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Our anti-spam policy

MAXONY strictly forbids the partners of the site and the users of Mailpro™ to enrol in illegal emailing activities such as the transmission of unsolicited or unauthorised ads, "junk mail", "spam", "scam" or other forms of solicitation.

Should the user not abide by the terms and conditions of MAXONY and by the specific clauses concerning Mailpro™, the user account will be terminated and the information will be likely to be given to the plaintiff who wants to follow the case to court.

What must be done in case of SPAM ?

1. First, in case of SPAM, you must inform us via our spam fighting form.

2. We shall contact the user in order to understand what is going on and we shall suspend the account in case of real SPAM. In any case, your email will be deleted from our lists by our support team.

3. We shall keep you informed of the follow-up given to your request.

4. If a complaint is filed, we shall provide you with the required information.


Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits