Which are the best days to send an email marketing campaign?

For many Marketing specialists it is almost a norm to say that email marketing campaigns should always be sent between Tuesday and Thursday in the morning hours. But, in some cases, even the least expected day can be successful.

You should know that there are no formulas that make sending email a success, the most important thing is that you know your audience and try to make a preliminary analysis of their behavior. The clients will not always have the same routines or will be willing to open an email at the exact same time; so you should primarily take into account the business sphere you work within, and the product or service that represents your brand, to choose the best days.

 If you want to know which are the best days to send an email marketing campaign, in this article we will give you some tips.

How to choose the perfect day for your email campaign?

For many, it is normal to make deliveries during weekdays, between the days of Tuesday and Thursday. The reason they say this, is because these are the days when most people are in front of their computers, in their offices and with the best disposition to open an email. As we told you before, there will always be variations depending on the sector or country in which  you want to run your campaign.

  • There are some reasons given by different studies on the most suitable days of the week to make your delivers, these are:

Monday, the least attractive day: It is considered the worst day to send a mail campaign. This is because during the weekend, many emails are received that are not opened and it is likely that early Monday is the ideal time for people to clean their inbox. However, it is the day of the week that your subscribers are most focused in their emails, so if you use all your creativity in creating an attractive subject line, you could attract your user’s attention.


Tuesday, one of the most appropriate days: After doing their weekend cleaning, Tuesday is one of the days when the user will have the most time to check new mail. You must bear in mind that many of the companies will be able to make their delivers this same day, so it is recommended that you send your email marketing campaign first thing in the morning, to be among the first emails of the day.


Wednesday and Thursday, the best days: The days that are approaching the end of the week are considered the best days to send an email marketing campaign. It is the time where many people begin to plan and learn about activities and offers for the weekend.

For some, Wednesdays can be an inadequate day, because it is the week’s hump day; the one with the most work. This can only be detected by testing your delivers and thus learning to recognize how your user behaves.


Friday, the day with the least attention: With Fridays, something similar to Mondays can happen. It is the end of the labor week and a day in which we are only concentrated on completing all our tasks and in planning the weekend. So it is likely that not much time is spent watching promotional emails.

But, if you are looking to communicate offers or plans for the weekend, this day you can be perfect, considering you take into account the quality of the content, and the possibility of sending it during afternoon hours when the weekday is about to end.


Weekends, not to be ignored: Due to the widespread use of mobile devices, a change has been made to the idea that weekends are the least enticing days to open a promotional email because now users are permanently connected and can read their mail at any time and place.

How to define the best time to send an email marketing campaign?

  • Do all possible tests

The best recommendation is to always try and improve, take into account what type of product or service you have, how your market behaves; this data can help you to try to define an appropriate time. When thinking about your strategy, plan to send it  in different days and hours, try to mix it up, sending a mail campaign on Tuesday and the next one maybe on a Sunday. Always check your statistical reports after a delivery from which you will obtain the most valuable information for getting to know your audience.

  • Create a Delivery Calendar

Based on total clicks, and your opening rate, a calendar is created where you can group the data of each deliver so you know which campaign that you programmed had best results, based on your previous tests.

  • Quality Content

We cannot help but remind you of how important it is to offer relevant and quality content to your subscribers. You may have defined the ideal day and time to send your email marketing campaign, but if you fail to capture the attention of your user by offering content relevant to them, it is unlikely that you will get your client to open the mail.

Do not forget to generate subject lines that summon attention and use professional platforms such as Mailpro, that help you avoid messages going to the Spam folder.

Finding the best day to send a marketing campaign by email will be defined by the type of company or service, as well as by the public to whom your product or services are directed. Always do the tests and go defining what best fits your business.

Use a professional email marketing platform and ensure the delivery of all your emails. Create an account in Mailpro and receive 500 free credits to make your first deliver.



Receive a Monthly report of Email and SMS Campaigns from Mailpro

Keeping track of the activity generated by your email marketing platform is now easier since Mailpro offers you a monthly report of email and SMS campaigns.

On a month by month scale, you will be able to find out the general state of the activity generated by your deliveries from the last thirty days. It is a simple and quick way to keep track of your main mail statistics and find out the changes  made in your account. The tool will take care of the general monitoring of the email and SMS campaigns that you created and designed from our application.

