Click Rates for: Personalized vs Non-Personalized Emails vs Automatic Emails

Click rates

Personalized newsletters have a click rate of 2.028% while non personalized emails have a click rate of 2.425%. Automatic emails have a click rate of about 5.768 %.

Automatic emails, which include transactional emails have the higher click rates because of the nature of emails.

Transactional emails often have significantly higher click through rates than promotional or newsletter emails. This is because they typically contain information that is essential for the recipient, such as account details and purchase confirmations. Therefore, recipients are more likely to open and read them due to the importance of the content. Additionally, since transactional emails usually come from a known sender and have only one call-to-action, users are more likely to focus on this action and take it, resulting in higher click through rates. Furthermore, these kinds of emails usually do not contain distracting visual elements that can potentially sidetrack readers.

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