It is possible that at some point, you have asked yourself why you must use an Email Marketing application to send bulk mailings when there are other means that don’t present any costs. If this alternative has crossed your mind, we must remind you that «the cheap becomes the expensive ". If you really want to do quality work in a professional way, saving yourself money in the short-run can eventually make things a lot more expensive. For this reason, you should think it through and use the functionalities provided by professional platforms such as Mailpro, which presents the right options for designing mail campaigns successfully.

Reasons to avoid sending mass mailing using free email services?

As we have said before, email marketing is one of the most important tools in Digital Marketing to attract customers, build loyalty and generate true brand ambassadors. The advantage of sending mass emails from Gmail or Outlook, seems to be the simplicity of the process and it’s freeness, but generating real engagement with your subscribers will only be possible under a solid email marketing strategy generated through professional applications.

Trying to do email marketing using free email services such as Gmail or Outlook, could cause great risks to your delivery capacity, which you may not even fully notice as you won’t have statistics to analyze your sending  stats. This may also raise the chances of the message going to the Spam folder. Unlike the free email services, a professional platform such as Mailpro complies with all the necessary parameters that guarantee the sending and delivery of your emails.

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Some of the risks of trying to do email marketing campaigns with free email services

Less deliverability

Not only do you have to worry about your message even being opened, before thinking about it, you must take into account the delivery capacity of the platform you are using. These providers do not have servers configured for mass mailing. In addition, some of them have daily sending limits of 250 to 500 emails per day and are not designed to generate large mail volumes, so even if you do manage to make a high volume sending, it is likely to cost a lot of work to even get the message to its  destination.

There are no statistics

Another great disadvantage of using free email services such as Gmail or Outlook, is not being able to measure your delivery results. You will not be able to receive information that allows you to measure the details of email marketing campaigns, so you can’t possibly know how many emails were actually delivered, the percentages of openings, bounce rates, and you would work completely blind without knowing the most important and basic data of your campaign statistics. Without the statistics, you can’t be sure of what you are doing well or what you should change.

Another disadvantage of not using a professional email marketing service, is not being able to control your email bouncing and monitor lowering rates to keep clean contact lists and avoid bad practices that can lead to a bad IP reputation.

No customization possibilities

Forget about sending personalized messages, these free email services were not designed to manage contact lists that can be customized. Forget about placing the recipient's name in the subject or message content automatically. You would also have to insert the name of contacts for which you would have to manually send messages, one by one.

Design problems

The newsletter design has very particular characteristics, in addition to different rules for the visualization of the HTML design. Depending on users email server, this will not be seen in the same way. The design must be responsive and adapt to the screens of mobile devices. For this reason, it is much simpler that you can make the design from a software that allows you to use a Drag & Drop editor and ensures the generation of a responsive design, as well as preview the message before sending.

Reputation problems

If you choose to send mass emails through Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo, there is a high chance that your IP reputation will be affected. In terms of SPAM, not using an appropriate application to send mass mailings would really be giving you a direct ticket to the SPAM folder.

Subscription cancellations

Without the right platform, you can’t manage contacts unsubscribing, which could have serious consequences on both the legal and reputational level of your brand or product.

Do the right thing and avoid big problems

Creating an email marketing campaign is a very important issue that should not be taken lightly if you want to work professionally and optimally to avoid problems like falling into spam or creating a bad reputation.

The important thing is that use the right tools with which you can work in a simple way, obtaining the best results for your business. Mailpro, is the professional email marketing platform that ensures a high rate of delivery as well as the optimal management of the reputation of your IP, respecting the laws and ensuring the protection of the data of your customers and subscribers. You can make the right decisions for each email sending thanks to accurate statistics and support staff willing to solve all your doubts.

From Mailpro, you can make unlimited sending in your free and monthly plans. Something that is unthinkable from free email services such as Gmail or Outlook, you can also take advantage of the platform's features such as:

Take the test and use a professional email marketing service to carry out your first massive email campaign. Create a Mailpro account and receive 500 free credits to create your campaigns.

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