Just like with a bank account statement, this monthly report of email and SMS campaigns will instantly give you a general summary of the activity generated in your Mailpro account. This activity is that which you generated through the mail and SMS campaigns you sent in the last 30 days. As we mentioned before, it is always important to review your email marketing campaign numbers, so that you can be sure of the effectiveness of each of your campaigns sent by individually studying each of them. You can read about the main metrics relevant to email marketing in our blog.

In this monthly report of email and SMS campaigns, you will have access to the following information:

  • Emails Sent: this will give you the total number of emails sent from our platform during the last month. It’s a a test of the number of emails that have been delivered to your subscribers during that last month. You will see this figure reflected in this line, regardless of whether you made a shipment of 1 or 10 campaigns per month.
  • Opening rate: One of the most important indicators for email marketing strategies is the emailopening rate. With this, you can check the total number of all emails that have been read or opened by your subscribers. To obtain the global percentage of all your openings, you just divide the total number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent and multiply it by 100. This will give you the percentage of how many of your emails were opened  from the past month’s shipment.
  • Clicks: This will give you the total number of interactions produced from the links that you added to your campaigns. If you want to know which links generated the most interaction amongst your users in detail, you can do so from the list of Top Clicks that shows you the statistical report of each campaign that you sent. For each campaign, you can verify this statistical category  to figure out which has the best acceptance and decide if the content that you provide your user is attractive and valuable.
  • Unsubscribed: Here you can check how many subscribers have decided to unsubscribe from your newsletter, either by their own decision or perhaps through an error they made in clicking the unsubscribe link. Depending on the number of shipments you make per month and the quality of content that you deliver to your subscribers, you will see variation in this number. It is important that you keep this number in mind so that you can quickly detect if you need to make email design or content changes.

From this monthly report, you will also find the general numbers for SMS campaigns that have been carried out in the last month. If you are part of an annual plan and decide to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by sending SMS, you will receive the general status of your SMS campaign with data such as monthly SMS openings (how many of messages were opened by your contacts) and the total number of clicks the links you added to your messages received.

To be able to approach your customers in a unique and immediate way, complementing your email marketing campaigns with SMS can provide additional benefits when designing the marketing strategy for your brand. It is important that you know that sending SMS is a service intended for accounts with annual subscriptions, so if you want to experience its benefits, you must take a leap and update your plan. Check out our rates.

To gain control of all the activity that you generate from our application, this monthly email and SMS campaign report will take count of the amount of credits that you did not use at the end of the month, as well as the direct possibility of increasing your either prepaid or yearly plan so you have access to all the advanced features and functions available in our application.

We truly recognize how valuable your time is, so we designed this monthly report to give you the control over your activity that allows you to make necessary adjustments for your campaigns at just the right time.

Check out our inexpensive rates! Open your account today and receive 500 free credits to launch your first email marketing campaign with Mailpro.

The Advantages of the Double Opt In, all that you Need to Know

For some, having loads of contacts in their databases is of the most importance. Yes, this is indeed very valuable, but it is more important that they are quality contacts and correspond to people who have confirmed their subscriptions. Within the email marketing sphere, there is a Double Acceptance or Double Opt in, a process that ensures the consent of our users.

Double acceptance subscription, what does it mean?

The double-opt-in subscription is the confirmation process used to add new subscribers to contact lists. It is a system through which the user is required to give his approval when subscribing to a newsletter. The user registers his data to approve his subscription to the newsletter and also to follow a final verification that will validate his subscription to the list of contacts.

Unlike a simple Opt-In process, where the subscriber easily delivers his email address and is immediately added to a mailing list. With the Double Opt In, you create an additional layer of protection that prevents you from connecting with contacts with false addresses or those who are not really interested in your information and might have registered accidentally.

Double acceptance subscription, what does it mean?

The double-opt-in subscription is the confirmation process used to add new subscribers to contact lists. It is a system through which the user is required to give his approval when subscribing to a newsletter. The user registers his data to approve his subscription to the newsletter and also to follow a final verification that will validate his subscription to the list of contacts.

