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Mailpro’s Multi-User Account for Your Email Marketing Team to Work Efficiently


An email campaign involves many people, and everyone has different roles related to each other. To make a campaign successful, collaboration is the key and to make it easy, Mailpro introduces a multi-user account. This is one of the most effective email marketing campaign tools to collaborate with different teams in one account. In simple terms, if your email campaign involves more than one person and you want that your team to be on the same page, this is for you. Let’s know about it in more detail. 


What is Mailpro’s Multi-user account? 


Whether your team member wants to make some corrections or the client wants to see a real-time report, or several teams are working on a client email campaign, Mailpro’s Multi-user account has got you covered! The multi-user feature enables you to collaborate with your client, employees, colleagues, and other specialists to manage users, create beautiful templates, manage lists etc. 


With this account, multiple users can log in to the same account to do their job according to their permission level. This indicates you can maintain a single account to manage your entire marketing team, and there will be no misunderstanding due to transparency. You can give access to only statistics of your campaigns to your marketing team, but not access to the administrative part of the account.


What is Mailpro’s Multi-user account for?


Are you wondering for whom Mailpro’s multi-user account for? This is for everyone who works as a team in a campaign, for example:

  • Marketing agencies, where different teams are working with customer email marketing accounts.
  • SMBs where outsourced advisors assist the chief marketer.
  • Large enterprises where different teams work on email marketing activities of the team. 


How does it work?


There is no rocket science behind it. The account owner can allow multiple teams to work with Mailpro accounts. Each one of them has their unique username and password. As an account manager, you can assign different roles to different members. Moreover, you can also limit them to taking particular actions in your account and restrict them from accessing the most sensitive information such as account settings, billing information, and more. Let’s understand it more precisely.

  • Assign Specific Roles to Different Team Members


The multi-user account allows you to choose the level of access you want to grant each member. As an account manager, you can control what members can see and perform in the account, so everyone is clear of their roles. 

  • Manage Client’s Account in one Place


Mailpro makes running your marketing campaign a cakewalk. It allows you to connect with your clients on your own, allowing you to move accordingly when you need it. 


Benefits of Mailpro’s Multi-user Account

Mailpro’s multi-user account comes with a plethora of benefits. The following is the list of benefits.




Mailpro multi-user account allows you to create a team with different users for your email marketing activities. From employers, outsourced advisors and agency staff to web designers, marketers, copywriters and more, anyone can be a part of a campaign account with different permission levels. 



The account manager can create and edit email marketing campaigns only. No other users can access billing information and account settings. It means that privacy would never be at stake with Mailpro’s multi-user account. 


Team control and User Management


An account manager can track the users' progress, assign them new tasks, or ask for changes in the previous task. Moreover, in the staff turnover case, they will terminate the previous user account and add a new user. There is no need to transfer login details and risk any loss. 


Permission Management


The Account Manager has all rights to approve or reject the additional permissions by users. Moreover, an account manager is the one who can renew or demote permission levels of account users anytime. 


Sign-in to Mailpro Multi-user account now and Manage your Team in One Go


You can access the multi-user account by log into the Mailpro account and then clicking on the User Management section. In the same section, you can perform all activities with multiple users. You can create new users and then set up unique permissions for each one of them. It allows you to track the activities of sub-users and edit their permission levels. The account offers several options to organize your team tasks effectively. 


Final Words


Mailpro multi-user account manager has full permissions to make changes. However, sub-user accounts have restricted access. For instance, the account can be cancelled or closed only from the master account.


Sending Unsubscription Surveys to Learn why your Readers Leave

Did you know 40% of B2B marketers believe that email newsletters are the most crucial tactic in their email marketing strategy? While email marketing is not a new approach, many marketers are still striving to maintain and grow their subscriber's list. Like any effective marketing strategy, you need to get into your customers' minds to know why they are likely to subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list in email marketing. Of course, as an email marketer, while you cannot stop readers from opting out of your emails, you can reduce the possibility in the future.


Perhaps, creating and maintaining the email list is one of the challenges marketers have to face. If you are spending time growing your email list, you probably know that unsubscribe requests are part of it. Sometimes, even if the content is engaging and relevant, you will see a random fall in your subscribers. 


The reason could be anything like you are sending boring content or frequent emails to your subscribers. Knowing and understanding the reason is important if you can't afford to lose your subscribers. 


Although you do not need any explanation of why your users unsubscribe from your email list, it is always helpful to find out the reason. Here, Unsubscription surveys have got you covered! 


What are Unsubscription Surveys?


As the name implies, the unsubscription survey is the survey conducted to know the reason your subscribers choose to opt-out. It is an addition to the subscribe screen that enables you to collect relevant information from contacts or leads about why they've unsubscribed from your email subscription. The surveys include a few questions about the reasons for their unsubscribing. The main aim of the unsubscription survey is to allow subscribers to improve your program or ask for areas that need improvement.

Reasons why your subscribers opt-out


According to statistics, users mark the email as spam and unsubscribe for the same reason- too frequent email, irrelevant, not interested in the brand, never signed up for email. The primary reason why people mark email spam is when they do not find the unsubscribe button. This often puts the reputation of the sender at stake. That is why email marketers should make the unsubscribe button more visible and simplify the process of opt-outs. 


