Ever wonder how you are doing compared to others in your industry? In your region?

At Mailpro we see millions of emails pass and we have gathered some metrics for you to study how you are doing compared to others.

We try to give you precise statistics for your campaigns but sometimes our customers don’t know exactly what to compare it to. This benchmark is made just for that. For you to have an idea about what is going on around and what kinds of metrics you should expect to have on your own campaigns.

What is a normal opening rate for a transactional message? Which day of the week has better opening rates? Does it really make a difference to personalize your messages?

You need to compare your metrics to measure your own success. Analyzing Metrics and Data is crucial any marketer and we have put a great deal of effort doing to provide you with the data necessary for you to measure your own success, and to improve it.

This benchmark will also provide you with tips and insights about how to improve and make the most out of this metrics.

Feel free to make a free appointment with one of our customer service representitives to discuss your metrics and how to improve them by writing us at [email protected]


The benchmark Data

We compared 100,000 customers, which we chose randomly between yearly subscribed accounts, free accounts, and prepaid accounts. It’s important to notice that most of our customers are European, followed by South and North America. We haven´t include Asia on this benchmark because our accounts are not representative enough to show numbers.

Email Marketing Benchmark 2021
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