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Email Marketing Benchmark 2023

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Click Rates by Country

Click rates

Countries in Europe generally have higher email click through rates than other countries. This is likely due to the prevalence of well-established customer data protection laws in European countries, which increases consumer trust in emails they receive and makes them more willing to take action. Additionally, most people in Europe are used to interacting with companies over the internet, so they may be more adept at recognizing genuine messages from legitimate brands. Lastly, Europeans tend to be highly engaged online and have a strong preference for digital products and services, which makes them more likely to click on emails related to these topics. All of these factors contribute to significantly higher click through rates for email marketers based in Europe.

Switzerland has one of the highest email click through rates in Europe, and this can be attributed to a few different factors. Firstly, Switzerland consumers are highly engaged online, with a large percentage of their population actively using digital media platforms on a daily basis. This leads to higher chances of interactions with emails they receive.

Additionally, Switzerland´s close proximity to other European countries gives it access to the same data protection laws as many of its neighbors, boosting consumer trust in emails from brands. Lastly, Swizterland boasts strong economic growth and technological infrastructure, which allows companies to reach the general public more effectively with their email campaigns.

On the other hand, Uruguay’s lowest click rates in email marketing, which is largely due to its low number of subscribers. The country's population is small and internet penetration percentages are also much lower than other countries. Additionally, Uruguayans tend to be more privacy-conscious and less trusting of companies that market their products via email. These factors all combine to create a challenging environment for email marketers that can explain why the click rates for campaigns launched there are so much lower than elsewhere. However, with the right strategies and tactics, it is possible to make an impact with email marketing in Uruguay and find success in this region.

Email Marketing Benchmark 2023
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