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Reduce the un-subscription rate of your newsletters

Reduce un-subscriptions

To gain more and more subscribers to their newsletter is one of the advertisers’ objectives but their worst nightmare is when they unsubscribe and that can happen a lot sometimes. Here is our advice to keep a high number of subscribers.  It is great to have a lot of followers only if they are reacting to to your campaigns.

One important thing to note is that by making the un-subscribing process easy it will not have a negative impact on the number of your subscribers. In fact, there is nothing worse than to take your subscribers in hostage situation with too complicated un-subscription process. The best way is to show that it is easy and possible to unsubscribe anytime they want. To avoid the un-subscriptions, you need to keep your list of contacts updated and to make sure that your contacts are still willing to receive information from you (which is something that should be done in the process of double opt-in imposed by the GDPR). You can even unsubscribe the users that are no longer active yourself. In that case, a good thing to do would be to send a last e-mail to your contacts informing them that you noticed they were no longer active so you are not going to contact them anymore but at the same time telling them that they can renew their subscription if they want to. Most un-subscriptions are related to the relevance of the content and the frequency of the messages. If you adjust these two aspects, your un-subscription rates will go down.

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