Unlike a simple Opt-In process, where the subscriber easily delivers his email address and is immediately added to a mailing list. With the Double Opt In, you create an additional layer of protection that prevents you from connecting with contacts with false addresses or those who are not really interested in your information and might have registered accidentally.

Close relationship with your users

The relationship with your reader is formed from the first e-mail, so when you create a double opt-in process you have the first interaction with your subscriber when sending your first email marketing campaign. By creating a double opt-in subscription, you generate a Transactional Email that allows you to verify your users' contact information and you can use this confirmation email as a welcome message where you can show your brand and publicize your business in a unique way- creating a personalized experience from the first contact.

No more Spam

Being sure of who wants to receive your emails, prevents users from accusing you of being a Spammer, because they themselves verified the registration to your contact list. In turn, this process allows the email marketing platforms to save the date and time data in which validation takes place, so that legally it give you backup before any accusation. They cannot accuse you of sending an email without consent since they subscribed through the Double Opt in.

You can review our security and anti-spam policies by accessing our rules of use

How to make Double Opt- In Subscription from Mailpro

 You already know the benefits of using a double opt-in process for your email campaigns, and now it's time for you to know how to configure it.

First, you need to create your account in Mailpro so you can design an online form from which your customers can confirm their subscriptions. After completing  this first step, you just have to follow these five simple steps:

Connect to your Mailpro account

  1. Go to the Settings tab, from there select Form generator
  2. Fill in the general information that will appear on your form with:

                Name of the form

                Logo of your brand, product or service

                Address book

3.  Label the fields with the data that you would like to know about your subscriber, here it is important that you request your future subscriber’s most important fields. It should be data that is not so complicated for the user to deliver but the most accurate and necessary for your business, such as your email, full name or company.

4. Landing page, here you can place the links to the pages that you have created on your website with the validation URL, Error URL and Confirmation URL

5. Create your message including a confirmation link. From here you can select the message you want to appear before your user validates their subscription. Insert the email you want to send to and you're done. Save and generate your form, which you can integrate through our code.

If you need help to configure your double acceptance forms, do not hesitate to contact us or look for our FAQ about double opt in where you can find more details.

Once you’ve confirmed your users interest in receiving your email marketing campaigns, it is a good strategy to send them an automatic email to welcome them and thank them for their interest and offer some additional material to create loyalty from the start.

Create a secure and committed contact list, ensuring quality subscribers thanks to the advantages of Double Opt In.

Try Mailpro and receive 500 Free credits to send your email campaigns. And if you want even more benefits check our prepaid and monthly plans where you can have access to advanced features that will make you a real expert!







Email Design, the Key Piece to Highlight your Brand

Creating an attractive email design that manages to reach a client is currently within everyone's reach

Design is a fundamental aspect when developing an email marketing campaign; creating an attractive design for your newsletter can help your brand, product or service stand out amongst others.

Having a good email design will help you craft the proper tone for communicating your brand in addition to being a useful, personal hallmark. It will help give you an identity. It's a simple, fast and visual way to transmit whatever it is you want your brand to spread. Without an attractive design, it is very difficult to be convincing; even if your content isn’t that solid, with a striking way of presenting information, it’s possible to get users to take the time to read and pay attention anyways.

In this article, we give you some tips that you should keep in mind when designing your newsletter

  • Responsiveness is a basic rule

For a while now, people have browsed the web from multiple devices and therefore, users have demanded to receive the same quality of content whether it’s viewed on their Tablet, mobile phone or computer which means that your email design must be adapted for each type of device.

A responsive newsletter is one that can be seen perfectly from a smartphone screen, as well as from a tablet or computer. Just by reviewing the metrics of your campaigns, you can tell the number of users who open your messages from a mobile device. So it is essential that the newsletter is designed taking the dimensions of these device screens into account.

Creating a design that adapts to different screens will get you right to each user, which will generate more impact, as your message will appear in a format that is perfect for each device and not as a generic adaptation.

When you use a professional platform to create your batches of mail,  it is important that it can provide you with responsive templates that help you save time and personalize the message for your users.

Mailpro has a wide gallery of Templates at your disposal, that you can modify with the graphic elements that best represent your brand or client. It is always important that you think about what your client expects and needs, and with these templates you can adapt to what your user is looking for; modifying, deleting and adding new elements to your templates.

