tough is to extract the expected ROI from it. You might not get enough open rates, and even if you do, not a lot many people might make a purchase.

This is why it is essential to take the right steps right from step one. And the subject line is one of the critical aspects that could impact the psychology of your customers.

That said, there is no right and wrong when it comes to subject lines – what works for you works for you. The idea is to go with your intuition, run a few trial tests, analyze, predict and repeat.

Focus on cart abandonments

Cart abandonment is one of the grave issues that all ecommerce owners face. However, employing automated email workflows to follow-up these cart abandonments was found to be associated with a 34%open rate and a 9% click-through rate in 2017.

It was found that these figures only got better in 2018 with CTR increasing from 7.62% in 2017 to 9% in 2018.

The bottom line? Customers often find themselves in the middle of an array deals on Black Friday. It is important to win their focus and give them a final call to make the purchase while the offer lasts.

Design your newsletter attractively

Similar to the subject line of your email, the design of your newsletter also impacts the mood of your customers. Make sure that your emailer is properly designed, reflects the festive mood, and also builds the trust of your customers.

Additionally, ensure that your newsletter is responsive such that it can fit devices of all screen sizes. Do not only focus on its design but also ensure that it is nicely written with no spelling and grammatical errors.

Analyze the previous year’s trends

If you really want to take off your holiday email marketing, it is essential that you learn from the past. Dig out your historical email campaign data. Look for trends like which day of the time witnessed the most opens, what were the most popular subject lines, and so on.

Derive inputs from previous campaigns and build your strategy around those. Most importantly, do not forget to add a call-to-action button at the bottom of the email to help customers take the desired action!

The Next Steps

With this in mind, it is the right time to get started with your email marketing campaign. To make the most out of the holiday season, we will highly recommend you to get started early. Build hype around your Black Friday offerings and integrate your social media and email campaigns for the best results.

Benefits of Sending Automatic Birthday Emails

Benefits of Sending Automatic Birthday Emails

The success of a business, to a large extent, is determined by the marketing strategies. While most businesses focus on bringing more sales, only savvy marketers know that the best way to move ahead is to focus on a deeper aspect than just generating sales – focus on building long-lasting relationships!

You might wonder – how can I build relationships? Well, there are various ways to do so, but one of the most prominent ones is to send automatic birthday emails.

Do you remember that 30 seconds of happiness and a whole day of positivism when someone wishes you on your birthday? This is just how powerful a simple birthday greeting can be.

All This is Fine, But How Will I Send Birthday Emails?

We feel you. Remembering the birthday of each of your customers is not possible. Even if you do somehow, sending an email manually to all of them is tiresome and prone to errors.

Thankfully, you don’t have to adopt any of these age-old methods. All you need to do is automate your email marketing process and send automated birthday emails.

That Sounds Great, Could You Explain the Importance of Automated Birthday Emails?

Sending automated birthday emails might look unnecessary to you at first glance, but they are an ideal opportunity for you to achieve an edge over your competitors.

Here is an in-depth insight:

Builds relationships

As we already discussed, automated birthday emails help you in building long-lasting and loyal relationships with your customers.

If just greeting your customers on their birthday is not enough, you can go a notch further and provide them with a birthday-special discount coupon. Believe us, they will go gaga over this gesture of yours, and stick with your brand for the entire life!

Better conversion rates

Your customers might not like to open an email with a subject line We Just Launched Our Winters’ Collection, but they will definitely open an email that says – Here Is a Discount Coupon on Your Birthday, or simple Birthday Greetings from XYZ.

You can feel the drift, right?

Well, this is the reason why automated birthday emails are capable of generating 342% higher revenue per email when compared to promotional emails. What’s more, these emails also get 179% more click rates.

Re-engages dormant customers

Believe us, sending automated birthday emails is one of the best ways through which you can reengage your dormant customers. This is due to the basic nature of these emails – they are not spammy or promotional, but thoughtful.

Best Practices for Sending Automated Birthday Emails

Now that you are convinced to take this ahead, here are some best practices which will help you in doing the things right:

  • Sending a single email on the special day of your customer might get lost. They might not like to stick to their screens, they might be holidaying or partying or sleeping, and the chances are high that your email will go unnoticed. This is the reason we will highly recommend you to set up a drip campaign. Start sending emails at least 15-20 days in advance, and build up slowly until the final day.
  • To build a sense of urgency, we will highly recommend you to include a stipulated time frame. This could go something like this: Use coupon code BIRTHDAY expires in 5 days from now.
  • Take the conversion to the next level by sending your customers a feedback email once they have used their coupons. You could ask them for their feedback, use this opportunity to promote other offers. You can also offer them a coupon for the next purchase which is valid on orders that satisfy a minimum order value. This will serve as an active bait and will help you in closing more sales.
  • It is important to keep the focus of your automated email on our customers. Personalize your email, and don’t forget to mention that this is an exclusive birthday offer just for them!
  • Design your birthday email properly. You can also take inspiration from our birthday newsletters templates.

