Opening Rates

Open rates

The open rate (also known as Open Percentage) is a metric used to measure the success of an email marketing campaign. This metric is calculated by dividing the total number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent.

Having a high opening rate in an email marketing campaign is essential and can be the difference between a successful campaign and one that falters. A good opening rate shows that your message has been noticed, read, and acted upon. It’s also important to craft an engaging subject line so that readers will open the email instead of ignoring it completely. Additionally, providing interesting content that is relevant to your target audience will ensure readers stay engaged with your message until the very end.

The average opening rate should be between 12 to 25%. Anything above that could suggest that you are either targeting the wrong kind of audience, or that your content is not interesting enough for your audience to open your emails. Read below for some tips about how to improve your opening rate.

But how do we know who opens your email?

Well, to know exactly who opens an email, we will insert an invisible picture with a link inside each email you send.. This way, every time someone opens one of your emails, we will see it. This works very well for Mac and iOS users because they open images by default. However, this method works less good for PC/Outlook as images are not automatically downloaded. Therefore, a PC/Outlook user could have read the email without downloading the images, and it won’t count as an opening.

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