The Web Marketing looks so easy; actually everyone is using it, thus a beginner may feel that he can manage it himself without too much trouble. It is true; however you need to know some rules, not always followed by advertisers, which creates marks the difference between good and bad marketers. When we talk about web marketing, we refer to any web medium used to communicate: website, social networks, e-mail campaign, SEO, membership…it gathers all the methods that can be used on the web to make a company or a brand known and to optimize its e-reputation. Since this article is meant for beginners, we are simply going to make the distinction between two types of actions. The canvassing and the retention. If one has to select a strategy that is better and can achieve both the action the email campaign should be preferred. This is why e-mail campaign is now considered as a key tool among marketers, from any sector.

First canvass, then retain!

To retain, you need to have a list of customers or convinced potential customers. This is why you first need to canvass. Canvassing does not mean to say out loud that you are in the advertising business. The aim is to target an audience that is susceptible to be interested in the product or service you sell and what you say. To achieve that you will have to gather data on your potential customers. Forms, surveys, and social networks are the perfect tools to know more about your potential customers and to see if they match your target audience and if they do match the criteria customized messages can be sent. Once you have defined your target audience Canvassing should not be used as a means to communicate massively but should be used to communicate with your target audience. When we speak about retention, we are referring to potential customers that have become customers or could be active future customers who are very response to your messages but who have not made any purchase yet. Retention means that you will have to know the consumption habits of your customers, to offer them services or products in addition to their purchase, to offer them special discounts, to suggest them to join the VIP club or a similar loyalty scheme. The objective is to keep your contacts always waiting and to have them spend some more.  

The tools

To perform web marketing we mainly use multi-medium campaigns. Which simply means campaigns that can be found on several media outlets. The first objective is to attract as many people as you can because as you understand that depending on the age, social status or interests the type of media used by your target audience will differ. Moreover, each medium will have a role to play depending on the progress of your strategy. For example, a website that has a good web ranking will be able to appeal to a lot of people and eventually be able to skim to get some quality leads. Later, these leads can be used for an e-mail campaign, more targeted and more customized on the website. You can then bring your leads to join you on social networks where a one-to-one customization can be used thanks to bots or simply human interactions. You have a wide range of possibilities in web marketing. Business watch is very important to be up-to date with the latest trends and mostly to have a good knowledge of all the communication media.  

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