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The responsive e-mail has become the standard

Responsive e-mail

Today, you can browse the Internet on multiple devices. At home, the users are either using their computer or their tablet, when they go to work they use their Smartphone and and then end their day at home while still on another connected device. The dynamic aspect of the users requires that the marketing must be dynamic as well. What was previously thought as a way to adapt to new potential customers has now become a standard. Therefore you need to create your e-mail campaign based on these standards, considering them as a built-in setting to be effective. Responsive means to adapt to different formats, especially keeping the quality of a content between a large format (desktop) and a smaller one (smartphone). The concept is to make sure that the customer has the same experience on each device. In addition, the habits of the users will remain the same. So for example, blocks that are located next to one another on a desktop will be located one below the others on a smartphone. The readers now easily adapt and can switch from one medium to the other. As lines get readjusted as columns on a mobile device, you will have to make sure that the most important information is displayed first and accuately. Moreover, text will take more space on a mobile device than on a desktop therefore our suggestion for you would be to use shorter texts so that once displayed on the smartphone they do not look like lists of thousand of words. When it comes to call-to-action, we suggest you to test several different placements in order to determine which placement generates the most clicks because remember at the end you are simply trying to bring more people to your website. In fact, apart from just testing call-to-action, the best strategy would be to test the complete e-mail campaign on several different mobile customers because their response will differ between each other based on their interests.

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