When classes are back in session, the days of rest and vacation have come to an end, and students return to their work routines and classrooms. It is a moment where there are new challenges, new changes and of course, in which commercial activity is resumed. The start of the new semester, is one of the most important dates in the calendars of every business and is the perfect reason to resume contact with your customers.

The main strategies for back to school email marketing campaigns, will be focused on discounts and offer, and instilling novelty and creativity when reconnecting with your customers. For this reason, it is common that the messages planned during this season are focused on communication strategy promotions.

If your business does not sell products related to school, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the occasion and apply back to school marketing strategies that fit your product and try to generate sales through this sector, attracting new subscribers.

Strategies for back to school email campaigns

Clean your databases

Before starting a new campaign, take the time to update your contact lists, and delete your inactive contacts. A good idea is to send an update campaign to get the attention of subscribers and discard those who do not respond within a period of time.

It is time to reactivate and tackle the commercial activity vigorously. Thoroughly review your lists and welcome new subscribers as well as already active ones by engaging them with interesting content.

Check the metrics

The last quarter of the year indicates a new season, so it is a good idea to carefully review the seasonal statistics. Review your statistical reports from previous months, comparing the numbers so that you recognize the behavior of your subscribers and how they have interacted with your back-to-school and summer campaigns. This will give you clues and many ideas about creating upcoming campaigns.

Segment and customize

As we told you before, if your business or service is not related to school, the change of season invites you to start over. You should adjust your campaigns to the different subscriber segments, taking advantage of the back-to-school period to design a strategy with valuable content related to the sector that allows you to interact with your subscribers again. For example, create a campaign where you promote the registration for the download of an eBook, in order to capture new data from your subscribers that helps you improve segmentation in the next end of year campaigns.

Reward your subscribers

Reactivate your contacts by sending special offers to those who have remained active through the summer. Sending a thank you message where you include a special discount is also a way to promote cross-selling items, an interesting option to promote products that need a boost in sales. It is a back-to-school campaign strategy that you can apply to all types of products or services.

Use exclusivity and a sense of urgency

It is valid to resort to presenting a sense of exclusivity and urgency when promoting the discounts and offers which will get you closer to your objective. One of the strategies for presenting promotions, is sending last-minute messages, with the coupon or download link valid for only a limited time. It is also valid to send new discounts to exclusive groups of your subscribers. There are tons of possibilities and getting your subscriber to convert simply takes a little innovation and creativity.

Plan automatic emails

Take time to plan automatic emails for your back to school campaign starting from the first contact with your new subscribers with the welcome email. After several days, send promotions and discounts activating a series of emails after an action on the links.

Templates for back to school campaigns

Mailpro offers you an extensive catalog of templates to create your back to school campaign. Depending on the type of product or service your business offers, you can choose between the categories and simply add the information you need.

Within this catalog you can find exclusive templates for schools that are designed to create direct communication with school parents, colleges, institutes or universities in a creative and secure way.

Templates for back to school email campaigns

Using the customizable templates, you can make all mass email deliveries quickly and easily. As they are pre-designed, you simply have to change the text, images and adapt it to your brand. All templates for Mailpro newsletters are adapted to mobile devices, so you don't have to worry about the settings for each device. Simply worry about defining the strategy, and the responsibility is on us for sending all your messages successfully.

By accessing the Mailpro message builder, you can easily find the more than 500 Email Templates for communicating the news, and your business promotions and thus reinforce the relationship with your client.

Regardless of the type of product or service your company dedicates their back to school season campaign to, it can help you strengthen relationships with your customers, generate new subscribers and update the subscriber lists you already have in your database.

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