Question : How do I send emails with an SMTP Server


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SMTP is simply one of the standard protocols used to manage email sending. Its goal is to deliver emails to another email server that will carry the message to its final recipient.

To carry out this process through the Mailpro SMTP Servers, you do not need to implement complex codes. All you have to do is connect your software or application to our SMTP server using the username and password provided by our platform. When managing the sending of new mail from your system or application through the SMTP relay, you will ordering our SMTP Server to perform the process of sending the mail to the server or end user.

With the Mailpro SMTP Relay service, you will have a robust infrastructure that takes care of the IP's email sending reputation and you can also study the bounce and opening rates and the interaction of your emails through our SMTP tracking system.

By using a professional email service platform such as Mailpro, you would be simplifying your work process and saving money by not having to manage an expensive and complex server of your own. Our robust and secure server infrastructure hosted in Switzerland gives us the support to deliver hundreds of messages without them being labeled as SPAM.

All the information about the Mailpro SMTP Relay service can be found on our SMTP Server functions page.


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