The Next Steps

Sending an automated birthday email to your customers is a great way to showcase the human side of your brand. Make them feel connected and show that they are cared for. Reflect that your brand is not only thoughtful but approachable too.

If this strategy brings positive results to you, you can go a step further and also send automated anniversaries emails to your customers.

So, go ahead, and devise a proper strategy.

The Importance of Email Automation for Businesses

The Importance of Email Automation for Businesses

Emails are important – more than you could possibly imagine! According to a report, there are more than 4.5 billion email accounts in the world, and as many as 180 billion emails are sent every day.

Such is the potential of this great platform. This is why it makes sense to invest more in email marketing to reap positive results. However, painstakingly writing mails for every customer is downright unfeasible at so many levels.

So what is the ideal solution here? Email automation for businesses. Now, what’s that?

Let’ find out.

What is Email Marketing Automation, Anyway?

Quite predictably, it is a process of automating your entire email marketing process. This means that you no more need to write and send emails manually. All this could be taken care of effortlessly by email marketing software. What’s more, this automation software can also send emails at specified times, and revert to your customers when needed.

However, this is not all about them. Email marketing automation can help you in various other ways as well. Let’s have a look.

It is automatic.

Probably, one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that the entire process is completely automated. You don’t have to break a sweat or send emails to thousands of your customers manually. All you need to do is choose specific criteria to trigger the required workflows, and you are sorted.

It nurtures your leads.

If the basic motive of your email marketing campaign is to nurture leads, email automation has you covered. Leads are sensitive. Although the sales team tries to chase new leads immediately before they go cold, more often than not, new leads do not prefer such chasing.

They might have downloaded an ebook or whitepaper from your website and might not be in the decision-making stage yet. Cold calling will only turn them off. This is the time when email workflows can prove to be advantageous.

You can simply share some useful information related to what they are looking for in their email inbox. If done right, the lead will not only get some useful details from you but will also be able to learn more about your business and service, and who knows if they contact your sales team directly? Well, that’s just how powerful email marketing automation can prove to be!

Digest this: Automated emails get to enjoy 119% higher click rates when compared to broadcast emails.

It enhances the capabilities of your sales team.

One of the best parts of email automated tools is there in-depth reports and analytics that they equip the businesses with. Was your email opened? Did your customer read the automated email? What is the click-through-rate? You can find answers to all these important questions with the help of email automated tools.

Some tools are even capable of issuing a notification to the internal sales team as and when someone takes a desired action through email. All these features empower your sales team with the right amount of data and help them in improvising their sales strategies.

Digest this: B2C marketers who connect with customers through automated emails witness 50% high conversion rates!

It increases brand awareness.

Let’s accept the fact that things happen. We get busier. Even dedicated marketing departments forget things. They might be busy in social media marketing campaigns and might completely forget about email marketing. Come on, admit that writing emails individually is boring and time-consuming.

But this is not the case when you equip your organization with a proper email automation tool that automatizes the workflows for you. You no more need to delay the things. The result – you are able to communicate with your existing customers and prospects in a timely manner. All this translated to increased brand awareness. What more can one ask for?

It facilitates easy personalization.

If you are wondering that email automation tools will automate the process, but they will send the plain boring emails with limited options of customization – you need to reconsider your views.

Most email marketing tools allow businesses to send personalized email workflows. Thus, you no more need to greet your customers with an ordinary Hi, but something as personalized as Hi, Kate!

No. That’s not all. You can even add personal information of the recipient like location, the company they are working for, and other details. Undoubtedly, this helps you in connecting with your target audiences on a deeper level.’

Digest this: Personalized emails receive up to 6 times more revenue when compared to non-personalized emails.

 It reduces errors.

One thing that turns off most customers is the errors in the email received. Undoubtedly, you won’t like to receive a mail that addresses you wrong, or contains a lot of spelling errors, and the like. This will ruin your reputation, and your customer might not take you seriously.

This is when email workflows help you out. You can check them over, and even use their in-built editor to catch any errors before putting them live.

