Newsletters are one of the most popular methods for reaching out to your target audience in the ecommerce industry. What is its main purpose? It simply communicates a small message about the company such that the users remember it when they shop online!

The New Year period is rather exciting since all the users are engaged and ready to splurge! January is an active month and this could be your chance to make use of it!

Here are some advantages of sending out New Year newsletters and some ideas on how you could make the most out of this opportunity!

Building relationships

One of the best chances of building a relationship with your customers online is to send out frequent newsletters. This is especially true around the time of the New Year. This is when everyone is celebrating and welcoming the New Year.

When you communicate with them during this period, you show you care and are active during the festivities. This need not be a very informative newsletter. All you could do is extend your greetings and convey a few changes about your ecommerce portal. That is sufficient to get their attention! 

Hiked sales

The end of December is the season of festivities and this is the time when a lot of users resort to ecommerce portals. Shopping and gifting are common concepts during this time. Thus, when they are scanning through pages on the internet looking for products of their liking, it is imperative that you leave an impression on them with a newsletter.

In this way, they will remember you when they are looking for something online! Brief product-related information works to your advantage here! All of these contribute towards increasing the sales of the ecommerce brand around the beginning of the year. 

Gearing up for February

Studies suggest that February has the highest advertisement opening rates for the ecommerce industry. This means that the users are most likely to go through a commercial in February. The open rate stands at about 17.9% at present.

So, it is best to connect with your audience in the first few weeks of the year with a newsletter such that they remember you when February comes. You are gearing up for the upcoming active month by connecting with the users in advance. 

Sales post-Black Friday

Black Friday marks the end to the second last month of the year. Reports claim that customer reactivation emails or win-back emails generated 106% more sales during the Black Friday period as compared to the rest of the year.

But what happens after that? Are you content to just meet your sales target or do you want to achieve more? Dealing with heightened sales during Black Friday is exciting. But prepare yourself to increase sales in December and January with the New Year newsletter when you connect with potential buyers!

Build a social media image

Almost all ecommerce portals depend highly on social media behaviors. This is the one chance they get to form a personal connection with their customers and also spread information about the company.

And it is not surprising to know that social media is rather active during the end-of-the-year festivities. Thus, releasing New Year and festival newsletters on these portals could act to your advantage. You are harnessing their attention when they are generating maximum traffic on social media sites.

Considering the fact that 73% of marketers have positively acknowledged the effect of social media on their business, New Year newsletters are quite the excitement!

Know your target audience

Not everyone on the list of internet users needs every kind of product available online. There is always a segmentation denoting the audience’s reaction to different varieties of products in the commerce platform.

Releasing New Year newsletters could be an interesting method to understand your target audience. For instance, if you release a New Year communication about a certain type of a product, and only 10% of the total viewers actually react on it or act on it, you know you have a small cluster actually interested in the product category.

The next time you market your products, you would be aware of this distinction! 

So Are You Ready to Send New Year Newsletter?

With this in mind, if you want to trigger a New Year email marketing campaign, now is the best time to plan things and get started. Don’t forget to check out New Year newsletter templates from Mailpro for effortless planning and strategizing.

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