Writing errors, leading causes of commercial business message filtering

If the causes of spam filtering related to inadequate emailing techniques are identified and corrected fairly easily, those associated with content deemed offensive by the anti-spam fight prove more complex. They are often the result of a rejection of the message directly by the recipients, unable to apprehend the sender or the real commercial promise. An important factor in improving the deliverability rate therefore concerns the writing of the campaign. It is important to design a clean mailing and respecting essential rules of presentation of information.

A clean design overview, a mandatory factor of emailing

Faced with the current frequent sending of commercial emailings, the recipient only has a few moments to form an opinion on a campaign and eventually report it to the anti-spam service. It is therefore necessary to provide reassuring and attractive elements when previewing the message in the Inbox. The sender must be clearly identifiable, in the form of a correspondent and not a simple e-mail address. The subject will be the subject of a personalized wording of the promise in up to 70 characters.

Respect the essential rules of content organization

Beyond this presentation in good form of the advertiser, it is also important to improve the organization of the content inside the message. An HTML creation requires a verification of its conformity with the anti-spam, whereas the use of a graphic layout must respect a balance factor between text and images.

Generally speaking, the purpose must be effective, coherent and fluid, so that the recipient intuitively performs the expected positive action.

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