The current outbreak of coronavirus is significantly affecting brands and their sales. Amidst this business shutdown and panic, there are questions about how brands should communicate their messages to the people in crisis effectively. 

During this hard time, many famous brands, such as Google, Starbucks, etc. have temporarily shut down. With this being said, many brands are finding new ways to make their brand survive through this epidemic situation.

In these situations, customers only pay for important and valuable stuff. Also, these difficult times will let you know who your loyal customers are. So, brands need to implement effective and best marketing strategies that will embrace and solve their problems.

However, now the question arises what strategies you should implement during the time of crisis. Well, this article will help deal with this situation effectively and efficiently. Here are some branding tips to boost your business during the crisis.

Set a Reasonable Price

If you set a price for your product, make sure your price makes sense. Whether the prices go up or down, it should make sense to customers and not suppliers. If the price is reasonable, customers are going to get attracted to your product. Moreover, when the price is at the economic window, you are going to get an increased demand from the customers.

Hence, the right window of the price holds a significant value.

Besides, keep in mind that during critical times, customers tend to be more price-sensitive and less loyal to brands. So, to keep your customers loyal to you, you need to sell your products at a fair price they won’t get anywhere. Also, make certain to keep an eye on the product’s prices of competitors. 

Add an Added Value to your Product

Make sure to add an added value to your products, which will incite customer loyalty. Adding value to your products or services can help you in attracting more customers, which in turn, boost ROI. For this, you need to make your product a brand.

Many companies can just add value to their product by just adding their logo to their product. For instance, Nike can sell their shoes at a much higher price if they have their logo on the product. Even the cost of production is low; Nike can be ahead of its competitors just because of its brand name.   

Further, for increasing ROI, you can add an extra feature to increase the value of your service. As this will make you different from your competitors, you can attract more and more customers.  

Invest in Reasonable Marketing Advertisements

In critical times, many businesses make the mistake of not promoting their brand or products. But, this should not be the case. In fact, you should really market your products and services so customers can get to know about your services. However, if you have a low budget, you can invest in budget-friendly marketing tools that will help you build a great marketing campaign. 

Yes, you can now invest in marketing without spending a fortune. One such affordable marketing platform is Mailpro, as it is a reasonable way to do marketing and increase customer loyalty. By offering you a variety of features, Mailpro can be your savior at this time of crisis.

Some of the amazing features this tools offers are contact management, email marketing campaign, email automation, SMS campaigns, campaign statistics and reporting, and much more.

Since email marketing is a sure shot way to increase your sales at this time, this tool gives you just that by offering the best and most effective email campaign assistance. On top of that, the tool is reasonable, so it won’t make a dent in your pocket at this time of recession.      

Deal with your Customer the Right Way

This is a sensitive time. So, it is a top challenge for marketers to provide their customers with the right and relevant stuff they can rely on and relate to. Make sure to give a message of ‘Stay safe and well’ through your brand.

For this, you need to understand your customers and their pain points so you can provide genuine solutions to their problems.

Although it is a difficult thing, brands should try to say the right thing at the right time with the right tone. Keep in mind the following things:

  • Make sure your product meets the needs of buyers
  • Inspire your customers
  • Show your customers some genuine sympathy
  • Talk with actions rather than words

Be Innovative

At the time of crisis, people prefer to stay at home. For this reason, only, gaming and video apps industries have seen a significant increase in their demand.

To keep up with this fact, you need to be more innovative and engaging with your marketing campaigns. You can build branded games, apps, and videos. Also, by promoting health and fitness, you can hugely increase your brand awareness.  

Embrace Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. Since, at the time of crisis, most of the people stay at home and spend an extended time on various social media, marketers should pick a practical and relevant platform. 

For instance, if your audience consists of women, Pinterest is a good platform. Besides, Instagram and Facebook offer a highly specific audience that you can easily customize according to your needs.     

Parting Thoughts

Anticipating various crises can be a hard thing to think about. But, it would help if you prepared yourself beforehand, so the terrific situation won’t hit you hard. For this, you need to make sure that you are implementing the best practices at your company while the company is still strong. You can do this by keeping the above strategies in mind. Or, you can also endow your customers with engaging and quality content, so they come to the online store again and again.

And, to make sure you create effective and converting campaigns, Mailpro can help you. Along with letting you create compelling email campaigns, the tool will make sure to boost your conversion rate.      

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