  • Design from scratch, just like a professional

Graphic designmay sound like unknown territory for you, but the truth is that software is increasingly adapted for those who have very little knowledge of technique or design to be able to easily use it. When you are going to select your email marketing application, it is important that you can provide a WYSIWYG editor, which will allow you to create your newsletter from scratch, the way you want. It is very easy to create a design using an editor that by means of the Drag & Drop will give you the freedom to insert images, CTA buttons, and texts boxes in a very intuitive way. Creating newsletters in a simple and agile way.

If you have some knowledge programming with HTML, you can also create your newsletter from an HTML editor like the one offered by Mailpro, with which you can format the content of the message and establish the structure of blocks for images, texts, colors, font sizes. With mailpro you have the ability to edit and create your newsletter using both methods; with the WYSIWYG editor you can create the bases of the design and through knowledge of HTML, you can refine the details.

  • Optimize time using Templates

For reasons such as time and practicality, whether you are a communication agency, store or an entrepreneur who wants to communicate the news to the customer, when thinking about your email designs, the ideal resource for many is the use of templates. The advantage of using templates is being able to simply to fill it with your information and data, without having to worry about starting from scratch. You will work with a base that can help you create that tone of communication that you want to transmit and to which you can modify with colors and images that adapt to your need.

Having a gallery with hundreds of templates for email marketing campaigns is one of the solutions that Mailpro offers you. These professional templates are adjusted to the needs of each user, who otherwise may not have the technical knowledge, programming, or design skills needed to create attractive campaigns.

We understand that having good email design is fundamental and we know that time is limited, so by creating your message with Mailpro templates, you can tap into all your creativity by selecting from our gallery divided into more than 35 categories of thematic templates that best suit your objective and brand.

The topics you can find in our gallery are designed to communicate about:

  • Beauty and health
  • Business
  • Special events and congratulations
  • Hostelry
  • Sports
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Culture and many more

The design you use for your emails will help you sculpt the identity for your brand, which will make your customers easily recognize you and highlight your product from the pile of emails they receive daily. Complement it with attractive visual elements such as photographs that show your product in an authentic and professional way, GIFs to highlight some specific content and give that newsletter a fresh and interactive touch, so that the design allows for a constant changing and adapting, it is important to always be willing to change and adapt to new trends and to the needs of your users and constantly test which changes are best for your brand.

It is clear that a successful email marketing campaign has to be accompanied by a good email design and this cannot be done without the proper email marketing software. Mailpro email marketing software will allow you to create your emails in a simple way which will  help you reach your customers in a professional manner.

Geolocation in Rmail Marketing, how to use it?

Take advantage of the opportunities to know the geographical position of your clients through geolocation in your email marketing campaigns

Attracting your target audience is an opportunity that is closer within reach than you thought; geolocation in email marketing is essential for creating accurate and personalized campaigns. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable and interesting statistics when it comes to checking the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Geolocation allows us to know the geographic point of an object, and in the context of email marketing, allows you to have an idea of ​​the geographical position of the devices that receive your email campaigns. This information comes to you based on the IP addresses of your subscribers that are provided by the ISPS (Internet Service Provider).

Having the geographic reference of your subscribers will allow you to create personalized newsletters that you can adapt according to the location where your emails were opened most. If you are part of a logistics, transport, real estate or home delivery company, you can offer specific information about specific products or services to a specific region.

For marketing, geolocation is one of the most useful tools for getting close to your customer. It allows you to locate users who are in the geographical regions where your business maintains a physical presence, connect with them and figure out even more ways to learn the behavior of your ideal client.

Know the location of your users from Mailpro

From the statistics for email marketing campaigns offered by Mailpro, you will find an interactive map that shows you the geolocation statistic details of each newsletter you send. To access it, select statistics and click on the campaign, analyze it, select geolocation statistics and there will be a map with geolocation statistics that will show you a summary with details of:

  • Location by country
  • Location by city
  • Map of the world with the location of emails opened
  • List of total email opened by country

For each newsletter that you send from our application, you will be able to find out where your email was opened. Studying this statistical data will help you boost your brand, generate greater visibility of your product or service and generate a closer relationships with your customers. An additional functionality which helps you learn about the behavior of your last and most recent campaign is the  analysis by comparison. To do a comparison of your data by geolocation, you must select two to four campaigns and click on the geolocation section and review the maps with the openings by country of each campaign you want to review.