The following are the main reasons why your subscribers opt-out.


Email frequency 


One of the most common reasons people choose to unsubscribe from your email list is - too often emails. Although marketers are aware that too many emails may result in unsubscribe rates, they still send many weekly and daily emails without setting an accurate email frequency. Over 50% of marketers send three to eight times emails every week. 


Undoubtedly, sending too many promotional emails can be a huge turn off for subscribers. Rather than sending frequent emails, you should set the right expectations in the sign-up form or reduce your email sending frequency. If you have regular offers, then you should allow subscribers to adjust frequency through their preferences. 


Irrelevant content


Many subscribers only unsubscribe from email lists when they find the content spammy or are no longer valuable. If you experience low click through rates, open rates, or your subscriber reported poor content; you should work more on the content. 


When the email content is not even relevant, the response rate is quite low. If this is the reason, it is vital to check and reevaluate what content or offers you are sending. Subscribers generally consider such emails that are more relevant to them and offer them value. By sending more compelling content and personalized email to your broadcast emails, you can create more powerful email campaigns for your subscribers.

Unexpected Promotions


As an email marketer, understanding your target audience and providing them relevant content is your job. Consumers are more likely to sign up for an email when they find valuable and relevant content. But if the email content is unauthentic and unexpected, they will unsubscribe from your email list in no time. 


Never signed up or subscribed.


Many times, subscribers didn't realize when they had permitted you to send email newsletters. Either they subscribed by mistake, or the email marketer is using a paid mailing list. If you find many people are unsubscribing by giving this reason, make sure to strengthen your sign-up or confirmation method, depending on your sign-up or subscription context.


Sending long email content


Let's face it; no one has time to read long messages or emails. These are not only boring but consume a lot of time. Also, long email content is another major reason for subscribers to hit the unsubscribe button. According to recent data, an email's ideal length is somewhat between 50 words to 125 words. Such emails have a 50% response rate. Even a study reveals that emails with 20 lines of text or 200 words have higher clickthrough rates. So, rather than writing fluffy and lengthy content, make sure to write to-the-point. 


Poor Design


When sending email blasts, many marketers ignore working on the email design. Subscribers often get irritated with poorly designed emails that do not work on their mobiles, and thus they have no other option than to click on the unsubscribe button. 


Besides, many subscribers unsubscribe from an email list when they have any bad customer experience. This is the most common reason why many subscribers unsubscribe or mark the email as spam.


Make sure to design your newsletter easily with Mailpro’s newsletter builder and save time!


Final Words


An unsubscription survey is effective for marketers to understand what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their email marketing campaign. By providing an unsubscribe link on all the emails, introducing humor, and conducting a wellness checkup on your subscribers' experience with your email, you can reduce the unsubscribe rates. 


If you are looking for a precise unsubscription survey, Mailpro got your back. 

The unsubscribe survey by Mailpro sends a poll to contacts after subscribing to your email list. It will help you understand why your subscribers hit the 'unsubscribe' button, and you can work on improving your strategies.


Improve Click through Rates on Email Marketing Campaigns with Curiosity Gap

Do you know what is one of the major challenges in email marketing campaigns nowadays?

Perhaps, it is not the emails opened or deliverability rate, but recipients to take action and click on email campaigns once they open and read the email content.

That is called ‘the click-through-rate.’

Most email marketing professionals struggle with low click-through rates.

In fact, almost all email marketers struggle with it and want to increase it. One of the major problems most email marketers struggle with is the curiosity gap.

 So, before we start, let us make sure we are all on the same page.

What is Email Click-Through Rate?

Email click-through or email CTR is no rocket science. It is basically the ratio of click-on links in the campaign emails. In simple words, the number of subscribers clicked on any of the links you send them via a marketing email is known as Click-through-rate.

 Let’s say if you sent an email campaign to 1000 people, and 20 people clicked on the links you sent, then your click-through rate would be 2%.

 If the impressions are higher in number and your CTR is below average, it means either your ad is not appealing enough, or you have targeted the wrong keywords.

 So, where is the problem?

 The problem is your emails inability to provoke curiousity.  

 Of course, if your email content is not compelling or doesn’t make your visitors engaged, no recipients will click on it. The lack of curiosity gap is one of the major issues in email marketing campaigns, and it is important to cover this gap.

Mailpro is one of the leading email marketing software providers that help you customize your email marketing campaign while providing an ideal curiosity gap on your email marketing campaign that improves click-through-rates.

 It implements a curiosity gap in your email marketing campaigns by taking advantage of your audience's curiosity and persuading them to click on the links within your email.

 Keep in mind; if you do not give your audience a strong incentive to click through, they won’t even be interested in opening your email.

 The curiosity gap arouses your audience's interest by making them informed of something exciting they don't know and then presenting them what your subject line says.

How Curiosity Gap helps Improving Click-Through-Rates

So, here comes the main question- how the curiosity gap helps improve click-through-rates?

Getting your audience hooked at first glance is the main challenge of email marketers. Creating an action-provoking subject line is the most crucial part of an email. It should build a curiosity gap and be filled by clicking on the link within the email.

