Unsubscribe Rates by Industry

Unsubscribe rates

The gaming industry generally has higher unsubscribe rates in email marketing compared to other industries. This is because the audience of gamers may have built up an aversion to emails due to the sheer number they receive from various game publishers, developers, and marketers. Additionally, some games are ephemeral and can quickly lose their novelty factor among gamers, causing them to opt out of campaigns or emails about those particular games. Moreover, outdated or irrelevant content in emails can also lead to high unsubscription rates as users may not find it useful. Lastly, having too many email campaigns going on at once can also cause high unsubscribe rates as users may become overwhelmed by the amount of messages they are receiving. Companies within this segment should focus on creating better strategies that reduce their rate of unsubscription and improve user engagement.

The legal industry generally has a low unsubscribe rate for email campaigns compared to other industries. This is because the people subscribed to emails about legal topics are likely seeking more information and need for clarity on matters that require technical knowledge and expertise. Similarly, emails related to legal topics are often more complicated than those from other industries, making it less likely that subscribers will opt out of a campaign.

Furthermore, people may be more inclined to stay subscribed if they are interested in specific topics or updates related to their area of law practice. As such, companies in this segment should focus on targeting their audience with more tailored emails and content based on their interests to maintain engagement and ensure a low unsubscribe rate.

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