Optimising one's email campaign with automated unsubscription tools

Advertisers too often tend to neglect their newsletter unsubscription process. Unsubscription is the end of a contact with the prospect and, in an email campaign, it remains a vital stage that needs to be properly managed so as to abide by the legislation and to optimise the deliverability of one's email address book. .

The unsubscription links of a newsletter

Legislation makes it compulsory for advertisers to insert an unsubscription link in each of their newsletters. Far from being a mere constraint, this obligation strengthens an email's quality because it shows prospects that they can unsubscribe at any time and very easily. It also enables the advertiser not to be listed as spam by Internet users. It is for these reasons that Mailpro automatically adds an unsubscription link at the end of each message of each email campaign.

You can change this link, the text that comes with it and also its position in the newsletter. If no unsubscription address is detected after the changes have been effected, Mailpro adds one by default.

Unsubscriber book management

MailPro offers its users simplified unsubscription management. The link that makes unsubscription possible is added automatically by the software and the same software transfers the user name of each prospect who unsubscribes from the newsletter from the address book to the unsubscriber book.

Then, the advertiser can send his emails without fearing lest they are received by the addressees who unsubscribed and he can view the list of the people who decided no longer to receive the newsletter whenever he likes. Moreover, during each new client file importation into the address book, Mailpro will automatically remove all the Internet users who are already part of the list of unsubscribers.

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