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Emailing definition, all you need to know

Marketing campaigns that focus on newsletter mailings

Emailing campaigning is a string that every business must possess to its bow. Easy to implement with on-line software, marketing efficient and providing quality ROI, the newsletter makes links your business to your reputation, and strengthens both by  regularly mailing  newsletters to strategically selected targets.

When the newsletter serves a quality emailing campaign

In each area, a company, a brand or an association must maintain loyalty of its audience and work in parallel to its development. The newsletter is an effective low-cost tool for these two objectives, whether in BtoB or BtoC. Mailpro, an emailing specialist, invites you to read these few pages to discover all the subtleties, regulations, questions that will allow you to succeed in creating brilliant campaigns. We remain at your disposal for any additional help or information. We wish you an informative reading session and the discovery of an excellent marketing tool, the newsletter.

Emailing, a direct marketing channel also governed by legislation

The Internet is no longer the wild web it was a few years ago. Today, many countries have  legislate  Its use, particularly in the field of emailing.

Email marketing, commercial declination of professional emailing

What is the place of  email marketing  in the communication strategy of a company? Does emailing have an effective ROI? How to plan your web campaigns efficiently?

Successfully complete all campaigns with Mailpro

Our Mailpro software is fantastic. It offers you all the necessary tools to succeed. Emailing campaign . Statistics, analysis, import and analysis of the contact file, management of unsubscriptions, protection against NPAI, Badmails, not to mention our particularly thorough and intuitive interface.

The emailing agency, specialist in web marketing and communication

Faced with the amount of knowledge to be mastered and the possible pitfalls, the emailing agency  appears as an effective solution to guarantee the sending of your newsletter as well as its effectiveness.

The address file, an essential element of professional emailing

The  address file  is the fuel essential to a successful emailing campaign. Who to contact? Where to find addresses? How to get people to subscribe to your newsletter?

Emailing Software

Discover how our  emailing software  Mailpro can be used to create beautiful emails based on your business.

Emailing Training

How not to make fundamental emailing errors? We offer on our site  training services  which will enable you to set up a quality emailing campaign.



Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits