Question : How are statistics collected from an SMTP sending


SMTP Statistics

The statistics pertaining to messages sent through the SMTP server are gathered by means of a tracking email system that provides the statistics of messages sent through the SMTP server.

The tracking email system is activated by default in the configuration of the SMTP server. In this way, you will be able to measure the stats of all your emails sent. If you wish, we also give you the option to manually deactivate tracking your statistics. To disable the statistics option, you can do so from the SMTP configuration panel.

Keeping statistics tracking active will allow you to access data such as: total openings, clicks, geolocation, and click through rate. This is similar to the statistics for campaigns sent through our platform for email marketing.

This SMTP Server system is designed especially for customers who need to use their own platforms such as CRMs, Ecommerce, CMS or management software for sending transactional messages without leaving these platforms.

All the information will be gathered from the links you insert and encrypted so that it is not visible to users, therefore keeping your data completely safe.


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