The Next Steps

As is evident, email marketing automation is the need of the hour. It saves your time, eliminates any errors, increases brand awareness and helps you connect to your customers in a more timely and personalized manner.

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How IP Reputation Can Affect Email Delivery?

IP Reputation

Over time, your email campaigns may trigger the spam filters at the receiving mail servers. And this cumulative effect of your campaigns has an impact on your sending reputation. Your sending reputation can be good or bad. The status of your sending reputation depends upon a lot of factors such as your IP reputation and domain reputation. But in this article, we are going to focus on how your IP reputation can affect your email delivery. Let's get into details.

Partly, your sending reputation is associated with the IP address you are using to send your emails. With a bad IP reputation, your email open rates will decline considerably. Email open rate refers to a percentage of marketing emails that the target user opened. Ideally, your email open rate should be 15 to 25%

How to find out if you have a poor IP reputation?

One way to find out about your IP reputation is to analyze your results with the passage of time. Ideally, you should perform the analysis based on a lot of emails you sent over a long period of time.

Basically, you may want to look for trends, patterns, and irregularities. Therefore, if your open rates are lower than 20% or they are irregular, chances are that your IP reputation is not good enough.

If your open rates are steadily declining, know that it is a clear indicator that your IP reputation is bad and you need to repair it. If the recipients don't engage with your emails, mail servers may route, bounce or block your emails. As a result, the engagement rate will further decline and damage your IP reputation further.

A bad IP reputation will manifest in the form of declining or poor open rates. Besides, it will also have an impact on the receiving servers and they may bounce your emails.

Causes of bad IP reputation

Often, a bad or poor IP reputation is a commutative effect of the outcomes of the emails you sent. In other words, if your emails have low open rates, a high rate of bounce, and a lot of spam complaints, you will have a poor IP reputation as a result.

On the other hand, if you have high open rates, low bounce rates, and fewer spam complaints, you will enjoy a better IP reputation.

If you send a lot of emails to run your email marketing campaigns, it is important that all of your emails end up in the inbox. Even if your emails are legitimate, committing even a small mistake can change the route of your emails.

For example, if your customers don't receive confirmation emails after a purchase, they may choose to mark your email as spam. For online stores, emails are of Paramount importance. Therefore, you may want to take the right steps to improve your email deliverability.

Tips to improve your IP reputation

If you are worried about your IP reputation and its effect on deliverability, we have some good news for you. Regardless of the number of emails you send and your existing email sending tendencies, you can improve your IP reputation. If you put in plenty of effort and follow the best practices, most of your emails will land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Given below are a few tips that can help you improve your bad IP reputation so you can enjoy better email deliverability.

  1. Always use your Double opt-in lists

Always use your double opt-in lists to make sure your emails are sent to only those people who are interested in your products or services. This will result in a higher rate of positive interactions, forwards, saves, open, and clicks.

If you are going to send a lot of emails to an email list that you have purchased, you will experience a sudden increase in negative reactions, blocks, and spam complaints. All of this will have a negative impact on your IP reputation. So don't follow this practice.

  1. Warm-up your IP address

If you have a designated IP address and you are going to send bulk emails for the first time, you should warm up your IP address for at least 30 days. In simple terms, you should send your emails gradually over a period of 30 days, instead of one or two days. You should increase the volume gradually.

Why is it so important? The reason is that mailbox providers tend to flag new IP dresses that send too many emails in a short period of time. In other words, the practice of sending bulk emails with a new IP address will negatively impact your IP reputation, deliverability, and sender score.

  1. Don't use the same IP address for your marketing and transactional mail

There is a difference between transactional and marketing emails. Therefore, they receive different feedback from recipients. Transactional emails may include order receipts and confirmations. Since these emails are important to customers, they get positive engagement.

By contrast, marketing emails may include promotional offers. Therefore, they are not that important to customers and don't get that type of engagement. Therefore, the practice of sending the transactional and marketing emails using the same IP address may result in poor performance of your email marketing campaigns. They may even negatively impact your transactional email performance.

As a whole, if your emails don't do well, your IP reputation will suffer and most of your emails will end up in the spam folder.

It is important to keep in mind that the success of your email marketing campaigns depends upon deliverability. If your emails are blocked, bounced or rooted to the spam folder, your marketing campaigns will fail and you will experience a poor return on your investment.

With Mailpro, you don’t need to worry about your IP Reputation, as we have a team of experts Manage the Reputation of the Dedicated IP Pool we use for your sendings.

