Opening Rates for: Personalized vs Non-Personalized Emails vs Automatic Emails

Open rates

Personalized emails have an opening rate of 15.181% while non personalized emails have an opening rate of 24.413% and automatic emails with a 51.367% opening rate.

Non-personalized emails are often more successful when it comes to open rates compared to personalized emails. This is because people tend to be less suspicious of non-personalized messages and may not take the time to read them thoroughly. Additionally, messages that don’t contain personal information can run more quickly and effectively through spam filters, meaning they end up in the user’s inbox instead of getting filtered out. For these reasons, non-personalized emails may have a higher opening rate than those that are personalized.

Automatic emails also include transactional emails. Transactional and automatic emails are highly personalized and can be emails such as lost passwords, bills and subscription emails. Therefore these types of emails tend to have the highest opening rates.

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