Personalization, is what all users expect and for this it is important that you keep your next campaign statistics by geolocation in mind. Complement this knowledge of your users behavior by adding dynamic fields, which you can add from your address books in order to address each client personally with their name, and surname. Inserting it both in the subject and in the body of the newsletter.

Increase the amount your emails are opened by using geolocation in email marketing to create a newsletter with quality information, selected specifically for your customers in a specific destination and personally addressed to each of your subscribers.

Importance of Data Security in Email Marketing

Within digital marketing, sending emails can be considered as one of the most important and direct communication channels with customers. It handles very personal information of the users so it must be watched with the utmost care.

The data security in email marketing is a very important point, it is not only about creating successful campaigns, at the same time it is important to protect the reputation of your brand and protect your users from falling into possible scams or cyber-attacks. There are many hours spent on websites and social networks and sometimes this information does not end in good hands.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the data you leave on the internet, every time you browse by entering your name, address or leaving your email?The data security in email marketing is a very important point, it is not only about creating successful campaigns, at the same time it is important to protect the reputation of your brand and protect your users from falling into possible scams or cyber-attacks.

Every email marketing platform must ensure that your data and those of your customers are safe and that only those authorized can access them. If someone accesses your data, it is like accessing the privacy of your business, data protection laws are different in all countries and when choosing an email marketing software it is extremely important that you are committed to the protection of your data.

Private and secure Data

There are already laws that regulate the use of personal data through digital platforms, to which emails do not escape. In particular, some of these are focused on combating spam, that message that could reach our inboxes without being requested. Countries such as France, consider these types of messages as fraud and have special restrictions in some other countries. All this to ensure respect for users and of course good practices when using email marketing.

Agreements formalized by countries or transnational political entities establish parameters that must be met either locally, as is the case of the European Union, as well as internationally, as is the case of the European data protection regulation (GDPR). Approved in 2016, it creates the current standards regarding data security for EU member states. As well as any European or non-European company, organization, association or public or private administration with clients in the EU to collect only mandatory and relevant data for the development of their activities, these rules must be complied with as of May 25, 2018.

This also guarantees the security and protection of the physical servers where the data is stored. Therefore, data transfers carried out outside the EU must be carried out under strict rules. What ensures users that their data will be protected will be protected under high levels of security and that they can communicate with companies that keep their data with the greatest peace of mind.

Having as an ally a platform that ensures you the total security of your data is key, for Mailpro the data is the most important asset of your company, its databases, the information that you exchange with your customers, the data of your content are strictly protected by Swiss laws.

Having your data safe helps you to be reliable and maintain a good commercial reputation, offering reliable services to your clients will reward you with the confidence that they keep your confidential information safe in your contact lists. Not ensuring the data of your customers could bring you large legal expenses, in addition to losing the most valuable that is the confidence of your customers.

Your data safe with Mailpro

Your data security is our priority, we protect your information under the strict federal data protection laws of Switzerland. What ensures that your physical and digital data are protected and cannot be requested without authorization, which differs in countries like the USA where law enforcement agencies can access this data any time an investigation requests it. Keeping your data in a data center in Switzerland gives you the security of combining your strict data privacy laws with your strong economic stability, neutrality and solid legal system.

The main data storage clouds are owned by companies located in the United States, where it cannot be assured that their information can be reviewed by any entity of the US government. Under Swiss law all data hosted in this territory is strictly guarded. All data that is sent to an email is hosted in the Maxony Inc data clouds in Geneva.

Through double acceptance, we make sure to keep the tests that will help you identify the email addresses of your subscribers and thus help prove your consent. Comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD) regarding the right to protection and control of personal data. This regulation, which covers the member states of the European Union, gives great importance to the service of users and the delivery of rights to all European citizens or companies that conduct business with data of European citizens.

The professional delivery of your mails controlled by Swiss law, the Swiss federal law jealously watches the data of its citizens by maintaining a supervision on the collection, processing and use of contact files as well as professional mailings campaigns. It is restrictive and supervises the collection, processing and use of contact files as well as professional email campaigns.

