The reputation of the sender, a direct link with the filtering of commercial messages

To pass anti-spam filtering anti-spam set up on the internet and ensure the deliverability of his or her emailings, the sender must have an excellent reputation. This is based on the use of high-performance techniques and on a strong identification of the senderwith the recipients.

Use technically efficient emailing

In the presence of the open nature of e-mailing, ISPs can rely only on information entering their networks to judge the honesty of an issuer. It is therefore important to use routing based on "good practices" of distribution of the messages, in particular by smoothing the transmitted volume. Another important factor to go through anti-spam is to provide consistent information, such as IP addresses and MX records. It can be further enhanced by subscribing to more extensive identification services, such as the SPF and DKIM, or registration to whitelists.

Enhance email sender identification

The use of technical resources flowing naturally and transparently for a bulk emailing allows to be unaffected by the automated anti-spam of the ISPs and ensures a minimum deliverability of the campaigns. However, they have no effect on the manual action by the recipients of the message as spam, often linked to a problem of identification of the sender or a feeling of forced solicitation. A proven solution is not to use a generic e-mail address as a sender, but rather to personalize it by associating a name and a first name in order to humanize the communication. According to the classic codes of affinity marketing, a male fictional contact will contact a female audience and vice versa.

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