To ensure that emails end up in the readers' primary inboxes, Mailpro implements the most useful tips.

By periodically creating powerful Call-to-actions, personalized questions, and more, Maipro ensures to put themselves in the subscriber’s shoes to know them better and create a customized email marketing campaign that increases their clicking frequencies.

The following are the ways to create a curiosity gap on your email marketing campaign to improve their click-through rates. 

●      Leverage Emotional Triggers

  When you determine the exact emotion suitable for your audience, make sure your audience feels something when they open your email.

 If your email content has touched recipients' emotions, they will surely click on the link, and thus, your CTR increases.

●      Give Respect to your Readers

 One of the best ways to maintain your credibility is by giving respect to your readers. For that, delivering permission reports is crucial. The subject line is the initial impression that arouses the recipients' curiosity, enabling them to take action.

 Sometimes it might be no use to them, but as it is so appealing and pushes their curiosity button, they can't resist opening it.

●      Focus on Content Quality

No filler, no fluff content! That is a basic rule of email marketing campaigns. While most content writers understand the value of quality content, they often miss the mark when writing content for email marketing campaigns where click-through-rate is the lifeline.

For creating a curiosity gap, make sure you have 4-15 characters catchy subject lines that make readers click on the email, read it, and click on the link within the email. The main content should focus on the factors that they can relate with and the link to get the final solution they are looking for.

●      Send Mail on the right time

If you want to increase your CTR by 15%, you have to send an email marketing campaign at the right time. The best day to send an email to get the highest CTR is Monday and Tuesday, whereas the worst day is Saturday. Finding the right time when people open, read, and take action is crucial. It is known as CTO or clicks to open rate. The best time to send an email that maximizes your open rates, as well as click-through rates, is before and after working hours (daytime).

Undoubtedly leveraging the curiosity gap has many benefits such as:

  • Increases page traffic and views
  • Make content the next viral hit
  • Increase brand’s credibility and awareness
  • Encourage more engagement in paid ads

Boosting open email rates and click-through rates can be a process of  trial and error for most businesses. That’s why MailPro makes it simple. With the state-of-art online marketing software, Mailpro helps create a perfect newsletter and email marketing campaign, keeping curiosity gaps in mind.

The Importance Of Email Pre-Headers

Marketers are going a long way to ensure that they get every bit of visibility out of email marketing. In the last five years, mobile users have increased email usage by 30%. By now, the number of people who use email on mobile devices has exceeded the number of people who use desktops for email. Whereas a lot of thought goes into creating the perfect email for marketing, the pre-header is usually an underestimated real estate in an email. Yet, this can be an essential consideration that helps you grow sales and revenue, improving the ROI of your marketing budget.

In this article, we will cover what a pre-header is, how you can use it to create the most effective marketing campaigns that increase your open rate and action rate.

What Is A Pre-Header?

Preheader follows the subject line in an email when you open this in the inbox. This is a feature used for screening the content of the email. People get lots of emails during the day, and they might not want to open every marketing email. As a marketer, you can utilize pre-headers to make an impression on your client or entice them to open the email.

You need a compelling summary of the information you are providing in that email or message – which is where the pre-header comes in. This is a great tool to increase your open rate.

If you utilize pre-headers effectively and send 100 emails, you can check the bounce rate to know how many people are receiving the information. For example, if 30 emails bounced back, then the other 70 people have likely been able to read the pre-header and get the information.

If your email open rate is relatively high, then your pre-header is doing the job, and you don't need to do any additional work on it. However, if you see a low open rate, there is a need to adjust your pre-header and fix it.

There are some best practices when it comes to writing pre-headers. You should know the content of your email thoroughly before designing the pre-header. Try to understand what exactly you are trying to convey to the reader.

How Long Is A Pre-Header?

You should monitor the length of the pre-header. A solid pre-header should contain anything within 100 characters. Any longer than that and people will lose interest. People have a short attention span of about 8 seconds, so it is essential to capture that with exciting messages.

Don't forget to be creative. Don't use the dull black and white combo and put it on the top of your page as an obligation. Catchy colors, stylized fonts, and bigger words can make more of an impact.

Why Should You Optimize Pre-Header Text?

Pass The Pre-Screening Test

Subscribers and readers will often screen your email by simply reading the pre-header. If you want to increase your click-through rate and open rate, master the pre-header text.

It Works As Advertisement

The pre-header itself acts as the advertisement. Even if people are interested in your message, they might not want to go through the entire email and the pre-header acts as a tl;dr of the message.

How To Write The Perfect Pre-Header Text?

Remember that even if the pre-header is used for pre-screening purposes, the text is not only for viewing in the inbox next to the email subject line. It will also come up when the subscriber opens the email campaign. So, while the text part of the pre-header is essential, you should also focus on the look and feel of every other element you are putting in that email. The reason you should keep it short is it is already being read before opening the email, and you don't need to reiterate it in the email body. Keeping it short will give people ample time to catch up with the rest of the content. 

Using Pre-Headers As An Extension Of The Subject Line

Considering that subscribers will read the pre-header right next to the email subject line, these two should be assimilated to paint a picture for your viewers.