While we support the data security in email marketing under legal parameters, we comply with a series of privacy policies that explain how we collect your data and what we do with each of them, you can learn more by reading our compliance rules, where we explain clearly how we collect your data and what we do with them.

We guarantee the security and privacy of your most important assets, the data. Rely on the 12-year experience and the Swiss quality offered by Mailpro.



8 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Marketing Software for your Business

Choosing the ideal email marketing software to manage your campaigns for sending emails, is a subject that needs a little research and that you take into account some requirements that are essential when making the best choice.

The tool that you decide to work with can make all the difference in your deliveries, determining which emails arrive at their destination and which go directly to the spam folder.

What elements should be taken into account when choosing the ideal email marketing platform?

You are determined to create that campaign for next summer that will fill your client in about everything new and different about your product or service, and it is time to think about the email marketing tool that suits your needs.

For this you must take into account some features that are important in deciding which software best suits your needs:

Proven deliverability: This is one of the most important factors when thinking about an emailing application. It is very useful that you have the most exclusive templates, with the lowest cost, but it is still possible that your messages arrive in your recipient's junk mail. A professional platform like Mailpro, ensures the delivery of your emails, as we are always aware of the reputation of our IPs and since we maintain strict zero Spam policies that are supported by a robust infrastructure in Switzerland which ensures that each email arrives at its destination. Our specialty is delivering emails, so our team is focused on guiding you through each step process from installing the SFP, DKIM, DMARC protocols and ensuring up to the moment that you click to send, that your messages do not go directly to Spam.

Technical support: Even though it is the simplest email marketing software, you still have to make the most of it and will most likely need help in doing so. That is why it is important to have a customer service and support team that can help clear all your doubts and resolve any issues  you may have with the application. We have online technical support in all the main languages ​​ which you can contact through email, live chat or by calling us. In addition, we have material that will help you obtain the most appropriate information.

Language: If a version in your language doesn’t exist, it will be very difficult to take full advantage of the  application . Our platform is translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German,  taking our clients utmost convenience into mind.

Simplicity and usability: An emailing tool should be easy to use and take into account all types of users , so the usability of the platform should be a key element to consider. An application like Mailpro uses a WYSIWYG editor, where you can create your bulletins or newsletters from scratch, the way you want, thanks to the different functions that allow you to easily add images, custom fields, texts, tables and more. And if you seek to be practical and create attractive designs, you should consider an application that offers many templates. In our platform, you can find more than 560 responsive and customizable templates that can be delivered to all types of mobile devices.

If you have a communication agency, you can find a model that suits every event, product or service you need. Create an account and do the test.

Cost: the price will always be a factor to consider and for many, is the main element when choosing. The price should be subject to the budget and resources that are available, and a large part of the tools have very similar prices. At Mailpro, we offer monthly rates, where you will have access to all the advanced functions and also the prepayment option where you will only pay for the amount of emails sent.

Quality of statistics: One of the great advantages of email marketing is the ability to measure each of the campaigns in real time. Once your campaign is sent, it is very important that you dedicate time to follow up your metrics including how many people opened your emails, which link was most clicked, how many soft bounces or hard bounces you have had, and from which country your message has been opened. All this data should be displayed automatically, for this reason it is essential that the platform you choose can show the largest possible number of data in a graphical and simple way.

In our application, we present statistics for each campaign, as well as detailed analysis of clicks, openings, comparison of current and past campaigns, and the option to have your results handy with a detailed White Label report that you can customize with customer data; a very useful option if you are part of a communication agency.

Website integration: it is common for email marketing software to be able to relate to ecommerce platforms, CMS or forms for lists of records. Our Mailpro Plug-in can be easily downloaded and installed on your website to synchronize your clients. In a single click, you can export your clients to the Mailpro address book and simplify your tasks. From our platform we offer you two possibilities, using Plugins such as PrestaShop, WordPress, Magento or Joomla. The second and most common is to connect through our mail-in API. This solution is the most stable and efficient.

