The tests of A and B are sent to different segments of users to study their behavior regarding the content. That is, you can check which versions generate higher opening rates, click-through rates or more interaction with the CTAs that you have placed in your content. For example, place a yellow CTA button and a blue one to check the click percentages, or add an emoji to the subject line to check the opening rate.

Advantages of doing A/B Testing in your email campaigns

The advantages of performing AB tests in your email campaigns will allow you to evaluate the type of content you should send in each message and adapt it to the needs of your subscribers.

Knowing your audience

A/B Testing your campaigns will allow you to know the behavior of your audience, which will be very useful: knowing your users’ reactions to the content, which design style attracts them, if they prefer longer or shorter texts, which color calls their attention. The purpose will be to offer content that is most optimized for them and that gives them value.

Improving the conversion

The basis for improving the conversion is to get to know the audience. By sending them an A/B Testing you can identify whether the subject lines are attractive or if they need to adjustments in order to be more attractive. Or if there are elements that are not allowing your messages to reach your destination.

Elements within the email that you can try

Subject Line

Create two different subject lines taking into account their length or whether they are customized - or not. Do not be afraid to use different lines of topics, beyond the length you can add emojis and try different ways to create the message. For example, you could send one with a message with a subject line as a question, and another one with an urgent tone. Take the time necessary to create that subject line that captures the attention of your subscriber and segments very well the contacts with whom you will perform your tests.

The important thing is that you keep in mind not to use words that can send you to the Spam folder.

Call to Action

The call-to-action buttons are part of the most important elements of an email content. The content should capture the attention of your reader, but should also generate conversion. Take into account that the CTA buttons can generate different interactions in each user; for this reason, you should perform tests with different colors, sizes, texts and location of your CTA buttons. With the tests on this element you can gather data that will help you to know the behavior of your subscriber, with numbers on the amount of clicks they will have done on one test, or the other, and on which CTA has the best reaction.

Delivery Moment

During the same week, you could make a deliver to different user groups. After doing it, check the statistics and compare the numbers to evaluate which day and time has better acceptance. Depending on your sector you could try sending an email on Wednesday and a version B of this email B on Friday, then check the results of opening rates..


Depending on the type of campaign you send, you could try creating a short and accurate message or a more descriptive and longer one. You can also play with different forms of writing or create a different storytelling for each test. Do not limit the power of words and always remember to complete your messages with visual content that is attractive to your reader. It is important to try different ways to present the content and recognize the best way to write them.


The visual way that you present the content will have an important weight, its assembly and design will have a lot of value when it comes to attracting the attention of your subscriber.

To test the design you could play with the position of the text boxes and images, send that first test to a segment of your contacts and create another message by adjusting the position of the text boxes. In the same way you could do the test with predesigned templates and select two different ones from the wide offer that Mailpro has for each sector.


As we have stated before, the image is very important to cause interest within your users. Trying different images is important. If you promote products, you could try different photographs of the same product, or images with different colors. Do not limit yourself to using everything in the same way, remember that each user is different and only through email A/B testing you can recognize your users behavior.

Types of offers

If you are looking to promote your products through some offer, this can also be an element for you to perform an AB Test. By sending a different time or a different offer to different segments of your contacts before launching your product, you can check which one has the best results and make it reach the rest of your contacts.

In order to send an Email as a Test A/B, you must take into account:

  • Define your goals: Start by analyzing the statistics of your campaigns and identify which areas have given you problems. With this you can ask questions and find the solution to them through the study of sending A/B tests
  • Choose a single item to try: You can fully test all the elements of your message, but it will be much more convenient if you study a single one. If you send a test with many changes to it, it will be a little more complex to understand with certainty which one has worked best. 

If you want to have successful campaigns you need to test them, create segments of your contacts and send them your test emails with the elements you have decided to try.

Do not get carried away by chance, make the A/B Test necessary for your campaigns and adapt the messages and offers to what your client needs. This will be one of the most important steps to get to know your subscribers.

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