'Lose the last 10' is a very targeted subject line for people trying to lose the last few pounds. This might make the email look limited to others. However, that is the intended effect. This is specifically for people who want to reduce the last few pounds and not for other people with different fitness goals. You can optimize this with a pre-header that amplifies the offer you are giving them. 'Lose the last 10' + 'at 10% off' tells people precisely what you are offering.

Include Call To Actions In Pre-Headers

Call-to-actions are the best way to increase interaction between the subscriber and your email. You can ask people to click here, read this, or any other action you want them to perform. This gives a clear indicator of the next step, and people are more inclined to open an email when they know the next step.


The small details matter. Using a pre-header text might not be the top of your priority list, but it can give your email marketing campaign the added advantage of enticing your subscribers. Your readers have more context on what the email is about and are encouraged to perform actions. Always remember to utilize the best practices when you are designing your email. Assimilate your subject line with your pre-header, and you have a winning formula for your next campaign.



Detailed Guide on Blacklists in Email Marketing and How they Can be Avoided

Are you using email marketing to promote your website campaigns, but you are unable to figure out why you cannot generate much traffic via email marketing? It usually happens when your email address is blacklisted.


Nowadays, email marketing has become quite common to reach your target audience and spread the word about your company, campaigns, and the latest offers you are providing. 


While looking at the negative side of technology, we cannot negate how cybercrime is normal these days. This is why special attention is given to online platform security. 

Suppose you have been using email marketing for some time now, and you planned a considerable email marketing campaign for your product. You spend hours designing an informative email that includes everything related to the latest campaign your company is organizing, but it does not reach the recipient. How is it possible?


Sometimes the mail comprises minor issues like an insignificant writing error, wrong email address, or the most common reason behind the recipient not receiving the mails could be attributed to the recipient's inbox being full. All these email bouncing issues are solvable, and you can easily get rid of them. 

However, sometimes the emails do not reach the recipient because the ISP has blacklisted the sender's email address. When a sender's address is blacklisted, all their emails are delivered in the spam box. 


The wisest advice that anyone could ever give you is to never take blacklisting lightly. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have specially design blacklists to guard their users against spam. 


It is the reason why many email marketers use Mailpro to follow ethical email marketing techniques that will make their mails free from spam, authentic, and genuine to pass spam filters and avoid getting blacklisted easily. 


Discover the role of Blacklists in Email Marketing 


We know that Internet Service Providers design the blacklists with the user's comfort in mind. A blacklist is like a list of faulty email addresses whom no one wanted to see in their primary inbox. Therefore the emails that are sent from blacklisted addresses go to the spam folder. 


Domains and IP addresses are like building blocks of the blacklist, and these factors are thought to transmit spam content. Domains and IP addresses help you identify which email is useful and which one needs to be shunned. 


The primary elements included in the blacklist are domains and IP addresses, so the blacklists are also categorized based on their names. When domains are suspected of sending any kind of inappropriate emails, they are classified into a domain blacklist. When spam mail is sent through an IP address, it is added to the IP address blacklist. 


Blacklists are made up of advanced algorithms to protect users from receiving undesired emails. 


How your email address got Blacklisted?


When you send an email for marketing purposes to the recipient, it must pass through various tests to reach their inbox. 


The first step that the recipient ISP executes is to verify if the email is authentic or not. Your email IP address is checked against the list already available and then goes through the receiver's spam filters to review particular details that the receiver does not accept. If your email passes these tests, only then will your email reach the user's inbox, and if it doesn't, it's likely that you have been blacklisted and will settle in the spam box. 


To save yourself from the anxiety of red flags of spam filters, choose Mailpro to design an email marketing campaign in which you can take the anti-spamming test in earlier stages only. Later if you find any spam link or content, you can make necessary changes and get ready with user-friendly mail. 


Here we have some other reasons why your email address could have been blacklisted: 


  • Irrelevant Mail: If you send emails repeatedly to someone who is not interested in your services, they can report spam. If you get into that category for once, it will affect your reputation, and ISP starts taking you down with every spam report and eventually blacklists you. 


  • Instant Raise in the List: Suppose one day your list had five addresses, and the other day it increased to 15. No one considers such growth as natural. To avoid malicious activities and promote an organic approach to raise your business, ISP blacklists your email address. 


  • Poor List Collection: Have a proper record of your list, like who is opening the email and who is not. If your sent emails are not being opened and they are frequently bouncing because the email address is not active anymore, it can harm your reputation and… well, you already know the consequences. 


  • Missing Unsubscribe Button: No one wants to get un-necessary emails in their inbox as they know that cyber email fraud is just a click away. To avoid such frauds and for users' convenience, GDPR, in their guidelines, made it necessary to include the 'Unsubscribe' button in an email. 


This option gives freedom to the users to choose if they want to see your emails or not. If there is no 'Unsubscribe' option in the mail, the user will likely report to spam, which does not sound right. 


How to Set Yourself Free from a Blacklist?