Comply with rules and laws: data privacy is a subject that can cost thousands of dollars to your company. When choosing an email marketing solution it is extremely important that this platform can protect your data and that of your customers. Our data center in Switzerland is covered by the Federal Data Protection of Switzerland of 1992, and ensures that all data stored in Switzerland is protected, and that nobody can request your data, whether physical or digital, and prohibits any unauthorized access to it. We also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which gives people the right to protect and control their personal data.

Keep these tips in mind and analyze them thoroughly, to decide what email marketing software best suits your needs.

In Mailpro we offer you:

  • 95% deliverability rate ensuring that your emails reach their destination
  • Tutorials, articles, technical support and all the free advice to make your email marketing campaigns successful. All this help is available in 6 languages
  • Easy segmentation of contact lists and personalization of your emails through dynamic fields.
  • Possibility of personalizing your design with your logo and colors, as well as adding it to your automatic emails, forms and white label statistics report.
  • Hundreds of templates for fully customizable newsletter designs
  • Automatic Emails for your welcome messages
  • Protected data in our data center in Switzerland

And many other benefits.

Meet the email marketing software for everyone, Mailpro. Take the test and receive 500 free credits for your first delivery.


How to Create the Welcome Email

Take advantage of everything email marketing has to offer starting from the first contact with your subscribers by sending a Welcome Email.

Create a welcome email is one of the main elements that you must take into account when creating a campaign. Reaching your contacts with this first message can ensure you a solid position in the  race so that a reader can become your next customer. 

It’s not just saying Welcome!

The welcome email is the first email a user receives when registering to a subscriber list. It is the first opportunity for you to make an important first impression and captivate new subscribers. Keep in mind that if you got the person to subscribe to your newsletter and confirmed to be part of your contact list, it is because they are interested in you, and in your brand or product. So it is necessary that you make a good first impression and thus show that you are interested in maintaining a good, long relationship.

The strategy you use to tackle this first message may determine your statistical data as well as the level of confidence that your subscribers instill in your products or services.

The correct conversation from the first mail

The messages that establish this first connection with a client end up having a higher opening rate, because they are aimed at that reader who is interested in what you do and is willing to know you better. You have already managed to capture their attention, and it would be a great mistake to miss this golden opportunity.

Here are some tips you should take into account to create your welcome email

  • Personalize and Automatize: Something as simple as greeting your readers by their names will make them feel more secure and make them want to connect with your brand. Use the dynamic fields to import the names and surnames of your subscribers directly from your Mailpro address book. Do it automatically; an agent will be configured on our platform to verify every time there is a new contact in any of your address books and if when it is the case, it will send an email automatically.
  • Welcome them enthusiastically: the purpose of this welcome message is to thank your reader for the interest they have shown in your services or products. Thank them for their vote of confidence by giving something them in return, use calls to action to guide them and to figure out what you could better offer them.


A discount for the first purchase, if you operate an online store  

A downloadable guide about your services

Exclusive content in your social media groups

The important thing is that what you deliver is related to your brand and has value for your customers.

  • Introduce yourself and create attraction

Even if the user already knows who you are, take this opportunity to tell them about yourself, and why he or she needs the service you offer.

Of course, you must be brief and precise. Try sending a message in short paragraphs where you summarize, for example:

"Hi X. we are XX, we are dedicated to Y, and we can help you to get Z"

Readers are interested in what you offer, but that attention will not be permanent. It is possible that even if they subscribed to your newsletter, they may forget you in no time. for this reason a welcome email is a key opportunity for you to connect with them and make them part of your community. Always remember how important it is to offer content that is of value to your users, to subtlety guide them towards your main goal.

  • What can they expect from you?

Now that you have the user as part of your email list, it is time for you to explain how your new relationship will work.

Specify to your subscriber what they will receive from you in their inbox from this moment forward. The frequency of emails, the type of content and the benefits they will receive by being part of your contact list. With this, you generate confidence and you can generate expectation before future shipments.

  • Create an original design

Keep in mind that this will be your cover letter to your future client. Be sure to use a creative template that gives you the differentiating touch. If you do not have the possibility of hiring the services of a designer, we offer you hundreds of template models that you can use to create your Welcome Email.

