Question : What is the best day to send my newsletter?


The Opening Rate of an email campaign is the percentage of the number of your subscribers who opened your email. It is an important metric to study as it shows you how efficient your email marketing campaign is, or if you email marketing strategy is working.

The average opening rate should be between 12% to 25%. Anything below that could suggest that you are either targeting the wrong kind of audience, or that your content is not interesting enough for your audience to open your emails. Read below for some tips about how to improve your opening rate.

but which day of the week are emails opened the most?


According to our benchmark, Fridays turned out to be the day of the week with the best opening rates, 20.78 %, followed by Wednesday with a 19.09% and Thursday with a 18.71% opening rate.

Bold Points to Consider

Finding the best time to send your email is going to help improve your engagement and conversion rates. Always keep in mind the following when determining when to send your email campaigns:

  1. Review our Benchmark for more detailed data
  2. Send at “odd” times instead of at the top or bottom of the hour
  3. Get to know your audience. Create tags and remind yourself where your customers reside and their usual active hours.
  4. Don’t forget to test!

In Brief

Remember that email send time is only a piece of your email marketing program. And no matter how optimized your email send time is, if you aren’t providing engaging and valuable content, you won’t persuade users to keep opening and engaging with your emails.



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