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10 Factors to Verify Before Choosing a SMTP Server

10 Factors to Verify Before Choosing a SMTP Server

Emailing continues to be a fundamental piece in the marketing strategy of any business or company, not only to promote brands, but also to send customers transactional messages with content such as purchase receipts, invoices, account statements and everything related to transactional processes.

When you have a growing business and need to deliver a bulk of interactive emails to your users, you will often run into limitations when trying to send them with commercial email providers. Ultimately, these providers will prevent your messages from reaching their destination. In this case, a SMTP Relay server provider can help you deliver large volumes of emails without them being labeled as Spam and will put an end to your emails not reaching their destination.

The big difference between a “normal” SMTP Server (such as those used by Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo) and an SMTP Relay server, is its ability to guarantee the unlimited sending of your emails quickly, and directly from the application without having to worry about blockages or limitations.

There are some details that you should take into consideration before choosing the ideal SMTP Server for your business. At Mailpro, we have selected the most important points that you should consider before choosing an SMTP server.

Factors to consider to select a SMTP Relay Server

When it comes to features shared between SMTP servers, you will find that some are very similar. In this list however, you will find the 10 most important features that will indicate if you are choosing the right SMTP server for your business.

Scalability: The scalability of a server is essential for a growing business, it is important that it can be adjusted to the needs of your company as the number of customers or users increases. Whether you are sending emails to a small group of contacts or sending transactional emails to a large volume of clients, the SMTP server must be suitable to grow alongside the volume of your company.

Message Metrics: Having the statistical data of all your deliveries through an SMTP server gives you complete certainty that your messages have reached their recipient. In Mailpro we make sure that the statistics for SMTP server show you the number of messages delivered, opening percentages, click percentages and you can also verify the bounce rate of your messages delivered.

Access to SMTP server statistics is a solution that is not present in all providers, so you should verify very well before choosing the one indicated. Using a solution that does not give you SMTP sending statistics, you would have no way of measuring and analyzing whether your messages are really engaging your customers, which could be harmful to your brand, as you would be making an investment without testing its capacity for success. 

Complete data security: The security of your servers and the data you receive in is one of the most important aspects. Data is one the most valuable assets that your company can count on, so it must be fully protected from the abuse of Spammers and unauthorized people.

Mailpro offers you a robust server infrastructure hosted in Switzerland, where all stored data is protected by federal laws and nobody can request your data, whether physical or digital. What differs from countries such as the United States, where data protection laws allow any government entity or agency responsible for complying with the law, to request your data and gives them access to all your data, if necessary, before any investigation.

IPs Reputation Management: Additional value comes from having a team of deliverable experts in charge of ensuring that the reputations of all the IP’s used to make their deliveries are of quality and thus ensure that no blacklisted IP’s slip through the cracks and lead your messages straight to spam folders.

Simple Integration: An SMTP Relay server simplifies the process by supporting all the main email clients, software or applications and making it easier to configure and connect to them. A few simple steps in which you can integrate user and password authentication, are enough for you to send all the messages you need.

Support when you need it: Having a support team you can depend on is a benefit that cannot be ignored, as having a team that is always present to help you with all your doubts about installation, routing processes, etc. is a factor that should be decisive when hiring the services of an SMTP Server. In Mailpro, you can find a multilingual support team that is willing to answer all your questions and assist you with technical details.

Authentication and protection: Exclusive security passwords for the installation of your server in each software or application you use. SMTP authentication is configured to increase security levels and prevent your account from being used without authorization to send SPAM emails. The SMTP Mailpro server gives you the ability to generate a new password when making a new system integration.

High deliverability: A robust server infrastructure and proven delivery rate will allow you to be sure that all your transactional and commercial messages reach each recipient. SMTP Mailpro servers are fully suited to support large sending volumes, and you can also enjoy a high delivery capacity when installing SPF or DKIM.

Return management: In case any of the emails failing to reach their destination, the system must include a message explaining why the delivery of the email has failed and allow you to make the necessary changes.

ISP Compatibility: The SMTP server you select must give you access to any Email Service Provider from where you are, thus giving you the freedom to access the service without restrictions.

If what you are looking for is a high rate of deliverability of your transactional messages, we encourage you to use a professional SMTP service such as Mailpro, which guarantees the delivery of your transactional and commercial emails.

Learn more about SMTP Relay Mailpro services, their affordable costs and how to integrate this service into your Email Marketing strategy by accessing our SMTP functionalities.

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