Creating an attractive email design that manages to reach a client is currently within everyone's reach

Design is a fundamental aspect when developing an email marketing campaign; creating an attractive design for your newsletter can help your brand, product or service stand out amongst others.

Having a good email design will help you craft the proper tone for communicating your brand in addition to being a useful, personal hallmark. It will help give you an identity. It's a simple, fast and visual way to transmit whatever it is you want your brand to spread. Without an attractive design, it is very difficult to be convincing; even if your content isn’t that solid, with a striking way of presenting information, it’s possible to get users to take the time to read and pay attention anyways.

In this article, we give you some tips that you should keep in mind when designing your newsletter

  • Responsiveness is a basic rule

For a while now, people have browsed the web from multiple devices and therefore, users have demanded to receive the same quality of content whether it’s viewed on their Tablet, mobile phone or computer which means that your email design must be adapted for each type of device.

A responsive newsletter is one that can be seen perfectly from a smartphone screen, as well as from a tablet or computer. Just by reviewing the metrics of your campaigns, you can tell the number of users who open your messages from a mobile device. So it is essential that the newsletter is designed taking the dimensions of these device screens into account.

Creating a design that adapts to different screens will get you right to each user, which will generate more impact, as your message will appear in a format that is perfect for each device and not as a generic adaptation.

When you use a professional platform to create your batches of mail,  it is important that it can provide you with responsive templates that help you save time and personalize the message for your users.

Mailpro has a wide gallery of Templates at your disposal, that you can modify with the graphic elements that best represent your brand or client. It is always important that you think about what your client expects and needs, and with these templates you can adapt to what your user is looking for; modifying, deleting and adding new elements to your templates.

  • Design from scratch, just like a professional

Graphic designmay sound like unknown territory for you, but the truth is that software is increasingly adapted for those who have very little knowledge of technique or design to be able to easily use it. When you are going to select your email marketing application, it is important that you can provide a WYSIWYG editor, which will allow you to create your newsletter from scratch, the way you want. It is very easy to create a design using an editor that by means of the Drag & Drop will give you the freedom to insert images, CTA buttons, and texts boxes in a very intuitive way. Creating newsletters in a simple and agile way.

If you have some knowledge programming with HTML, you can also create your newsletter from an HTML editor like the one offered by Mailpro, with which you can format the content of the message and establish the structure of blocks for images, texts, colors, font sizes. With mailpro you have the ability to edit and create your newsletter using both methods; with the WYSIWYG editor you can create the bases of the design and through knowledge of HTML, you can refine the details.

  • Optimize time using Templates

For reasons such as time and practicality, whether you are a communication agency, store or an entrepreneur who wants to communicate the news to the customer, when thinking about your email designs, the ideal resource for many is the use of templates. The advantage of using templates is being able to simply to fill it with your information and data, without having to worry about starting from scratch. You will work with a base that can help you create that tone of communication that you want to transmit and to which you can modify with colors and images that adapt to your need.

Having a gallery with hundreds of templates for email marketing campaigns is one of the solutions that Mailpro offers you. These professional templates are adjusted to the needs of each user, who otherwise may not have the technical knowledge, programming, or design skills needed to create attractive campaigns.

We understand that having good email design is fundamental and we know that time is limited, so by creating your message with Mailpro templates, you can tap into all your creativity by selecting from our gallery divided into more than 35 categories of thematic templates that best suit your objective and brand.

The topics you can find in our gallery are designed to communicate about:

  • Beauty and health
  • Business
  • Special events and congratulations
  • Hostelry
  • Sports
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Culture and many more

The design you use for your emails will help you sculpt the identity for your brand, which will make your customers easily recognize you and highlight your product from the pile of emails they receive daily. Complement it with attractive visual elements such as photographs that show your product in an authentic and professional way, GIFs to highlight some specific content and give that newsletter a fresh and interactive touch, so that the design allows for a constant changing and adapting, it is important to always be willing to change and adapt to new trends and to the needs of your users and constantly test which changes are best for your brand.

It is clear that a successful email marketing campaign has to be accompanied by a good email design and this cannot be done without the proper email marketing software. Mailpro email marketing software will allow you to create your emails in a simple way which will  help you reach your customers in a professional manner.


We try to bring you tips on email marketing so that you can improve your email marketing strategy! Follow us or leave us a comment if you enjoy reading our articles. 

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