It is simple to set yourself free from the blacklist. Once it is confirmed that you have been blacklisted, think of how and why you were blacklisted. If something like this happens to us, we all know where we went wrong, so identify that area and improve as soon as you can. Once done, give an update that you have made changes in the area that were disturbing, and no spam will be reported on your address. 


If this is not sufficient, you can request them to remove you from the blacklist. In such cases, you have to wait for their response. You will either get the confirmation of your request, or you will be updated with changes that are required on your end. 


In the end, there are some lists where you can do nothing but work on the services you provide. The more you improve, the early you will be removed from the blacklist. 


The best way to design an email campaign is via Mailpro; everything is so well organized at Mailpro that you can easily manage the address' list, make your content free from spam, and release it in the market all within the platform. Once you have already shielded your mails, nothing can harm you. 


How to Save yourself from Getting Blacklisted? 


Getting blacklisted is something that could be troublesome for many people and might have a huge impact on the revenue generated by a company. No one can afford to get blacklisted. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious since the beginning and take care of the following steps to benefit your company or yourself via email marketing.  


  1. Take special care of the subscription list
  2. Look at Technicality


  1. Take special care of the subscription list.


  • Prepare the list Yourself: Whatever you are doing online, the more organically you do that task, the better results you get. When you buy or rent a list, it may contain spammy email addresses. If you continuously send emails to these addresses, it could be detrimental to you economically, and nothing should harm your mental peace and the reputation of your company in regards to IPS. So, prepare a list of multiple email addresses on Mailpro and access them easily.


  • Call to Action is Must: In email marketing, your call to action revolves around asking your recipient to add you to their address book. It maintains a healthy relationship between the sender and the receiver. 


  • Double opt-in services: In elementary school, we read about moral science and already learn to, "ask permission". To get good results in email marketing, follow moral science and ask the recipient if they would like to receive your emails before adding them to your existing mailing list. Double opt-in services maintain the integrity of the company and the privacy of the recipient. 


  1. Look at Technicality


  • Relevant Content: Create a mail that begins with a compelling subject line that could easily attract users' attention. When you draft an email, make sure that it satisfies ESP's (Email Service Provider) guidelines. 


  • Keep track of email engagement: You should have all the records related to the actions done on the mail you sent. The record includes how many people read it and how many people didn't receive it. You should maintain this data to ensure that your active list is genuine.


Note: When you manage your email campaign on Mailpro, you do not have to go anywhere. You will get all the details and reports of actions in one place. 




You need to be extra cautious and do things the right way to produce better results naturally. Email marketing is the future of today's digitized world, and you should educate yourself to be ready for the future. 


Email Marketing forms an integral part of digital marketing but can be tiresome at the same time. Mailpro's Email Marketing Campaigns will help you manage email marketing campaigns for your company that will definitely help you get good results.


What To Do If My Unsubscription Rate Increases ?

Too many potential customers unsubscribing marketing-emails can never be good for businesses. It can make a significant dent in the profits. And imagine putting more and more effort to  drafting perfect emails, yet users keep unsubscribing. That can destroy one’s confidence.

Of course, you cannot expect a 100% success rate with a 0% unsubscription rate. But of course, you can always work for it not to fail either. While the average unsubscription rate for the general market is 0.5%, it might vary from market to market. A 2% might also mean you are doing just fine. But if you feel disappointed with the increasing unsubscription rates and want to do something about it. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

Communicate when they are expecting you to communicate

A business cannot flourish without the customer’s trust. And inconsistent emails will do nothing to help that cause. Remember, your customer is looking for integrity. If they cannot trust you to keep your word of sending the routine email, they might grow doubtful of your enterprise as well.

You’ll find all the successful bloggers out there have a fixed time of uploading their content. Maybe one or even 2-3 days a week.

Set your customer’s expectations and fulfill them. Let them know you value them and their trust. This way, you will not only have a reduced unsubscription rate; you can also keep your audience engaged.

Keep the unsubscribing option open.

A trapped customer is not a happy customer. Moreover, the law deems it necessary that your subscribers have the option to leave when they want to. You might think your unsubscription rate will reduce if you keep the option itself hidden. You will end up with a frustrated and disengaged subscribers list.

Remember to keep the “unsubscribe” option open and visible. Gmail itself provides the option for your header.

Customers will always go for a brand with a positive image. Moreover, they need to know you are authentic, and this is a great strategy for you to build that image.

Check Your User’s Time Requirements.

The basic idea behind email marketing is that you cannot overdo or underdo it. You cannot have your customers forget your or their reason for having subscribed, yet again no one enjoys a spammer. You have to find the perfect frequency your customers will be in tune with.

If you are worried, you will not be able to find the right balance. Ask your subscribers. They’ll tell you their favored frequency. Send them emails as per that. However, promise what you can provide. You cannot keep your content dull and irrelevant to fill the quota.

You can also use A/B testing to check at what frequency and time do your emails have a better response rate and a lesser unsubscription rate. It can help you altogether enhance the quality of your emails.

Personalize Your Emails.

Commonly, we all are more attracted to emails that are speaking directly to us. We feel valued and engage more in their content.

Instead of speaking to a general customer base, you can frame your emails in the second person, making your customers feel you’re speaking directly to them. It has been studied and seen that personalized emails bring in six times the transaction rates than plain emails do.

