The concept of e-mail distribution

Invented in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson, the e-mail is one of the most used services on the internet. It allows to exchange text messages through computer networks. However  email marketing  is a recent concept. Its definition is the general distribution of emails to a large number of people for marketing purposes.

The advantages of email marketing

Since the majority of Internet users have email addresses and 95% of them access their boxes several times a day, e-mail becomes a quick and effective way to reach a targeted audience.

The advantage of an email campaign is first of all to be able to personalize your message at a reduced cost (5 € for a minimum of 400 000 mails at Mailin) ​​compared to other means of communication such as telemarketing or advertising posters. It also ensures a higher return according to Impact Net (5% to 15%).

Last but not least, it offers the possibility of obtaining statistical information such as the opening rate. The latter indicates the number of people who read the mail in relation to the numbers of targeted recipients.

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