Max is a funny, intelligent, loyal, extremely helpful, communicative and reliable blue and orange macaw parrot born in the Panamanian jungle of Darien. He grew up helping his parrot community deliver messages across the jungle to other parrots, spreading the word about where to find trees with enough Nuts to survive in a jungle where unfortunately, deforestation was growing and threatening his species. He was taught from an early age that humans were the cause of all of their problems. But deep inside, Max thought that maybe if he could befriend humans… if he could make them understand the damage they have been causing…. He could maybe change the direction things were moving… So every time he could, he would sneak in and learn Spanish from the human workers in the jungle.

Max’s Story

Max turned 18 and was fed up. He knew he was not like other parrots and didn’t want to spend his life just trying to survive by finding nut trees; he wanted to actually fix the problem. He knew he was different, he had skills no other parrot had and he was growing frustrated by not using those skills. He wanted to do something big, something that would change his life, and the life of his species forever.

At the age of 18, Max decided to venture himself and use his amazing communication skills to help humans spread their word and messages across the world, and at the same time, create consciousness about his species and the danger they currently face because of deforestation. He decided to befriend humans in order to change the direction of his destiny.

Max is an orange macaw parrot born in the Panamanian jungle of Darien

One afternoon Max said good bye to his family in the rainforest and flew to Panama City. When he first arrived he was surprised to see such a city. He got nervous, he was not used to that kind of landscape. So he began to look for a something he could relate to, or feel familiar with, and then he saw a building that looked like a giant drill. He had seen humans with big drills in his jungle and as he recognized the shape of it, he decided to take a closer look. So he landed in balcony of the 44th floor of the FF Tower in Panama City. He looked carefully inside when he realized there were humans inside the window. He was scared, but determined to change things…

Max decided to be friend of humans

Max Arrives at Maxony Inc.

Max began to yell outside of the company window and when Maxony’s finally staff opened the door, they quickly realized he was like no other parrot. He could speak perfect Spanish, and he wouldn´t shut up. They gave him some sunflower seeds they had in the kitchen, and some water, and he explained to them how he wanted to be friends with humans so that we would love his species and create consciousness about the damage humans were bringing to his species.

Max began to yell outside of Maxony’s office and staff opened the door

He was curious about the kind of jobs humans were doing in that office, so they explained to him that they helped people deliver messages through emails. He was shocked, because Max was an expert at delivering messages. They were both also shocked to see how he fit the company culture in so many other ways. His name partly matched the company name, and he was also very friendly, helpful and funny- all things which were valued and cherished at Maxony Inc.

So Max decided to stay at Maxony for a while, helping others deliver messages and he has been just fantastic. He has adapted to Maxony's culture, and is happy.

Max decided to stay at Maxony for a while, helping others deliver messages

Max now holds the title of Delivery Expert at Maxony Inc. and we hope he can stay with us for a long time.

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