The sending of mass advertising by means of an electronic messaging service (email or SMS) made available by Maxony is authorized only on the condition that the client law in his own country relative to mass advertising.

The client is required to use the services of Maxony in accordance with legal and contractual provisions.

To be an authorized client, you need to acknowledge these rules:

  • Do not send Spam! A message is Spam only if it is both Unsolicited (don’t’ have authorization to send) and Bulk (same message to multiple email address or phone numbers).
  • Do not send insulting, discriminatory, illegal and unlawful content like illegal products or services.
  • Do not send message violating any rights but especially Intellectual Property Right of any third party. You have to own or have the authorization of use of the property rights of the images (logo, pictures) you use with or software as well as the content copyrights.
  • Do not send message containing sensitive personal data such as health information, bank information, credit card information or whatsoever.
  • Do not use purchased, rented, or third-party email addresses.
  • Comply with our API Use Policy if you use our software API.
  • Do not use our services if you are belonging to an Industry listed in our “List of industries not allowed to use our service” in this document.

Complains and Spam Abuse

In case you did not follow our “Authorized Use Rules” and if we receive an Abuse Complain because of your email or SMS campaign, we will ask you the following information:

Proof of consent of the subscribed person (email and or SMS):

  • Date and time
  • Newsletter subscription agreement
  • Existing customer relationship
  • Any other information showing how you legally collected his information.

In the case that we do not receive the information after 48 hours, or in case we don’t find your information convincing after evaluations it, we will preventively close your account. The closing of your account doesn’t give you the right of being reimbursed (see Closing Account Section)

Bandwidth Abuse

You may only use our bandwidth for your emails. We provide data and image hosting only for your email, so you may not host files or images on our servers for anything else (like a website). Notice that in case of non-respect of the clause we will close your account (see Closing your Account section).

List of industries not allowed to use our services

In order to guarantee the best possible deliverability for our clients, we exclude sectors of activity that represent a threat to our reputation. These sectors of activity are:

  • Profit opportunities and working at home
  • Politics and related activities
  • Trading and online speculation
  • Gambling and online casinos
  • Pornography and sexually explicit content
  • Escort Service
  • Sales of pharmaceutical products
  • Fortune telling
  • Esoteric sciences and Astrology

Maxony excludes these areas without value judgments. The industries presented above are generally akin to spam and can affect the efficiency of our routing services.

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