Personalize your emails every way you can. Ask relevant questions that your user can relate to. Send them emails at their preferred time. Use their names to refer to them and so on. Personalization is critical to businesses and equally critical to email marketing.

Use Both Single And Double Opt-Ins.

Both single and double opt-ins have their pros and cons. Yes, the single opt-in makes the subscribing process easier. However, your user’s sense of privacy might be breached, and you might end up with a negative reputation and plenty of unsubscribes.

The double opt-in gives you a smaller list of customers who are certain and interested in your content. Because if they are not, they will avoid the confirmation email. However, some customers find double opt-ins discouraging, and subscription rates might be lower.

So, the best way to go would be to use both. Relevant to where you are gathering the list of subscribers, for example, your website’s homepage, use double opt-ins and single opt-ins, respectively.

Segmenting Lists.

Irrelevant content. This is one of the most basic reasons why users unsubscribe. For example, if a customer wishes to receive content about writing tips, they will not expect content on maybe publishing. To keep your audience satisfied, offer them what they came for.

The best way to achieve that is to segment your lists. For example, at the very initial stage, you can ask your subscriber to select the type of content they want to be receiving. Modify your system so that it sends specific categories of emails to your respective users. And, this way you gain a more engaged list and lesser unsubscriptions.

Taking Feedback.

If you are bothered with increasing unsubscription rates and don’t know why that is happening. Ask. Frame a short and warm questionnaire and ask your audience their reason for leaving. This is the perfect way to rectify your email behavior. While some users might want a temporary break for whom you can send a resume-invite after a certain period. Again some users might provide some useful insight for you to work with.

Apart from this, you can use this pop-up to gain feedback and tug at the important strings. Your customer might have forgotten the initial reason they had subscribed to your content. Maybe the promise of an exciting reward or offer. Don’t seem too eager. They might, after all, choose not to unsubscribe.

However, this survey process might be more frustrating to many users. It is best to keep the necessary process short, crisp, and friendly. You could also make the feedback process optional.

Here are seven tips to help you with your unsubscription rate. Remember, a little bit of cleansing never hurt anybody.


Bad Effect Of Blue Lights On Screens

Mailpro is sensitive to your requirements and follows the industry’s best practices. Keeping this into consideration, we are excited to announce that we are soon launching the black mode of Mailpro. Why, you ask? To protect your eyes.

Science Of Natural Light

Natural light is made up of a lot of primary colors. When all of these colors are combined, it becomes the white light that we can see. Each of these colors has a different wavelength. Blue light tends to have high energy and short wavelengths, which could affect how our body functions when exposed for a long time. It has its purpose, but overexposure is harmful.

This is especially true if you have a desk job requiring you to spend hours in front of a screen. Considering there is significant exposure to our mobile screens and other devices, the impact is highly negative.

Some people choose to wear safety glasses, sunglasses, and anti-glare glasses to protect their eyesight and keep their bodies’ natural circadian rhythm on the clock. Know the science behind why it impacts your body and how you can fix it.

When Do You Get Exposed To Blue Light?

We are surrounded by digital screens that emit harsh blue light all day long. Whether it's at your job or home when you are watching television, your eyes are constantly being impacted. LED light, LED TV's, capital monitors, smartphones, tablets all emit blue light. Although the blue light exposure that you get from these screens is much less compared to that of the sun, there is a problem with long-term blue light exposure because you are in very close proximity. Besides, you can avoid sunlight after dusk; you cannot avoid looking at various screens even at night.

Blue light has its function and benefits. It helps us stay alert and regulates the cognitive function of our brain, which impacts our mood. It also helps regulate our sleep cycle. This is why, if we are exposed to blue light for a long exposure even after sundown, it can create a problem with sleeping, leading up to lethargy and tiredness.

In children, this effect is even more severe. Their eyes absorb more blue light than adults. It can impact their growth and development and even the quality of their eyesight.

What Is The Impact Of Blue Lights On Screens Over Human Eyes?

Almost all the blue light we can see on the screens passes through our eyes and gets into the retina. Overexposure can end up impacting vision and even cause faster aging of the eyes.

Here are the most significant impacts of blue light exposure –

  • Digital strain on eyes

Digital eye strain is when the blue light from screens reduces the contrast of our eyes. The effects of eye strain include irritated or sore eyes and having difficulty staying focused on anything.

  • Damage in the retina

Prolonged blue light exposure can damage the retinal cells because almost all of it gets through the cornea and reaches the retina. This is the precursor to various vision problems and macular degeneration of the eyes.

Is There Any Way To Prevent The Harmful Effects Of Blue Lights From Screens?

If you are someone who holds a desk job that requires you to stay in front of screens for an extended period, you could suffer from retinal damage or digital eye strain. There are ways that you can protect your eyes from overexposure.

  • Limiting screen time

If possible, you can try to cut down on how much time you spend in front of digital screens. You should also consider taking breaks every few hours for at least 5, 10 minutes to give yourself a breather. Our eyes are not accustomed to the constant blue light receipt, and it could get irritated. So many people end up using eye drops because they suffer from dry eye or irritated eyes.

