Which SMTP Port to Use?

SMTP port 587 is commonly used for email marketing. It is a secure and authenticated port that allows for the transmission of emails from email service providers to the recipient's mail server. Additionally, port 587 allows for the use of encryption to protect sensitive information during transmission, making it a preferable choice for email marketing campaigns.

Using port 587 for email marketing has several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Security: Port 587 is a secure and authenticated port that allows for the transmission of emails via encryption, which protects the sensitive information during the transmission.

  2. High Deliverability: Emails sent through port 587 have higher deliverability rates, as they pass through email filters and reach the recipient's mail server without being marked as spam.

  3. Email Authentication: Port 587 supports email authentication methods such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, which helps to identify the legitimacy of the sender and increases the chances of the email being delivered to the inbox.

  4. Good Reputation: Most reputable email service providers (ESPs) use port 587 for email sending, which can improve the reputation of the sender, and provide the assurance of reliable email delivery.

  5. Better Management: Port 587 supports email management protocols such as TLS, which allows email service providers to manage the number of emails sent per hour and monitor the bounce and complaint rates better.

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