Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most cost-effective marketing tactic in every entrepreneur’s pack of cards in the current era. According to a survey, more than 60% of the global population has access to the internet!

This statement alone should be self-sufficient to demonstrate how important it is to see this as an opportunity to expand one’s customer base. Even if not, there is a good chance that you will develop a strong network across the global markets, which is a win-win situation.

Marketing, in simpler words, means targeting a part of the audience and using relative information to influence those who might demand the goods or services. Put that in digital terms; generate relative audio and visual aid to drive more traffic to your business. Believe it or not, there is detailed research on how a particular text, placement, and even font has a significant impact on one’s decision making, isn’t it astonishing?

A basic plan for digital marketing should include SEO, PPC, Social Media, and website advertisements, right? No. A key element of a successful digital marketing campaign will always have email marketing. This cannot be emphasized enough. Want to know why? Continue reading. 

Email Marketing

Ever got a mail from a website that you purchased goods/services from in your inbox? You know where this is going. Still, that’s what Email marketing is, but it is the tip of the iceberg. Email marketing involves sending updates regarding the product/service in a curated manner towards a potential customer. If you have a website, you can combine it with newsletters (which offer some benefit to visitors). 

Many people skip this step, but according to statistics, it has the most click-back rate compared to any other form of marketing! Engaging a user is mildly difficult but rewarding at the end. This is the chief reason why a lot of businesses fail. Just imagine getting hundreds of marketing emails per month with no useful information, what would you do? Mark as spam or simply unsubscribe to them, simple.  

The email should be simple, well designed, relative, and should involve something known as ‘call-to-action’. 

Segment your campaign

The problem of relativity can be solved using segmentation. Segmentation is nothing but arranging tailored emails and specific content in bundles and delivering them to listed people. Following are the commonly focused aspects covered in email segmentation:

  • End Audience

The end audience is who will ultimately see the marketing email. This is mentioned at first because if the list is narrowed down according to this parameter first, the rest of the fragmentation process will be much easier. 

Now speaking about the audience, the end audience can be anything from a normal consumer to a potential business partner. Anyone who can access your website/newsletter can be targeted, just that you need to fit the right offering in the newsletter. 

  • Age

Age can affect the decision making of an end-user. An older man would love to have a more secure, trustable, easy, and simple campaign while younger users might be attracted to a flashy video and urban content. Also, younger users are more active on mobile as compared to the population of older people; therefore, you should focus on the platform of the device, respectively. 

Secret tip, you could also conduct surveys via email marketing by rewarding young audiences in cash/points or coupons. As youth is more aware of technology, the fact can be utilized to our advantage.

  • Gender

98% of the females prefer to click on call-to-action when they are offered a special discount or deal with a product or service they have previously availed. But on the flip side, men usually don’t prefer discounts, but rather free items. 

 Also, the interests of a person are greatly influenced by gender. Men will prefer stuff like cars, motorcycles, electronics while women lookout for clothing, cosmetics, and self-care. 

  • Demographics

The geographical structure of a region affects the lifestyle of the natives, hence the demands. For example, a person living in a hilly area needs more woolen material clothing or may even opt for meat-based food because of cold ambient temperature.

  • Purchase Frequency

If you’re planning to include all existing buyers in the mailing list, this might be a very good check. People hate spam, so you should avoid unnecessary mailing. Moreover, filtering out people will reduce the cost of operations because the list will be shorter, and fragmentation will take less time.

If a buyer purchases stuff from your website frequently, then it might be good to keep him/her updated about your latest offerings. The customer will be your asset because he/she brings a returning customer. 

This doesn’t mean that you should not send marketing emails to those who have never purchased at all. Based on other parameters, you can always make a list of people who might be interested in your content.  

  • Good follow-up

It is a good way to implement a follow-up plan. This is because of two reasons; first, you will be able to get statistics which will help in making a better campaign next time and second, you might be able to adhere to how successful the campaign was, possibly re-implement the same one for a definite period and save on cost.

A straightforward and effective way to do this is:

  • Generate statistical data for sales/visits before the campaign.
  • Compare that data with the data after the campaign.
  • Deduce the areas which might need improvements.

Importance of Email Segmentation

This cannot be repeated enough, email segmentation is a must. A data survey reveals that Email segmentation is three times more effective than a successful ad campaign. Following are some reasons which might be of use to you: 

  • Creates brand image

If you curate email marketing campaigns tailored on a user basis, it will fetch your brand goodwill. Users love to see add which are suited for their demands, and it creates a psychological image that the brand cares for them. If you offer deals via email, it appeals to the end recipient in a way that the company is not just about fetching customers but also giving something back in return.

  • Engagement with customers

The most valuable feedback you can get about customers is from the customers themselves. No amount of surveys can meet the quality of feedback provided directly by them. Imagine you being visited for a survey every month for feedback. It will be annoying for you, and you might be unwilling and give biased reviews. The feedback information stays between the company and the recipient, so a sense of comfortless is established.

  • Lower costs

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional means of marketing. One can plan a campaign from anywhere and at any time. You don’t have to be a professional and tech-savvy marketer or hire a marketing agency that will care about the billboards and stuff. There are a variety of guides available on the internet that you can go through and carry out the backend work on your shoulders, hence saving the cost.  

Email marketing is instant as well. Right when you hit the send button, email is delivered to the recipient. No delay whatsoever, unlike traditional means of marketing. This ensures that your company is ahead of the game every single time. 

  • More means

You can include a dedicated video message or even a digital postcard in the email campaign. Get a poster designed with attractive fonts and graphics, or you can go simple, just type out a personalized email for your base. You can cater to the preference of every individual group. All of this can be done within a day or so! Imagine the amount of time you will spare by incorporating all of this in an email marketing campaign.

Advanced Tools for Email Fragmentation

To fully leech the advantages of email fragmentation, you can use a bunch of automated tools to ease the workflow process for you. 

Processing emails every time can be time-consuming and not worth the effort. There are a bunch of email processing solutions like Mailpro, which can maintain the list and fragmentation for you. Just enter in the message and hit on send next time and that’s it!

What if you’re delivering feedback forms in email marketing? No worries; there are a bunch of autoresponders for letting users know that the company has addressed their feedback, and the same is appreciated. It appeals to the user and is super easy to set up the backend. Just search for a client who does this and enter in a custom message, link with the email, and voila!

Wrapping Up

In the end, email marketing is a tried and tested method that, if implemented carefully and executed correctly, can bring miracles to your company or business. You need not be a computer geek to start with email campaigns in the first place, just a little bit of research from here and there, and you’ll reap the results of the efforts soon!

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