You must have seen or used a QR code while making a digital payment, buying a ticket, or using a business card. But have you ever wondered what a QR code is, how it works, and whether or not you can create your own? This blog will teach you about QR codes and how to create a custom QR code for your Mailpro sign-up forms to attract more potential subscribers and maximize your email list! So, let's get started. 

What are QR Codes?

That QR code is called the quick response code, and it is easy to read. The QR code is used to get data or pay quickly. It is in the same group as a barcode, which is used to show how much a product is worth.

A dynamic and personalized QR code for your Mailpro sign-up forms is a practical way to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign! Although QR codes are not a new digital marketing tactic, they have been used in the corporate sector and have grown over the years. Today, it is even used to power up and grow email subscribers! 

How does it work?

A QR code can be used for many different things, and you can scan it with a smartphone camera. The black dots and squares are used to store data in each QR code. When you scanned these dots and squares together, they gave you store information that you could get to.

Not every QR code is in the shape of a square. Inside, they may contain one-of-a-kind patterns, colors, and logos. You'll find them in non-digital places like direct mail, signage, billboards, and even TV shows, where you can use your phone to scan the code on the screen. The look of a QR code changes depending on the types and sizes of data it holds. Average QR codes can contain about 7,000 digits or about 4,000 characters, and they can also hold both. The data can also be a mix of both. It's possible to use a QR code to keep things like URLs and phone numbers. 

Importance of QR Code for Email Marketing

Using a QR code for email marketing is a simple and effective way to attract new subscribers. QR codes, like NFC tags, are optimized for mobile devices and can hence be accessed rapidly using smartphones.

A customized QR code gives your QR code a more credible appearance and attracts 80% more scans than a standard black-and-white QR code. When people subscribe to your email list, making your QR codes personalized to your purpose, marketing plan, or brand increases retention and relationships with your target audience! People can quicly access your sign up form through your QR code. 

Using a physical look to include QR codes in your overall branding helps build trust and rapport with your potential email subscribers.

How to make your own QR code for your Mailpro sign-up form

You may modify your hosted sign-up form for your audience by using Mailpro sign-up forms. All Mailpro forms are mobile-friendly, allowing potential subscribers to sign up from any device, wherever they are! You can distribute it to your potential subscribers via any printed, social media, or another communication method when you have completed it.

Here are a few ways in which you can make your own QR Code without any hassle and use it in your Mailpro sign-up form. 

The First Way to Make Your Own QR Code

If you're wondering how to make a QR code, we can assure you that it's not a challenging task. If you use social media, you may create a unique QR code for your profile using a tool built into most social media platforms. Users can also make free QR codes for websites, text, phone numbers, events, Wi-Fi, and other items using, QR Stuff, QR Monkey, etc. 

Tap Create to create a new QR code in the app, then select the type of barcode you want to make. The software will invite you to enter needed information, such as a website URL or contact information, after which your QR code will show on the screen. To save it, tap PNG. 

A Second Way to Make a QR Code

Users of Google Chrome can now generate a QR code for any URL directly from the browser. If you wish to make a QR code with the Google Chrome browser, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then go to the webpage you want to make a QR code for.
  • To accomplish this, navigate to the address bar and click the share symbol next to the bookmark button.
  • From the dropdown option, select QR Code.
  • The webpage will be encoded with a QR code.
  • Go ahead and click on the 'Download it' button.
  • The QR Code will be saved as a JPEG file on your computer, which you can share.

Wrapping up the Post


QR codes may be used for email marketing in a variety of ways, and sign-up forms are only one of them! You may expect a flexible email QR code marketing campaign while also saving money if your Mailpro QR code sign-up forms are generated in dynamic mode!

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