Question : What is a good opening rate ?


Learn what is considered a good opening rate for your campaigns

A good opening rate is around 25 % of opening for a sending to several thousands of subscribers. This rate can go as far as 50 – 80 % in the best of scenarios.

In this case, we are not speaking of sending mail to prospects but to a genuinely qualified address database. These data can also be exported in Excel file format (CSV) that you will directly receive in your messaging service.

To improve your opening rate, Mailpro offers its emailing campaign unopened mail reminder service. During a campaign, Mailpro analyses unopened emails and automatically sends again the email to the unopened addresses of this campaign using the corresponding address books, which enables you to increase the reading rate of the newsletters without bothering the people who have already opened the email.

The statistics will be consolidated.

Beware : The reminder system uses credits for each mail that it sends again.


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