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Maxony has open APIs services that you can access. The APIs allows developers to build integrations between their own Software or application and Maxony’s software and applications.

At the same time we can share data with the help of our APIs we need to protect our system as well as our client’s rights. This is why we created the “API Use Policy” which is part of the “General Terms and Conditions of Use”.


You will access our API with your credentials and an API Key provided by our support. All the APIs requests are secured by SSL (https), it’s why it’s sure to pass your key and credentials to our APIs.

Spam and Abuse

You won’t spam nor take any actions with our APIs for violating the clauses mentioned in “Authorized Use Rules” in our “General Terms and Conditions of Use”.

You will have to follow the instruction given in our APIs documentation and you will not attempted to hack or change the way our APIs work. We may monitor your use of our APIs for compliance with these rules.


By sharing data through our APIs, you will have to respect the privacy of your users. Your integration must display a privacy policy for users explaining which data are used and how you use them in your integration.


We can update or modify the APIs and this policy any time. We will notify those changes by email and on our websites. These changes may affect the way you work with our APIs with your own Software application. Even though we are not willing to restrict the use of our APIs, we might restrict client over loading the APIs Server to make sure that those services are running smoothly for all our clients. If the changes we make are unacceptable for you, then you may ask us for dedicated API or stop using our APIs.


The use of our APIs and Integration with your application will be under your own responsibility according to our APIs documentation of use.

The use of our APIs doesn’t create or imply any partnership or joint venture.

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