Others suffer from lack of sleep, causing them to be lethargic, which can be easily resolved by cutting down screen time, and making sure that you are not using a digital screen at least one hour ahead of your bedtime.

  • Using screen filters

Almost all digital screens, such as phones, tablets, or computers, come with filters that can decrease the amount of blue light that comes off the screen.

  • Anti-glare glasses

Specialized glasses are created to reflect and block the blue light, which can help fight digital eye strain. You can also get anti-reflective lenses that do the same. In the daytime, if you are planning on spending a lot of time in harsh sunlight, consider wearing sunglasses.

  • Blue light reducing software

Many software specifically or applications can be changing the light spectrum of digital screens, cutting down the amount of blue light that comes out of it. This reduces how much light you are getting exposed to, protecting your eyes.

You can download and install the software easily on your system, and you will see a visible change in the color spectrum when you keep them activated. Most of these software or programs also have automated capabilities to sync with the time zone and reduce how much light you are exposed to after sundown. When the sun sets, you want to remove as much blue light emission as possible so your body’s circadian rhythm can naturally work. This way, when you go to bed, your body feels well on time, and it knows that it is the right time to take some rest. If continuously blue light keeps hitting your eyes, your body will think that it is still daytime, which is why so many people have trouble sleeping.

You can use dark mode on your screen, just like the black mode of Mailpro, which alters the color source of the screen. The white light is more likely to contain blue light than darker modes. So, by using dark modes on apps or your computer screen, you cut down on blue light emission. If you are comfortable using a darker screen, it is naturally a better fit for night time and can even help you see the screen more clearly.

So, now you understand why Mailpro’s Darkmode is a boon to all email marketers out there? Thank us later!

On a different note, have you tried our recently launched mode? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

Email Analytics: Track these Metrics & KPIs for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

There is a great need to measure the activities marketers are doing to enhance your business’s value and success. It should be done to analyze the data that your client views and understand their way towards your services.

In this rapidly increasing digital marketing period, email has provided some best options to trace the marketing activity of your business, clients, conversions, and other related performance. An email marketing campaign can be tracked through some metrics and KPIs if followed with a piece of proper knowledge.

It is well said, if you don’t know how to measure the things, then you will not be able to improve the same. So, it is requisite to have proper knowledge of all possible KPIs and select the best one for each marketing activity to analyze them.

Here are some Metrics & KPIs that can be followed for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign. Let’s go through them!

  1. Emails Delivery:

How will you get to know if the email sent by you has been delivered to all the receivers? It is the most crucial activity one needs to keep an eye on.

It depends on the service domain you are using to send your emails or the sender’s status. Both things are equally responsible for the accurate delivery of emails.

  1. Open Rate:

After checking the delivery reports of an email, the next step that one must follow is tracking the number of opened and read emails by the receiver from that of the delivered mails. Once the images are displayed on the receiver’s screen, only then the email will be considered an open email. 

You may create some encouraging and attractive subject of emails to increase the possibility of opening an email. It will guide you to the following step of analyzing email marketing activity. Many email marketing software, such as mailpro can help you track open rate, so you can create new strategies accordingly.

  1. Click-Through Rate:

This is a crucial step to increase the number of visitors on your webpage. In this step, you need to track the number of recipients who have opened the link available in your email. It mostly depends on the content, images, font style of an email.

To increase the number of clicks on your link, you must add material related to people’s interests with some inspirational and educational resources.

  1. Bounce Rate:

Some permanent or temporary, i.e., hard or soft bounces are found when emails are returned to the sender after being sent. The hard error occurs because of the wrong email address of the receiver or an invalid domain name.

Soft bounce back refers to the temporary errors because of full inboxes or some technical issues on the recipient’s server. Both problems have occurred through the receiver’s side. Hard faults cannot be resolved, whereas soft faults are temporary and can be solved automatically.

  1. Unsubscribe Rate:

Checking the subscribers and no-subscribers of your email campaign is equally essential. It consists of those beneficiaries who have opted to unsubscribe emails through your campaign.

One must check this rate regularly so that if the number of unsubscribed users crosses the average rate, you can take immediate action. It is then needed to check the content and quality of the email that is sent and make some slight changes.

  1. Conversion Rate:

Most of the actions of the subscribers through your email can be said as conversion. Such acts may include, click on the link provided, registration is done after clicking the link, etc. Such activities show the response and effects of the email on the client.

The email marketing person must check out through this metric regularly so that you may know the value of your services quickly. These actions depend on the type of campaign you are running, content, messages, and other studies.

  1. Opening Device:

Valuable information about the receivers is that at what type of device they are viewing your email. This will help you in designing your email content and graphics according to the most usable device.

Such devices may include desktop, laptop, mobile devices, and tablets, etc. Some software helps you to know all such details of an individual or even of the complete list. Through this, you will be able to concentrate on the receivers properly.

  1. Spam Score:

To stop entering your emails to a spam box, you need to use some software that can help your email campaign to throw the email in the right way. The software will let you know the spam risk of your email by giving each section a score.

Checking the spam score of the email sent will surely help you know about the email before it will be in a spam danger. This metric checks the email before sending it so that you can correct it and stop your emails from being marked as spam in other devices.

