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Quickly build an email file

Use a contest to easily and quickly create an email contact list

Games, an excellent way to collect contacts for sending commercial messages

Widely used to increase brand and product awareness, online contests also represent an excellent opportunity to create and qualify a contact file , to which messages can be sent as part of emailing operations. However, they require the definition of a real strategy regarding the different marketing objectives and the mechanism of the games in order to facilitate the identification of the most interesting prospects. They must also comply with the current French regulations.


Choosing your future prospects with contests

Beyond obtaining the consent and the e-mail address of participants for the subsequent sending of opt-in messages, contests allow to to create an initial qualification of the contact file. The many available game mechanics, especially in the form of questionnaires on the topics of email campaigns, can eliminate undesirable profiles in respect to the objective, while ensuring a segmentation of the audience. The latter is also reinforced by the possible specificity of the endowment, to always select in connection with the environment or the skills of the organizing company.


Respect contest legislation

If constituting an email contact list refers to the French regulations on privacy and personal data, the organization of the contest requires compliance with specific legislation. Even for non-purchase games, it involves filing, with a sworn departmental official, of the rules, which include the detailed terms of winnings and the exhaustive description of the prizes. For greater security and to avoid possible disputes of participants, it is advisable to save all the data of the operation in a safe place.


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