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The use of affiliation

Easily create an emailing file

Performance pay, a practical solution for addressing opt-in messages to contacts

Commonly used on the Internet to favor the redirection of Internet users towards the purchase of goods or services, affiliation is also an attractive solution for the easy listing of opt-in contacts. To guarantee the potential of this file when sending messages by emailing, it is nevertheless necessary to set up an attractive marketing program for the partners. It will also be subject to regular monitoring of its performance to optimize the resources of the sponsor.


Create a Quality Affiliate

The adherence of publishers to the affiliation of the company remains closely correlated with the proposed gross remuneration and the anticipated conversion rate. It is important to create a financially attractive campaign that truly rewards the "leads" obtained. These may, for example, relate to the insertion of non-duplicated opt-in addresses in the contact file, representing a net added value for subsequent mailings. Care for marketing materials, which will have to convince the Internet user to carry out a positive action in a few moments, is also strongly advised.


Ensure regular follow-up of the affiliation

Like other advertising programs, this solution requires regular and responsive monitoring by the sponsoring company to quickly identify the most effective combinations. The first feedback must make it possible to dismiss the marketing elements that perform poorly and to possibly propose others to the partners. To mesure their efforts to create a contact file for emailing, an individual analysis of the leads and the conversion rate is an unavoidable step. It can complement the refocusing of the campaign on the best performing affiliates.


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