  1. Overall ROI:

Checking the cost that comes to you in return for your email campaign is one of the best email analytics metrics. Through this, you may compare your investments done to execute the campaign and the cost-effectiveness that comes to you in return easily.

There are many ways to calculate the Return on Investment over your email campaign. It will show you how valuable email campaign marketing is for your products and services by providing you with some best results throughout the working period.

Wrapping Up 

We hope, as now you have gone through above-explained metrics for your email campaign, you must have understood the same that can be used for different types of activities of email marketing. You must select the best tracking metric to easily measure the performance of your email campaign and enhance your business’s performance.

Moreover, our dedicated team always welcomes you, should you have any queries in the future. You will get the best solution through our platform quickly.

Further, you can also use our email marketing software, mailpro, which can help you analyze all the analytics mentioned above. 


Ecommerce Email Marketing Trends That Will Be Popular in 2021 and Beyond

To improve the experience of users, online stores use some strategies like technology enhancements or marketing tactics that are known as e-commerce trends. To convert customers and make them trustworthy towards your brand, an online store needs to increase speed, highlights their products and services, and make their online store easy to use for every kind of customer.

In this world of modern marketing, email is the top activity on the internet that is used by more than 90% of people in the world. Email is the only platform that can break the hindrances of generation, culture, and level of modern marketing. Return on investment through email has a great effect on marketers these days. Mailpro is software that can help you in creating your e-commerce email marketing campaigns for your new customers.

Email is at the same level at which it was for some last decades. Meanwhile, Facebook and some other social media platforms must have got a good raise, but there marketing cannot beat up the standard of email marketing. As compared to 2010, in 2020, more than 50% of emails have been sent per day.

Here are some top eCommerce Email Marketing Trends that will remain the same in 2021 and even beyond.

  1. User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is a definite form of content text, images, audio, and visual that engages audiences. These contents may provide an email with a real-time engagement with the customers. It motivates the marketer to add some content through email marketing, and this content converts the visitor into a customer.

Majority of customers trust only user-generated reviews before taking up any service. That’s why it is necessary to create content that may tell your customers about your products and services easily to any new visitor. Mailpro helps you create the best content and let your customers easily add the content as well and track easily the reactivity of your campaigns

  1. Responsive interactivity

According to the email stats, it has been proven that this year most of the emails are opened in a mobile device as compared to desktop or laptop. So, it is necessary to make your email marketing content in a good format so that it is easily opened in every type of device.

Reactions of every challenge given by the competitive world are important for a business that is doing email marketing. Email marketing will now and beyond will be used for more functional ways such as promotions and let costumers leave emails easily to the service providers.

Here are some latest interactive email fundamentals that are introduced now and will be taken forwarded for more practical work of email marketing such as Animated buttons and calls-to-action, Rollover effects to showcase product offerings, Interactive image and product carousels controlled by the user, Accordion features designed to make long-form emails more compact and Surveys, polls and user-generated interactive content.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is necessary these days because every person, even with some physical disabilities uses the internet independently. Many websites have already adapted some features for visually impaired people and for those who are physically impaired.

Suppose you also want your email to be viewed easily by the disabled people. In that case, you must also take the help of the best software that will convert the content of your email to audio-video version so that everyone can go through it and get the information what you want to pass on.

Mailpro can design in the way that it will be read by physically disabled people also. They may use real text HTML, create a strong visual ladder within your email, avoid long sections of center-justified wording, use suitable font sizes, optimize line spacing, and use highly distinct colors.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence may scare any marketer if he/she is not an experienced one. But AI, i.e., artificial intelligence is a tool that is used for automatic working of various processes. It takes care of the type of content must be provided to the specific group or individual and what time. It makes sure that the marketing has been done at the right time for the right group of people.

AI gives the solution to complete the transformation of traditional as well the latest level of segmentation processes, and all the marketers are easily able to provide the customers what they want. It may also help email marketers in reducing the expense cost and also will lead to an increase in Return on Investment.

  1. Relationship of New Generation with Email Marketing

It is necessary to think about the new and upcoming generation before working on any digital marketing because they are the only forthcoming trends of the digital world.

Here are some facts about the upcoming generation that are essential to know for marketers.

  • Today’s youth and kids are the first that are being raised in this digital world of mobile phones, email addresses, and the internet.
  • They have been taught about social media from their high school
  • This generation is already spending the right amount on the digital world per year.
  • A maximum number of people from this generation have their smartphones and spend almost 10 hours of their day on social media.
  • Maximum hours are taken by today’s youth only to gather some information through different online platforms.

If we talk about email sites, then it has been proven that most of the youth check their email once, twice, or multiple times a day. No doubt, they are using social media platforms at a vast volume, and they must be looking for something more attractive in their future.

All such aspects tell us about the Ecommerce Email Marketing Trends in 2021 and beyond also. We hope that this will help you a lot in improving the standard of email marketing according to the upcoming standards of 2021 as email will remain the same as it is. Moreover, if you wish to get the best software that may help you throughout your marketing journey, you may get connected with Mailpro and enhance your business digitally.


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