Make your subscribers feel like they made the right decision in subscribing to your newsletter, and that they will reach the solution they are looking for. The Welcome Email, is essential to get to connect with your future customers. Do not miss this first chance to connect and use all the tools available to create a unique and stand out message.




Storytelling as an Email Marketing Strategy

One of the main trends that stands out for Email Marketing in 2019 is Storytelling.

It is true that it is not a new technique, but, it has been gaining strength at a time when audiences seek greater personalization and emotional connection.

Stories that will stick in your head

Once upon a time. The favorite phrase of so many  when young and innocent. How many of us would stay up for hours and hours listening to these stories, one after another, lighting the fire of our imaginations and creating a stronger bond with family. Today, as adults, we can also take advantage of the great potential that stories offer us to create a connection between subscribers and your company product or service which stands as the protagonist. This communication technique applied to Email Marketing allows you to reveal your products or services in an attractive and unique way and to ensure creating that lasting relationship with your subscribers.

It can be translated simply as "Tell stories" but, so that it can be well taken advantage of, it must be planned under a strategy where, even more than telling a simple story, you can connect with your audience’s emotions. This will enable you to turn this resource into the medium for transmitting the attributes, values ​​and characteristics that make your product or service different from the rest, allowing you to introduce your audience to the more human side of your brand. If you don’t want your newsletter to be delete, you must learn to connect with your reader from the very first interaction.

By nature, we remember the good stories and are more likely to share them.  You can imagine the potential that applying this technique to your emails can unlock, in attracting your readers, sharing with them the highlights of your product  and  the importance of your services and showing that subscriber how he can achieve the goals of his valuable brand.

Applying Storytelling

Before you start thinking about the story, you want to talk about your product, and you should start by setting a goal. Ask yourself this question: What do you want out of this? Once you have defined your objectives and given an answer to this question, you can begin to let yourself be steered by ideas and create the perfect story you want to arrive in your readers inbox. But wait just a bit so that, in addition to knowing  your goals, you can consider the following:

  • Understand your recipient: analyze their needs and behavior. Think about how your product can meet the needs of your reader. Data such as geographic location or click rate can guide you to discover the behavior of your subscribers.
  • Deep knowledge of your product: although you surely have the best product on the market, it is important that you know how this can be useful for your client and how you can meet their needs. You can conduct a survey about your product or service to take your products to the ideal client.
  • How you want to be perceived: always keep your subscriber in mind and ensure that they are the protagonist of your story, so you can best choose the values ​​and feelings you want to convey . Your story can become your business card.

Storytelling in your email campaign.

By combining Storytelling with Email Marketing, as we have mentioned above, you are providing added value to your readers, and you receive them in a personalized way. The specificity offered by email is an important advantage to attract attention from your contact list.

Start from the title: create that first attention call so that your mail does not go unnoticed in the inbox. If the emotion you want to transmit is desire, you can start by awakening emotions by offering a title such as:

The moment you were waiting [Name of your client] has arrived ..

Use the theme and the title of the newsletter to launch that first emotional connection and have the reader choose to read your mail. Remember, it must be a phrase- brief, concise and direct, that you can personalize using the dynamic fields with the name and surname of your subscriber.

Develop the body of the newsletter: Here, you must maintain the attention you generated in the title. Try to improve the emotion you want to highlight in telling your story and your reader’s experience when they decide to subscribe. Always keep your online reputation in mind and highlight only what is real, do not create false expectations.

  • You can do it through case studies, counting the satisfactory experiences of a client and showing how the product or service offered meets expectations.
  • Another way is the "reason why", in this case, your story will detail the reasons why you make an offer or show a product. For example, if you offer a special discount for the summer season, explain why and the benefits you will give your subscriber.
  • You can also convey the vision of your company, which allows you to show the values ​​and objectives of your brand to the public. With this technique, you can transmit a message that captivates your audience and leaves them wanting to know more about what your brand offers. Consider your client and make them the protagonists of your stories.
  • Do not forget the images: complete your message with images that convey the same emotions. Look for bright and motivating images that are high quality and focused.

It is important that your story transmits useful, concise and entertaining information, to make sure your reader makes it to the end. Applying Storytelling in an email marketing campaign will tell your subscribers that you always strive to take their needs in mind, to meet their demands and offer valuable content in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

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