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Email Marketing Benchmark 2023

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Open Rate by Day of the Week

Open rates

Interesting, isn’t it? Did know that Saturday and Sunday was the best day of the week to send your newsletter? Could it be that people start letting go of the week’s stress and find the time to actually read and open newsletters on Sundays?

Saturdays and Sundays are excellent days for sending out email marketing campaigns. People tend to have more free time on the weekends, and so they may be more likely to open, clickthrough, and take action on emails that arrive in their inboxes during this time. Additionally, many people stay off their devices during business hours, meaning Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons can be great times to catch them when they’re online. For these reasons and more, Saturdays and Sundays have some of the best opening rates for email marketers.

Saturdays and Sundays turned out to be the day of the week with the best opening rates of 25.723% followed by Fridays with a 25.157% opening rate.

Email Marketing Benchmark 2023
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