Email marketing is an ideal marketing solution for all kinds of businesses and startups. According to the 2018 studies by DMA, the marketing platform served an ROI of almost $32 for every dollar you spend on it.

Another study by Emarsys revealed that 81% of SMBs rely on email for customer acquisition medium while approximately 80% prefer it for retention.

However, not everyone who employed email marketing got the expected results, mostly due to some common mistakes like the following. 

Mailpro can help you to avoid these mistakes and build the market you want. They have a powerful server and interactive website feature that you can use.

No Call-To-Action in Newsletter

Call to action is the simplest way to provoke the customer to take action or click a website link. It is the element of a newsletter that is responsible for converting the potential lead to a customer. Using these buttons practically increases your click-through rate by almost 50%.

Mailpro button builder can help you to integrate these call-to-action buttons into your newsletters. We have an advanced newsletter editor that enables you to design newsletter with several types of CTA buttons including, classic HTTP links, Secure HTTPs links, call me links, SIP, FTP, and Skype links. The Mailpro button builder also has options for 'Call me' links to integrate phone call and 'chat' link for Skype chat.

 The editor also allows you to customize these buttons according to the newsletter theme and type. You can choose different kinds of shapes, sizes, alignments, font sizes, backgrounds, colors, and borders. Moreover, we create these CTAs using HTML, which makes them a lot lighter than the standard image buttons. They load much faster and can appear even when the email program can't display images.

Using Heavy Newsletters

Creating a highly interactive email that is full of appealing graphics is the first instinct of every marketer. They think that the graphics and images can excite their consumers for better click-through rates. While these things do have benefits, they don't always work.

A majority of the time, they just bulk up the email newsletter. As a result, the newsletter loads so slow that users simply ignore it and move on. Therefore, always try to optimize the content of your email newsletter. You can start off by making the email small and using a simple text format. Further, you can optimize the images and other graphics on the email for better performance and loading speed.

Moreover, a lot of consumers use text-only mode for their email inbox, so you will need a plan 'B' to deal with such users. For instance, you can add some relevant text around the image and use some ALT text for it. This way, even if the image fails to load, users will at least have an idea of the missing content. 

Non-Mobile Friendly Newsletters

Not everyone accessing your email or website use a desktop; a majority of them depend on other tablets and other smart devices for it. Statistics say that over 80% of the emails you send are accessed through these smart devices. It means that a newsletter that is not multi-screen responsive loses more than half of its potential audience.

 The mailpro newsletter builder is a one-shot solution for the optimization you require. It can create emails that can load on any screen with the same speed and readability. It can easily decrease the bounce rate of your emails.

The best part is that you don't need any type of programming code or redesigning for it. The newsletter will automatically adapt the images, content, and graphics for the mobile devices that are accessing them. We also have a pre-virtualization tool that will help you to check the result after the optimization before sending them.

Moreover, this newsletter builder also provides predesigned responsive templates and also supports drag and drop base customization for designing the newsletters. We have distinct newsletter themes for almost every business, event, and offer, 

Bad Subject Lines

The email subject lines are the most critical part of the email that you send. It is the element that becomes visible to the user even before he/she opens your email. In fact, in many cases, the line you write will have a direct effect on whether the users open up the email or delete it. So, you have to focus on keeping your subject line interesting short and yet direct toward your main goal.

You can also consider optimizing it with catchy words and CTAs like 'buy now' or 'free.' Using a date or time to create a sense of urgency is also a good plan.  It will make the customer curious about the offer and will persuade them to act fast. Similarly, if you want to keep it simple, using a short teaser of the whole email is the best strategy. A touch of humor and uniqueness is also beneficial.

Other than these aspects, you can also pay attention to the words you are using. You can also use an anti-spammer tool to prevent lines that are more prone to be marked as spam.

Treating Everyone Equally

Not all the subscriber of potential customers in your email list has the same requirement and daily routine. Some may access the emails multiple times in a single day, while a lot of others would want the emails to be a weekly or monthly thing. Similarly, some would want to know about new arrivals while others will be more interested in discount coupons and daily deals.

If you are using the same type and timing of messages for everyone, it makes your email less valuable. Over 60% of the people will delete an email if they find it irrelevant. Moreover, 27% of them will unsubscribe your emails, and 23% will even mark it as spam. It won't just harm your email marketing return but can also drive away a potential customer forever.

Therefore, always create a categorization system for this aspect. You can sort the potential client based on their age, location, interest, language, and many more criteria. Their past searches and purchase can also help you to anticipate their interests and customize their emails. It is also an ideal plan to ask the subscriber about their preference while signing up. 

Non Personalized Emails

Tailoring the email newsletter for individual users or groups is a considerable part of email marketing. A study by eConsultancy reveals that over 74% of marketers believe that personalization can enhance customer engagement rates. Adopting this personalization in your email campaign can increase the ROI and help you to expand your email subscriber list.

You can easily implement personalization in your newsletters with Mailpro personalize your newsletter .The process is very simple and straightforward. You have to add the details of the contact while uploading the address list and also create customization fields for them. The tools allow 25 fields, including last name, class, type, first name, and more. It also allows you to create fields for coupons and offers.

Once you have the list, you can use these fields to categorize the contact and send newsletters according to it.

After this initial categorization, you can simply select the location to attach this dynamic element in your newsletter. Just select the spot, click on the icon, select the field you want to add, and you are good to go.

Further, we also allow you to add these customization fields to your email subject lines.  

 Broken Links In Newsletters

Spamming is one of the biggest reasons for low click-through rates of your emails. The marketing industry accounts for over 70% of the total spam emails on the internet. The problem can occur due to many problems, including low engagement rates, misleading subject lines, and low mailbox usage.

However, the biggest reason for this issue is your own content. Almost ¾ of your emails end in spam boxes due to the content of your newsletter. The mailpro antispam test can help you decrease these spamming rates. The free tool can test the emails for error and other problems before you mail them. With this tool, you can ensure that there are no broken links or heavy messages in your email.

The anti-spamming tool also controls the image or text ratio and also eliminates the spam words for enhanced results. In the end, this tool also provides you a spam score as a confirmation of the progress.

Another good part of the tool is that it is very simple to use. You can access it by clicking the 'check spam' option in the message listing.

The Final Words

Mailpro is the best service for enhancing the results of your email marketing campaign. We can help you to avoid the common errors and get the very best of your campaign.

Ask for more information on the Mailpro email marketing tools or signup on Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits for the services.

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