Sometimes the Blog vocabulary may seem a bit technical so to make sure that everyone understands here is a glossary of the E-Mail campaign. The beginners will find all the basic Terms and It will be Also be A good Refresher for others

A/B testing, split-testing: enables to test two versions of the same e-mail campaign or of the same webpage, in order to determine the one that fits best with the objectives of the campaign.

Subscriber: users that have subscribed to your newsletters from your website.

Advertiser: or marketer, the person responsible to launch an e-mail campaign, so basically you.

ASP: « application service provider », web application using its own servers and routers without being installed on your computer..

B2B (BtoB): Business To business, relation from professional to professional. See the e-mail campaign.

B2C (BtoC): Business To consumer, relation from professional to user.

Call-to-action: image on which you can click with an aspect that appeals the user and makes him want to go to the website.

Co-registration: technique that can offer a user subscribing to a newsletter, to subscribe to other newsletters from the same brand or company or partners.

Deliverability: ability of a message to be transferred to a recipient. 

DKIM: Domain Key Identifier Mail, authentification system via the cryptographic signature within the content of the message.

E-mail campaign: a commercial message via electronic inbox.

Emailing software or e-mail campaign software: program that enables the sending and the management of a marketing campaign via e-mail such as Mailpro.

ISP: Internet Service Provider.

Feedback loop: offers the possibility to trigger marketing actions depending on what the potential customer did in his past.

Hard bounce : e-mail campaign that has not been delivered because the user or the domain name are not correct.

NPAI: addressee unknown or , « bad mail », means that the e-mail address does not exist anymore. Technically, the address is no longer valid.

Opt-in, or double opt-in: Getting the e-mail address of its owner with his consent. See getting addresses.

Opt-out: Getting an address without the proper consent of its owner.

Prospect: the customer, more precisely someone in your database.

ROI : return on investment.

Spam: messages/ emails received without being asked, mostly with ads in it.

Split-testing: method to test different versions of an e-mail campaign on various samples of the database. 

Click-through rate: means the number of clicked e-mails.

Response rate: Click-through rate divided by the rate of opening.

Conversion rate: means the number of e-mails that led to a sale.

Opening rate: means the number of e-mails that have been read.

Tracking: to follow the messages to know whether they have been opened, deleted, clicked on.

WYSIWYG : « what you see is what you get », user interface offering an intuitive display.


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